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800 BC Homer : Odysseus Survives a Shipwreck.
Extract from The Odyssey Chapter 5 Verses 365 to 463.
60 AD Luke : St. Paul's Bay, Malta.

Extract from The Bible, The Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 27 Verses 41 to 44, page 190.

1000 Viking Settlement of North America.
Extracts from John Man: Atlas of the Year 1000, Penguin Books Ltd, London, 1999.
1515 Leonardo da Vinci : Hydrodynamics

1542 Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo : The Coast of California.
Extracts from  Alex S.Taylor: Discovery of California and Northwest America Le Count and Strong, San Francisco, 1853.
1587 Everard Digby : De Art Natandi
Extracts, edited and translated by Christopher Middleton: A Short Introduction for to Learn to Swim, Edward White, London, 1595.
1595 De Quiros : Marquesas.
Extacts from Hornell, James: The Canoes of Polynesia, Fiji, and Mirconesia, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1936.
1597-1600 Johann von Lubelfing : Swimming and Canoes, West Africa.

Extacts from Voyage of  1599 to 1600, Johann Zachariae Fleissner, UIm, 1612.
1602 Pieter de Marees : Swimming, Canoes and Fishing, Guinea.
Extacts and illustrations from Description ... of the Gold Kingdom of Guinea, Amsterdam, 1602, OUP (translation), 1987.
1604 Andreas Joshua Ulsheimer  : Canoes and Whaling, West Africa.
Extacts from Voyage of 1603-1604, Johann Zachariae Fleissner, UIm, 1612.
1620 Samuel Brun : Canoes, Rafts, and Fishing, West Africa.
Extacts from Voyages of  1611 to 1620, Basle, 1624.
1645 Michael Hemmersam : Float Boards, Swimming and Canoes, West Africa.
Extacts from Description of the Gold Coast, 1639-1645, ApoloniaHemmersam, Nuremberg, 1663.
1669 Wilhelm Johann Muller : Swimming, Canoes and Fishing, West Africa.
Extacts from Description of the Fetu Country, 1662-1669, Hamburg, 1673.

1700 William Dampier : Voyage Around the World.
Extracts from Voyage Around the World, 1670, and A Voyage to New Holland, 1729.
1709 Captain Woodes Rogers : Baja, California.
Extracts and (linked) illustration from A Cruising Voyage Round the World, published in1712, reprinted in The Seafarers' Library, 1928.
1712 Jean Barbot : Canoes and Fishing, Guinea.
Extracts and illustrations from Barbot on Guinea 1678-1712, edited by Hair, Jones, and Law,The Harklut Society, London, 1992.

1735 John Atkins : Canoes and Fishing, Guinea and Brazil.
Extracts from A Voyage to Guinea, Brasil and the West Indies, C. Ward and R. Chandler, London, 1735.

1756 Philip Aubin : Surf Riding in the Caribbean.
Extract from Shipwreck of the Betsey ... in 1756, in Jean Desperthes: Histoire des voyages, [Paris], Volume 3, 1789. 
1765 John Byron : Tuamotus and the Gilbert Islands
Extracts from Byron in Hawkesworth: Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, 1773, Volume 1?
1767 Captain Wallis : Tahiti

Extracts from Wallis in Hawkesworth: Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere, 1773, Volume 1?

1768 Louis Antoine de Bougainville : Surfriding in Tahiti.
Possibly the first European report of surf-riding. See Roussel, 2005.
1769 Joseph Banks : Surfriding in Tahiti.

Extracts from Beaglehole, J. C. (editor): The Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks, 1768 - 1771, Public Library of NSW, Sydney, 1962.
1769 Sydney Parkinson : Tahiti.

Extracts from Journal of a Voyage to South Seas, Stanfield Parkinson, London 1773.

1770 James Cook : HMB Endeavour.
Extracts from the Journals and Notes by James Cook, Joseph Banks,.

1777 William Anderson : Canoe Surfriding in Tahiti.
Canoe surfriding recorded by from a surgeon on Cook's third Pacific voyage, 1776 to 1780.

1778 James Cook's Mariners : Surfboards in Hawai'i.
Accounts of surfboards from Cook's first visit to  Hawai'i in 1778.

1779  James King and Mariners : Surfriding in Hawai'i.
Accounts of surfboards and surf-riding from Cook's final visit to  Hawai'i in 1779.
1785 George Keate : Swimming in the Pelew Islands.

Extract from An Account of the Pelew Islands, G. Nicol, Pall Mall, London May 1st, 1788.

1788 William Bligh : Surfriding in Tahiti
Extracts from Bowker: Mutiny!! Aboard HM Armed Transport 'Bounty' in 1789 Bowker and Bertram Ltd., England 1978.

1788 James Morrison : Surfriding in Tahiti
Extracted from Journal on HMS Bounty and at Tahiti, 1787-1792, Mitchell Library, Sydney (online).

1788 Watkin Tench : Aboriginals of Port Jackson.
Extracts from
Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay, J. Debrett, London, 1789.

1788 William Bradley : Eora (Aboriginal) Canoes at Spring Cove.
Extract from The Ladies Kept Their Distance, in Tim Flannery : The Birth of Sydney, pages 54 to 55. 
1792 Archibald Menzies : Hawaii.

Extracts from Hawaii Nei- 128 Years Ago [1792-1794], [no publisher], Honolulu, T.H., 1920.
1792 George Tobin : Surfriding in Tahiti

Extracts from Journal on HMS Providence, 1791-1793, State Library of New South Wales 2003 1792. 
1793-1861 Rhys Richards (ed) : Easter Island.
Extracts from Easter Island 1793-1861: Observations by Early Visitors, Easter Island Foundation, Los Osos (2008)
1797-1892 Michael Organ (ed.) : Canoes of SE Australia.
Extracts from A Documentary History of the South Coast Aborigines, 1770-1850, Wollongong University, 1990.

1798 Ebenezer Townsend : Neptune Diary, Hawaii.
Papers of the New Haven Historical Society, Volume VI, 1888, reprinted by the Hawaiian Historical Society (Number 4),1921.

1800 Charles Gold : Catamaran Surfing, Madras
ANMM [online], with additional accounts and illustrations.

1800 James Wilson : Surfriding in Tahiti
Extracts from A Missionary voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean in the Ship Duff, T. Chapman, 1799. (1813), pages 72-73. 
1802 Louis de Freycinet  : Canoes of Tasmania.
Extracts from
Voyage de decouvertes aux terres australes. Navigation et Geographie, Imprimerie Royale, Paris, 1815.
1804 Urey Lisiansky: Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
Extracts from A Voyage Round the World: in the Years 1803-1806, pages 52 to 59.
1804 John Turnbull : Surfboard Paddling in Hawaii.

Extract from A Voyage Round the World, Richard Phillips, London, 1805, page 72.
1806 Ivan Kruzenshtern: Japan, Nuuihva.

Extracts from A Voyage Round the World: in the Years 1803-1806, pages 52 to 59.
1810 William Mariner : Body Surfing in Tonga.

Extracts from An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, John Martin, London, 1817.
1810 George Vason : Body Surfing in Tonga.

Extracts from Narrative of Four Years' Residence at Tongataboo, Longman, Hurst, Rees, London, 1810, pages 101 to 102.
1812 Archibald Campbell : Surfboard Paddling, 1812.

Extracts from Voyage Around the World, 1806-1812, Van Winke, Wiley and Company, New York, 1817, pages 129 to141.
1812 Henry Meredith : Canoe Surf Riding on Gold Coast, Africa.

Extract from An Account of the Gold Coast of Africa, London, 1812.
1813 Capt. David Porter : Madison's Island, Marquesas.

Extracts from Journal of a Cruise to the Pacific Ocean in the Essex, Wiley & Halsted, New York, 1822. (2nd Edition). 
1813 John B.  Whitman : Hawaiian Journal.

Extracts from An Account of the Sandwich Islands ... 1813-1815, Topgallant Publishing Company, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1979.
1815 Peter Corney : Hawai'i and Columbia River.

Extracts from Voyages in the Northern Pacific, Thos. G. Thrum, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A., 1896.
1818 Phillip Parker King : Aboriginal Rafts and Canoes.
Extracts and illustrations from
Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia,1818 and 1822, Volume 1, John Murray, London,1827.
1819 Rev. John Williams : Huahine, Society Islands.
Extracts from A Narrative of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands, London, 1843, pages 
1821 Dr. David Ramsay : Surfriding on Pitcairn Island.

Extracts from The Scrapbook of the Log of the Ship "Surry", Pitcairn Island, April 1821.
1821 Hiram Bingham : Surfriding on Kaua'i.

Extracts from The Missionary Herald, American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, August 1822 Volume XVII, page 242. .

1822 Unknown : Notes on the Sandwich Island Number VII.
Extracts from the Connecticut Courier, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Wednesday, 18 August 1822, page
1822 Gibert F. Mathison : Peru and Sandwich Islands.

Extracts from A Narrative of a visit to Brazil, Chile, Peru, and the Sandwich Islands, Charles Knight, London, 1825.

1823 John Adams : Surfboard Riding on the West Coast, Africa.
Extracts from Cape Palmas to the River Congo, G. & W.B. Whittaker, London, 1823.
1823 Levi Chamberlain : Waikiki, 1823 and Lahanai, 1826.
Extracts from  Chamberlain's Journal , Hawaii, Nov 11, 1822- Jan 1, 1849

1824 Charles Stewart : Surf-riding at Lahaina, Maui.
Extracts from Journal of Residence in the Sandwich Islands, 1824-1925, Fisher, Son and Jackson, London, 1829, pages 196 to 197.
1824 Fredric Shoberl : South Sea Islands.

Extracts from South Sea Islands, B. Ackermann, Repository of Arts, Strand, London, 1824.
1825 Lord Byron : Liliah and Floatboards.

Extracts from Voyage of the H.M.S. Blonde to the Sandwich Islands, John Murray, London.  1826, pages 97 to 209.
1825 Robert Dampier : Sandwich Islands.

Extracts from To the Sandwich Islands on H.M.S. Blonde, University Press of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1971.
1825 Andrew Bloxam : Sandwich Islands.

Extracts from Diary of Andrew Bloxam, Naturalist of The Blonde, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, 1925, Volume 10.
1825 James Macrae : Aquatic Sandwich Islanders.

Extracts from With Lord Byron at the Sandwich Islands in 1825, Edited by William Frederick Wilson, Honolulu, 1922.
1825 Rev. William Ellis : Swimming and Canoes in  Hawaii.

Extracts from A Journal of a Tour Around Hawaii, J. P. Haven, New York, 1825 and Crocker, Boston, 1825. -
1826 William Richards : Shark Attack at Lahaina.
Reprinted in  Colton, Asa Smith: Successful Missions, William Stavely, Philadelphia, 1830.

1826 Dumont d'Urville : Voyage of the Astrolabe.
Extracts and illustrations from Two Voyages to the South Seas, Translated by Helen Rosenman, Melbourne University Press, 1987.

1828 August Duhaut-Cilly : Surfing Chiefs at Waikiki.
Extracts from A Voyage ... Around the World in the Years 1826-1829, University of California, Berkeley CA, 1999.
1828 The Friend : Surfriding.

Extract from The Sandwich Islands, Part 3, The Friend, Volume 1 Number 4 by Robert Smith, Philadelphia, 26 July 1828, page 322.
1829 Rev. Daniel Tyerman And George Bennett  : Tahitian Swimming.

Extracts from James Montgomery (editor): Journal Of Voyages And Travels, Frederick Westley And A.H.Davis, London, 1831.
1830 Issac Taylor : Surf Riding in Hawaii.

Extracts and illustration from The Ship, John Harris, London 1830.

1830 Rev. William Ellis : Surf-riding in the Society and Sandwich Islands.
Extracts and illustration from Polynesian Researches, Fisher, Son and Jackson, London, 1831. Volume IV, pages 368 to 372.
1830 HMS Seringapatam (Walgrave and Orlebar) : Easter Island.

Extracts from Steven Fischer: H.M.S. Seringapatam at Rapanui (Easter Island), 1830 in Pacific Studies, Vol. 16, No. I March 1993.
1831 Lt. Hiram Paulding : Rescue With Peruvian Caballito.

Extract from Journal of a cruise of the United States schooner Dolphin, G. & C. & H. Carvill, New York, 1831.
1831 G. A. Robinson : The Aboriginal Rafts, Northern Tasmania.
printed in The Hobart Town Courier, 22 January 1931, page 4.

1831 Ephraim Eveleth : Notes from the Sandwich Islands Mission.
Extracts from History of the Sandwich Islands, American Sunday-School Union, Philadelphia, 1837.

1832 Charles S. Stewart : Letter from the Hawaiian Missionaries.
Extract from A Visit to the South Seas, in the United States' Ship Vincennes, Henry Colburn, London, 1832, Volume 2, page 229.
1832 Basil Hall : Ceylon, Peru, and India.

Chapters from Fragments of Voyages and Travels, Third series, R. Cadell, Edinburgh,1832, Volume 2.
1832 T. Horton James : Missionary Prohibition.
Extract from
A Letter on the Sandwich Islands, The Literary Gazette, H. Colburn, London, Saturday, September 15, 1832.
1834 J. A. Moerenhout : Surfriding in Tahiti.
Extracts from Travels to the Islands of the Pacific Ocean, Maryland, 1993 (Original French edition 1837).
1834 Frederick Bennett : Surfing on Pitcairn Island.

Extract from Narrative of a Whaling Voyage, Richard Bentley, London, 1840, page 35.
1835 William Ruschenberger : Caballitos and Balsas, Peru.
Extracts from Three Years in the Pacific, Carey, Lea and Blanchard, Philadelphia, 1835. 
1834 Augustus Robinson : Swimming, Rafts and Canoes, Tasmania.
Extracts from
Journals, 1934.

1835 Daniel Wheeler : Surfboard Riding at Papara, Tahiti.
Extract from Memoirs of the Life and Gospel Labours of the Late Daniel Wheeler, The Society of Friends, Philadelphia, 1842.
1835 Rev. Samuel Parker : Native Canoe at Columbia River.

Extract from Journal of an Exploring Tour Beyond the Rocky Mountains, [Samuel Parker], New York, 1838, pages 149 and 150.
1835 James Edward Alexander : West Africa.

Extracts from Narrative of a Voyage ... Western Africa in 1835., Henry Colburn, London, 1837 (1840), Volume 1, pages 158 to 332.
1836 Charles Barnard : Oahu.

Extract from A Narrative of the Sufferings and Adventures of C.H.B.: in a Recent Voyage, J.P. Callender, New York, 1836, page 238.
1836 William M. Davis : Surf-Board Riding, Kealakeakua Bay.
Extracts from Nimrod of the sea; or, The American Whaleman, Harper & Brothers, New York,1874.

1836 John Coulter : Surf Landing in Marquesas.
Extracts from Adventures in the Pacific, W. Curry, Jun. and Company, Dublin, 1845.
1836 Theodore-Adolphe Barrot : Surfriding at Kealakeakua, Hawaii.

Extracts from Unless Haste is Made, Press Pacifica, Kailua, Hawaii, 1978.
1836 Washington Irving : Columbia River Canoes.

Extract from Astoria ; or Enterprise Beyond the Rocky Mountains,1836.
1836 Charles Ellms : Lifeboats and Life Preservers.
Extract from Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea, S.N. Dickinson, Boston, 1836, pages 416-425.

1836 Bishop Russell : Surf-riding Prohibition.
Opposing views noted in 
Polynesia: A History of the South Sea Islands, T. Nelson, London,1849.
1837 William Torrey : Surf-Board Riding, Waikiki.
Extract from Torrey's Narrative; or, The life and adventures of William Torrey, Press of A. J. Wright, Boston,1848. 

1837  Charles Léclancher : Surf Riding at Waikiki.
Extract from Bulletin de la Societe Linneenne de Normandie, Volume 3, Chez A. Hardel, Caen, 1858, page 77.

1837 Dumont d'Urville : Voyage of the Astrolabe and Zellee.
Extracts from Two Voyages to the South Seas, Translated by Helen Rosenman, Melbourne University Press, 1987.

1838 Ensign Best : Norfolk Island and New Zealand.
Extracts from The Journal of Ensign Best, 1837-1843, Government Printer, Wellingon, New Zealand, 1966.
1838 David Malo : Surfriding.

 Extracts from Hawaiian Antiquities (Moolelo Hawaii), Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, 2005.
 [Writen in native Hawaiian circa 1835-1840, translated by Nathaniel B. Emerson, circa 1889, first published 1903.]
1838 Captain Bruce : Imogene in Hawaii.
Extracts from
The Nautical Magazine and Naval Chronicle for 1838, Simpkin, Marshall and Co., London, Volume 7, 1838.
1839 M. Jules Remey : Redwood Flotsam on Oahu.
Extract from Contributions of a Venerable Savage, Translated from the French by William T. Bingham, [Boston], 1868.

1840 R. H. Dana : Hawaiians in California.
Extracts from Two Years Before the Mast, Thomas Nelson and Sons, London, 1947, first published in 1840.
1840 John K. Townsend : Aquatic Hawaiians.

Extracts from Sporting Excursions in ... the Sandwich Islands, Volume II, H. Colburn, London, 1840.

1840 Robert Burts : Waikiki.
Extract from Around the World, Volume 2, Charles S. Francis,  New York, 1840, pages 302 and 303.
1841 Francis Allyn Olmsted : Kailua, Hawaii.

Extracts and illustration from Incidents of a Whaling Voyage, Appleton and Co., New York, 1841.
1841 Emily Caswell : Aboriginals at Port Stevens.
Quoted in
Berres Hoddle Colville: Robert Hoddle, Pioneer Surveyor 1794-1881, Research Pub., Melbourne, 2004, pages 254-256.
1842 J. Lort Stokes : Swimming, Floats and Rafts, North West Australia.

Extracts from Discoveries in Australia, T. and W. Boone, London, 1846.
1842 Fitch Taylor : Tahiti and Peru.

Extracts from A Voyage Round The World in the Columbia, H.. Mansfield, New-Haven; D. Appleton And Co., New York:, 1842.

1843 James Jarves: Hawaiian History.
Extracts from History of the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands, James Munroe and Company, 134 Washington-Street, Boston,1843.
1843 Sheldon Dibble : Hawaiian Water Sports.

Extracted from History of the Sandwich Islands, Press of the Mission  Seminary, Lahainaluna,1843.
1845 Dr. T. M. Coan : Hilo Bay, Hawaii.
Pictures from Hawaii. in Albert N. Raub :The Normal Fifth Reader, Porter and Coates, Philadelphia, 1878.
1845 Charles Wilkes : Narrative of the U.S. Expedition.
Extracts from Narrative of the U. S. Exploring Expedition during the Years 1833-1842, Whittaker, Philadelphia, 1845, Volumes IV and V.
1845 John Jenkins. : Sporting in the Surf.

Extract from Voyage of the U.S. Exploring Squadron, J.M. Alden, Auburn, New York, 1850, pages 369-370.
1845 P. H. Gosse : The Ocean.

Extracts from The Ocean, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London 1845.
1846 Rev. Walter Colton : Surfriding at Honolulu.

Extracts from Deck and Port, A. S. Barnes and Co.,  New York, 1850.
1846 Chester S. Lyman : Royal Surf Riding at Waikiki.

Extracts from Around the Horn to the Sandwich Islands and California, 1845-1850  Yale University Press, New Haven, 1924.
1847 George Angas : New Zealand Canoes.

Extracted from Savage Life And Scenes In Australia And New Zealand, Smith, Elder and Co., London, 1847.
1848 Fred Walpole : Aquatic Polynesians.

Extracts from Four Years in the Pacific in HMS Collingwood, 1844 to 1848, R. Bentley,  London, 1850.
1849 Herman Melville : Rare Sport at Ohonoo.
Extract from Mardi and A Voyage Thither, Richard Bentley, London, Harper and Brothers, NY, 1849, Chapter XC, pages 325 to 237? 
1849 John Elphinstone Erskine : Float Boards in Loyalty Islands.

Extracts from Journal of a cruise among the islands of the western Pacific, J. Murray, London, 1853.
1849 A. F. Kynaston : Surf-Boards.
Extract from Casualties Afloat :with practical suggestions for their prevention and remedy, Saunders, London, 1849.

1850 Lt. Henry Wise : Surfriding at Lahaina.
Extract from Los Gringos, Baker & Scribner,1850, Chapter XLI, pages 352 to 354.
1850 Daniel Weston Hall : Surf-bathing at South Yarmouth.

Extract from Artic Rovings, Boston, 1861.

1850 McGillvray and Brierly : Catamarans, New Guinea.
Extracts and illustrations from
Voyage of H.M.S. Rattlesnake, T. and W. Boone, London, 1852.
1851 Rev. Henry Cheever : Surfriding at Lahaina.

Extracts and illustration  from Life in the Sandwich Islands, A.S. Barnes and Co., New York,1856, pages 66 to 69. 
1851 Rev. Henry Cheever : Surf Riding at Hilo.

Extract from The Island World of the Pacific, Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York, 1851, page 164.
1851 Fredrick Walpole : Surfboard Riding, Ruad, Syria.

Extract from The Ansayrii, with travels in the further East, in 1850-51, Volume 3, R. Bentley, New Burlington Street, London, 1851.
1852  Matthew MoresbySurfriding on Pitcairn Island.
Extract from
Rev.Thos. Boyles:Murray: Pitcairn, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London, 1854.
1852 Mrs E. M. Parker : Surfriding at Waikiki.
Extract from The Sandwich Islands as they are, not as they should be, Burgess, Gilbert & Still, San Francisco, 1852. Page 15. 
1853 Lyman Belding : Surf-riding at Hilo.
Extract from Autobiographical Sketch, Wyoming Historical and Geological Society Proceedings, Wilkes-Barre, Volume 16, July 1919.

1853 Jenkins/Wilkes : Surfing in Hawaii and Kingsmill Islands, 1840-1841.
Jenkins expanded rewrites of Charles Wilkes (1845, above) in Voyage of the U.S. Exploring Squadron, Kerr, Doughty, & Laphamn, Detroit, 1853.
1854 George W. Bates : Surf-riding at Lahaina.
Extract from Sandwich Island Notes, Harper & Brothers, New York, 1854, pages 298 to 299.
1854 Edward Perkins : Surfriding at Keauha.
Extracts from Na Motu: Or, Reef-rovings in the South Seas, Pudney & Russell, New York, 1854.
1855 George Colvocoresses : Surfriding in Hawaii.

 Extracts from Four Years in the Government Exploring Expedition, J. M. Fairchild & Co., New York, 1855.
1855 Smith Family Member : Kealakekua Bay.

Extract from Letters, Knickerbocker Magazine, Volume XLVI (46), Samuel Hueston, New York, 1855, pages 151 to 155.

1856 S. S. Hill : Surfing at Keauhua, Hawaii.
Extracts from Travels in the Sandwich and Society Islands, Chapman and Hall, London, 1856, pages 193 to 202.
1857 Alexander Habersham : Surf Bathing in Japan.

Extracts from My Last Cruise, J. B. Lippincott & co., Philadelphia, 1857, pages 241-242 and 270.
1857 Charles Scammon : Rescue at Scammon's Lagoon, California.

Extract from The Marine Mammals of the Northwestern Coast of America, G.P. Putman's Sons, New York, 1874.
1857 J. C. Patteson : Santa Cruz Islands.

Extracts from Charlotte Mary Yonge: Life of John Coleridge Patteson. Macmillan, London,1875, Volume 1.
1857 J. D'Ewes : Swimming in the Phillipines.

Extract from China, Australia, and the Pacific islands, in the years 1855-56, R. Bentley London, 1857.
1858 R. M. Ballantyne : Coral Island Surfing.

Extracts from The Coral Island, Originally published by T. Nelson and Sons, London, 1858.
1858 Rev. Henry Cheever : Our Neighbours of the Sandwich Isles.

Cheever's 1851 account and illustration reproduced in Hutchings' Illustrated California Magazine, Volume 3 Number 1, July 1858.
1859 Thomas Warren : Dust and Foam in Hawaii.

Extract from Dust and Foam; or, Three Oceans and Two Continents, C. Scribner, New York, 1859.
1860 Newspapers : Surfing and Swimming.

Extracts 1860-1879.
1861 Thomas J. Hutchinson : Surfboard Riding in Gabon, Africa.

Extract fromTen Years' Wanderings among the Ethiopians, Hurst and Blackett, London, 1861

1861 George Turner : Surf Riding in Somoa.
Extract from Nineteen years in Polynesia, J. Snow, London,1861.
1862 SMH CorrespondentsCanoes in Australia.
The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 June 1862, page 3.
1863 Mary E. Anderson : Surfing at Hilo.
Extract from Scenes in the Hawaiian Islands and California, The American Tract Society, Boston, 1865, pages 104 to 105.
1863 Stephen Massett : Lahaina.

Extract from Drifting About, Carleton, 413 Broadway New York, 1863, pages 149-150.
1863 James Greenwood : Surfriding in Hawaii and Tahiti.

Extracts from Curiosities of Savage Life, S.O. Beeton, London, 1863, page 96 (illustration by Melville) and page 110 (quoting Rev. Ellis).

1863 Paul Du Chaillui : Surf Canoeing, Africa.
Extracts from A Journey to Ashango-Land , D. Appleton and Co., New York,1867.
1863 James Martin: Rafts in NW Australia.
Extracts from Explorations in North-Western Australia, Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London, 1865.
1864 Rufus Anderson : Missionary Progress in Hawaii.
Extracts from The Hawaiian Islands, Gould and Lincoln, Boston, 1864.
1865-1922 Lorrin Andrews : Papa Heenalu.

Extracts from A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, 1922 (Revised).
1865 Thomas Arbousset : Carpentry in Tahiti.

Extract from Tahiti et les iles adjacentes ... de 1862 a 1865, Grassart, Paris, 1867.

1865 H. Willis Baxley : Wakiki and Hilo.
Extract from What I saw on the west coast of South and North America, and at the Hawaiian islands, D. Appleton & Company, 1865.
1865 T.S. Staley : Pastoral Address, Hawaii.
Extract from A Pastoral Address, Hawaiian Gazette Office, Honolulu, 1865.

1866 Rev. John Sheepshanks : Surf-Board Riding, Maui.
Extracts from Duthie, David Wallace (editor): A Bishop in the Rough, Dutton, New York, 1909..

1866 W. T. Pritchard : Surf Riding in Somoa.
Extracts from Polynesian Reminiscences or, Life in the South Pacific islands., Chapman and Hall, London, 1866.

1866 William Heyward : South Sea Islands.
Extracts from Adventures of a Scapegrace, The Boys' Journal, Henry Vickers, Strand, London, Volume 7, 1866.
1867 Charles Steedman : Native Swimming, Wave Mechanics and Surfboards.
Extract from Manual of Swimming, Henry Tolman Dwight, Melbourne. Lockwood and Co, London. 1867, pages 44, 193, 194, 264 to 269.
1867 W.H.D. Adams : Surf at Madras.
Extracts and illustration from
Marvels of Creation: Earth and Sea, T. Nelson and Sons, London, 1867.
1868 Mrs. Selwyn : Surfriding on Norfolk Island.
Extracts and illustration from Sketches of the Life of Bishop Patteson, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London, 1873.
1868 Gilbert Malcom Sproat : Canoe Riders of Vancouver Island.

Extract from Scenes and Studies of Savage Life, Smith, Elder and Co., London,1868.
1869 R. C. Davis : Surf Riding at Waikiki.

Extract from Reminiscences of a Voyage Around the World, Chase's Steam Printing House, Michigan,1869.
1870 Rev. John Wood : Tonga, Tahiti, and Hawai'i.

Extracts and illustration from The Uncivilized Races, Volume 2, American Publishing Company, Hartford, Connecticut, 1870.
1870 Bret Harte : Amoung the Islands.

Extract from Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine, Volume 4, Number 3, March 1870, pages 217 and 218.
1870 Edward Bailey : Surf Riding.

A stanza from the poem Hawaii Nei- an idyll of the Pacific isles, Samuel C. Andrews, Ann Arbor, Mich .1870.
1870 John Papa Ii : Board, Canoe and Body Surfriding, Diving.

Extracts from Fragments of Hawaiian History, Bishop Museum, Hawaii, 1995, first published in the native Hawaiian language,1866-1870.

1870 Unaccredited : Love In Fiji.
Extract from Putnam's Magazine of Literature, Science, Art, and National Interests, Volume 6, July 1870, pages 32-33.
1870 George Brown : Surf-riding in Samoa.
Extracts and photograph from Melanesians and Polynesians, Macmillan and Co., London, 1910.
1871 Samuel Kamakua : Ruling Chiefs of Hawai.
Extracts from The Kamehameha Schools Press, Honolulu, 1961.
1871 Mrs. F. F. Victor : Surf-riding in Oregon.
Extracts from a
fictional romance On the Sands, The Lakeside Monthly, The University Publishing Co.,Chicago, Volume 6, October 1871.
1872 Mark Twain : Roughing It.
American Publishing Company, Hartford, 1872.

1872 H.N. Moseley : Voyage of HMS Challenger.
Extracts and illustration from Notes by a Naturalist on the Challenger 1872-1876, Macmillan and Co., London,1879.
1873 Isabella L. Bird : Surfriding at Waikiki, Hilo and Kauai.
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 North Steyne, Manly, 22nd October 1910. (Extracts) 
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A very brief mention in
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Newspaper extracts from January 1915.
1915 Duke Kahanamoku in Australia : February 1915.

Newspaper extracts from  February 1915.
1915 Duke Kahanamoku : Cronulla 7th February 1915.

Newspaper and book extracts from 1915 to circa 1960.
1915 Duke Kahanamoku in Australia : March 1915.

Newspaper extracts from  March 1915 to December 1915.

1915  Newspapers : Surfing.
Newspaper extracts ,excluding Duke Kahanamoku, see above.

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Bondi Beach, Saturday, March 20th, 1915.

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Bulletin of the Charleston Museum
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Illustration in
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Extract and
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London, Wednesday 12 September1928, page ?
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Harpo Speaks! With Rowland Barber, B. Geis Associates; distributed by Random House New York, 1961.
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Photographs from a brochure promoting Australian tourism and immigration.
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Extracts from
When you go to Hawaii you will need this Guide to the Islands, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston and New York, 1930.

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Extract from
Murder in Paradise, Cont'd, Time, New York, Volume Number 4, 25 January1932.
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