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duke : valspar varnish, 1922 

Duke Kahanamoku : Valspar Varnish Advertisement, 1922.

 Kahanamoku, Duke: Valspar Varnish Advertisement.
The Literary Digest
April 1, 1922, page 45.
The Saturday Evening Post
April 18 1922, page 55.
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Introduction.The advertisement for Valspar varnish was printed in this and several other magazines, including on page 55 of The Saturday Evening Post, during 1922.
The large colour illustration was the work of Anton Otto Fisher and the photograph, cropped to an oval, of Duke Kahanamoku with his surfboard dates from about 1912.
An example is reproduced below from  Aloha from Honolulu, published by The Island Curio Company, Honolulu, circa 1912.

The advertisement caused some
difficulty for Kahanamoku's amateur status, but this was quickly dismissed by the Hawaiian officials.
The A. A. U. tells the Hawaiian department of that body to declare Duke a professional because he lent his name to an advertisement for a varnish.
The Honolulu body replies that surf boarding is a 'pastime' and not a 'sport' under control of the A. A. U. and declines to disqualify Duke.
A controversy between the national and the Islands body may develop and ruptures have come from smaller causes.

- The Maui News, Wailuku, Maui, May 19, 1922, page 4.

Saturday Evening Post, ??? 1922, 

Anton Otto Fischer
February 23, 1882 - March 26, 1962.
Fischer was a prolific illustrator, notably for the Saturday Evening Post, as well as Harper’s Weekly and Everybody’s Magazine.
He provided illustrations for several of Jack London's books and magazine stories and for novels such as Moby Dick, Treasure Island, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
His work on seas scapes was highly regarded and his maritime drawings commissioned by the US Coast Guard are archived in their academy in New London, Connecticut.


Page 45

Valspar - the varnish of countless uses -

DUKE KAHANAMOKU of Hawaii, famous athlete, expert on the surf-board and world champion 100-metre swimmer has discovered still another use for Valspar. 
Duke Kahanamoku writes:
Honolulu, T. H., May 3, 1921 
I Have used Valspar on my surf-boards for several years, and find that it preserves the wood, because it is waterproof and prevents the water from soaking in. 
No matter how long the board is used in the water, the Valspar is not affected and does not change color." 
Valspa is durable; easy to apply, weatherproof and waterproof-
"the Varnish that won't turn white."

Valspar's well-known uses- on floors, furniture, woodwork, linoleum, airplanes, 
boats and rail-road trains- are supplemented by countless others such as

Baby Carriages
Hand Luggage
Wicker Furniture
Fireless Cookers
Draining Boards
Boots and Shoes
Golf Clubs
Fishing Rods
Tennis Rackets
Gun Stocks
Snow Shoes
and Skis
Etc., etc.
In fact, anything that's worth varnishing is worthValsparring.
Don't overlook the coupon below.

Largest Manufacturers of High Grade Varnishes in the World-
Established 1832

New York  Chicago  Boston  Toronto London  Paris  Amsterdam

W. P. FULLER & Co., Pacific Coast

 The Literary Digest
April 1, 1922, page 45
 The Saturday Evening Post
April 18 1922, page 55.
Hathi Trust

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