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surfer : makaha contest, 1962.. 

Surfer : Makaha Contest, 1962.
Surfer : Makaha Contest, 23, 24, 25th December, 1962.

Volume 4 Number 1, February 1963.

A general contest report with photographs and results of the long running Makaha contest, won by Australia's Midget Farrelly, whose surname is misspelt throughout the article. 
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The heats on Sunday, December 23, saw the biggest waves ever ridden during a contest event.
The Makaha event was called off early on this day, with many of the judges taking to the water.

The 10th annual Makaha International Surf Championships finished in a mushy thee foot surf after an unusually promising start.
The heats and semi-finals saw surf ranging from fifteen to eighteen foot to one day and a solid mix of a solid six to eight on another.
The major (grief?) of the event was Australian Bernard "Midget" Farrelley's (sic) winning of the senior men's title, marking the first time a non-islander has won the crown.

Peter Cole, who won the senior men's in 1958 is considered a product of Hawaii, as is two-time winner, George Downing.
Californian, Nancy Nelson won the women's open with Marge Calhoun gaining a strong second.
Nancy hails from San Clemente , Marge from Laguna Beach.

Two of the top performances were turned in by general chairman, Ken Simpson, and venue chairman, Mud Werner.
They are credited with several improvements in the running of the Makaha championships that were favorably accepted by participants and spectators.
The contest was run on consecutive days to avoid the ten-week fiasco of last year; judges were not allowed to compete; heats were well planned with one ready to go immediately following the completion of the previous one; and several judges were selected from California as well as Hawaii.

One of the highlights of the heats was the quality of the point surf that boomed through on Sunday, December 23.
The judges had some difficulty in getting a heat together for the eighteen foot giants and once outside, few were riding.
According to judge Mike Diffenderfer, the surf size forced postponement before the final heat.
Several of the judges the adjourned to the waves where conditions were outstanding.

In spite of the improvements, the Makaha judging system was still under fire by both judges and participants.
A heavy rating is given for the length of ride (passing buoys gives from 5 to 30 points) while performance is allowed a possible of only 10.
One judge judges one rider on a wave and then passes his card onto the next judge who judges that same rider's next wave.
The system of judging one rider at a time is necessary with the "buoy" or "flag" system, but is the "buoy" system necessary?
In California, Australia, and Peru, the "relativity" method (judging one performance against the others) has proven very successful, with few ever disputing the results.
While expressing his views, judge Dewey Weber emphasised the fact that distance received a higher rating than performance and indicated that some changes may be in store for next year. 

Results - Makaha

Men's Finals
1st   Bernard Farrelley - Australia
2nd  Bobby Ah Choy - Hawaii
3rd "Nappy"  Napoleon - Hawaii
4th "Blue" Makua- Hawaii

Women's Finals
Nancy Nelson - California
2nd Marge Calhoun -
3rd Anona Naone - Hawaii
4th Candy Calhoun -

Bernard "Midget" Farrelley,
1st place in the senior men's.
Photo by
Jr. Finals
1st Peter "Pope"Kahapea - Hawaii
2nd John Clark
- Hawaii
3rd John Sadowski
- Hawaii
4th Fred Hemmings
- Hawaii

Tandem Finals

1st    "Nappy" Napoleon and Sue Ketner
- Hawaii
2nd   Bobby Ah Choy and Gordon Miller - Hawaii
3rd   Fred Hemmings  and Heide Stephens
- Hawaii
4th   Rabbit Kakai and Lucinda Smith
- Hawaii

Peter "Pope"Kahapea,
1st place in the junior men's.
Ron Church.

Volume 4 Number 1, February 1963.

Cover: Art by John Severson


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