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 Surf Guide  (USA) Surfing World
Surfabout Australasian Boardrider Surf Scene
 International Surfing (USA)
Petersen's Surfing (USA)
Australian Sport and Surfriding Surf International
Tracks Seanotes Breakway Backdoor
Surf Australia

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Note: Many of these covers link to transcribed articles and photographs from that edition.
For a detailed reference for Australian and international surfing magazines, see Al Hunt's excellent site at
The Surf
1st December 1917- 27 April 1918, 20 issues 
1st credited Australian/World Surfing magazine (1 December 1917)
Image facsimile from Margan and Finney, page 85. 
In depth atricle by Sandra Hall :  'First Edition'
Longboard magazine Vol 5 Number 2 May/June 1997, pages 74 - 76. 
Image: Vol 1 #1
Cover : Unknown.

Note that the image does not show surfboard riding but Aquaplaning (towed behind a boat).
Furthermore, the image is credited to Union Theatres Co., an Australian film distributor, and could have been sourced from anywhere.
It may not even be shot in Australia.

See Source Documents - The Surf:1917-1918

Surf in Australia.
Surf Life Saving Association of Australia.
Official Organ of the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia
(Head Centre), 119 Phillip, Street Sydney.
Editor: W.G. Simmonds Esq.
Published by Alexander Leo Finn, 149 Dover Road, Rose Bay.
Printed by Lake and Ashes Pty Ltd., 389-391 Sussex Street, Sydney.

See Source Documents:
SLSAA: Surf in Australia, 1936.
SLSAA: Surf in Australia, 1937.
SLSAA: Surf in Australia, 1938.
SLSAA: Surf in Australia, 1939.

Image: Volume 1 Number 1 September 1936.

Surfer (USA) 
1960 - 
Box 1028 Dana Point, California 92629
Editors : John Severson, Steve Pezman 1973, 
Originally produced as a film program for Severson's Surf Fever 1960, demand saw the magazine move to regular issues. 
It's artistic style, cross-pollination with surf films, longevity and commercial success set the benchmark and earn the title of the Father of Surfing Magazines.
This is
Image, top : Reproduction of Vol 1 # 1, 1960
Cover : Jose Angel at Sunset Beach. Photograph by John Severson
Printed in Leuras page 132, Kampion page 92, Carroll page 34. 
Image, bottom : Vol 14 # 3, September 1973
Cover : Buzzy Kerbox at Velzyland. Photograph by Steve Wilkings
See Perfect day : 40 Years of Surfer Magazine

    SURFER - VOL 12 - No 1 - 1971
    SURFER - VOL 15 - No 1 - 1974
    SURFER - VOL 15 - No 6 - 1975 ( MISSING BACK PAGE )
    SURFER - VOL 17 - No 3 - 1976

Surfer v
2 n3 1961 Fall
Ricky Grigg

Surfer v2 n4 1961 Winter

Surfer v
3 n1 1962 Spring (March?)
Ricky Grigg, Pipeline?

Surfer v3 n2 1962 May-June
Paul Gebauer, Sunset Beach.

Surfer v
3 n3 1962 August-September
Rick Griffin's Murphy

Surfer v3 n4 1962 Oct-Nov.
Little John Richards

Surfer v4 n1 1963 Feb-March
Illustration: John Severson ?

Surfer v4 n2? 1963 May
John Peck, Banzai Pipeline.

Surfer v4 n2? 1963 May
Fold out: John Peck, Banzai Pipeline.

Surfer v4 n3? 1963 June-July
Sammy Lee, Ala Moana.

Surfer v
4 n5? 1963 August-September

Surfer v n5  Jan 1962-December 1963

Surfer v4 n5 1963 Oct-Nov
Tom Morey : Malibu

Surfer v4 n6 1963 Dec

Surfer v5 n1 1964 Jan

Surfer v5 n1 1964 Feb-Mar
Surfer v5 n2 1964 April
Sammy Lee - Charlie Galento

Surfer v5 n 1964 July
Phil Edwards
Surfer v5 n4 1964 Sept

Surfer v5 n5 1964 Nov
Surfer v6 n1 March 1965

Surfer v6 n2 1965 May
Owen Pillon, North Narrabeen.
Richard Chew, Pupukea.
Surfer v6 n3 July 1965
Bill Andrews, Blacks.

Surfer v6 n4 1965 September

Surfer v6 n5 1965 November

Surfer v6 n6 1965 Jan

Surfer v7 n1 1966 March
John Wheels Williams, Biarritz

Surfer v7 n4 1966 Sept
Jim Hoffman - Butch Van Artsdalen

Surfer v7 n2 1966 May
Jock Sutherland, Pipeline

Surfer v7 n3 1966 July
David Nuuihwa

Surfer v7 n5 1966 November
Conrad Canha, Ala Moana

Surfer v7 n6 1967 Jan
Nat Young.

Surfer v8 n1 1967 March
Billy Hamilton

Surfer v8 n2 1967 May
Nat Young

Surfer v8 n3 1967 July

David Nuuihwa

Surfer v8 n4 1967 September
Lance Carson

Surfer v8 n5 1967 November
Dickie Moon, Blacks

Surfer v9 n1 1968 March

Surfer v9 n2 1968 May
Surfer v9 n3 1968 July

v9 n4 1968 September
Nat Young

Surfer v9 n5 1968 Nov

Surfer v9 n1 1968 July

Surfer v9 n6 1969 Jan
Nat Young
Surfer v10 n1 1969 March
Roger Adams,Santa Cruz - design by John Severson

v10 n3 1969 July
Nat Young

v10 n4 1969 Sept
Surfer v10 n5 1969 Nov

v10 n6 1970 Jan
Surfer v11 n2 1970 May
Rory Russell, Pupukea.

v11 n4 1970 September
Jock Sutherland

Surfer v11 n5 1971 November

Surfer v12 n1 1971 March
Tom Stone

Surfer v12 n2 1971 May
Jackie Dunn - Mike Tabeling

Surfer v12 n6? 1971 August

Surfer v12 n4 1971 October
Gerry Lopez

Surfer v14 n2 1973 July

v14 n3 1973 September
Buzzy Kerbox, Velzyland

Surfer v15n1 1974 May

Surfer v15n6 1975 March
Larry Bertleman

Surfer v16n6 1976 March
Jackie Dunn

Surfer v17 n2 1976 July

v17 n3 1976 September

Surfer v17 n4 1976 November
Herbie Fletcher

v23 n12 1982 December
Mark Richards - Cheyne Horan

Surfer v26 n7 1985 July
Dane Kealoha

Surfer v26 n10 1985 October

Surfer v27 n10 1986 October

Surfer v40 n10 1999 October

The Australian Surfer
Editor : Lee Cross.
Only two editions: July/August 1961 and December 1961

Scans of Volume 1 and 2 contributed by Ben Wilson in June 2005.
The magazines were originally purchased in 1961 and subsequently held by Ben's father, Ron Wilson.
- Many Thanks.

Cover Volume 1: John Brown, Bronte Beach.

Lee Cross : The Australian Surfer.

Surfing Illustrated (USA) 
1962 - 1966 ? 
Box 697 Hermosa Beach  California
Publisher/Editor : Walt Phillips 
In the style of Surfer, Walt Phillips was a surf movie maker.

Surfing Illustrated
Vol 1 No 1 Winter 1962
Cover: Tom Davies at Malibu.

Surfing Illustrated, Vol 1 Number 2 Spring 1963.

Surfing Illustrated
  Spring1963 v1 n2

Surfing Illustrated
  Fall 1963  v1 n4
Mike Hynson, Haliewa

Surfing Illustrated
   April-May 1964 v2 n2
Cover : Unknown/ Waimea Bay.
Photograph by Don James
Surfing Illustrated
V2n4 1964.

Surfing Illustrated
June 1965. Jeff Hakman

Surfing Illustrated
January 1965

Surfing Illustrated
Oct 1966 v4 n2

Surfing Illustrated
December 1966 v4 n2

 Surf Guide  (USA)

 Surf Guide October 1963
Miki Dora

Guide November 1963
Linda Benson

Surf Guide December 1963
Rick Grigg

Surf Guide February 1964
Midget Farrelly

Surf Guide January 1965
Surf Guide September 1965
Corky Carroll : Pipeline
Surf Guide October 1965

Surfing World 
Some later editions were labelled on the cover as SW.
The title was later adjusted to Australia's Surfing World.
1st issue September 1962. 
Bob Evans Intrnational Pty. Ltd. 
62 Goulburn Street Sydney
Editor 1962 : Bob Evans 
Editor 1966: Albert Falzon, others include John Witzig, Bruce Channon, 
Australian version of Surfer magazine, Bob Evans took the lead from John Severson and integrated his magazine with film making.
Image: Vol 1 #1
Cover : Unknown. Photograph by
Still in publication
Note that some commentators credit Bob Evans with producing "Australia's first surfing magazine".
This obviously does not include The Surf (1917) and Lee Cross' The Australian Surfer (1961).
Also note that Jack Eden's  first edition of Surfabout is reported as dated August 1962, but it unclear which magazine first appeared in Australian news agencies.
Various Covers:

Surfing World v
1 n1 1962 Sept

Surfing World v1 n2 1962 Oct
Bells Beach

Surfing World v1 n3 1962 Nov

Surfing World v
1 n4 1962 Dec

Surfing World v
1 n5 1963 Jan

Surfing World v
1 n6 1963 February
Midget Farrelly
Surfing World v2 n1 1963 March
John Peck?

Surfing World v
2 n2 1963 April
Midget Farrelly

Surfing World v2 n3 1963 May

Surfing World v
2 n4 1963 June
Mickey Dora

Surfing World v2 n5 1963 July

Surfing World v2 n6 1963 Aug

Surfing World v
3 n1 1963 September

Surfing World v3 n2 1963 October

Surfing World v
3 n3 1963 November
Crescent Head

Surfing World
v3 n4
1963 Dec

Surfing World v3 n5 1964 January
Nat Young
Surfing World v3 n6 1964 February
Mike Doyle and Linda Merrill?

Surfing World v4 n1 1964 March
Surfing World v4 n2 1964 April
Surfing World v4 n3 1964 May

Surfing World
v4 n4
1964 June
Midget Farrelly -
Phyllis O’Donell

Surfing World v
4 n5 1964 July

Surfing World v
4 n6 1964 Aug

Surfing World v5 n1 1964 Sept

Surfing World v5 n2 1964 Oct

Surfing World v5 n3 1964 Nov

Surfing World v5 n4 1964 Dec

Surfing World v5 n5 1965 Jan
Surfing World v5 n6 1965 Feb

Surfing World  v6 n1 1965 March
Kevin Platt

Surfing World 
v6 n3 1965 June

Surfing World v6 n4 1965 July-August
Waimea Bay

Surfing World v6 n5 1965

Surfing World v6 n6 1965 Oct

Surfing World v7 n1 1965 November
Windansea Surf Club, Australia.
Surfing World v7 n2 1965 Dec

Surfing World v7 n3 1966 Jan
Surfing World v7 n4 1966 Feb

Surfing World v7 n5 1966 Mar-Apr
Surfing World v7 n6 1966 May-Jun

Surfing World v8 n1 1966 Jul-Aug
Nat Young - George Greenough, Point Cartwright.

Surfing World v8 n2 1966 Sept
Surfing World v8 n3 1966 Oct

Surfing World v8 n4 1966 [Dec]

Surfing World v8 n4 1967 Jan

Surfing World 
v8 n5 1967 February
Bob Evans
Surfing World v8 n6 1967 March
Surfing World v9 n1 1967 April

Surfing World v9 n3 1967 Jun-Jul

Surfing World v
9 n4 1967 Aug

Surfing World v
9 n5 1967 Oct

Surfing World v
9 n6 1967 Nov

Surfing World v10 n1 1967 Dec

Surfing World v10 n1 1967 Dec

Surfing World v10 n2 1968 Jan
Surfing World v10 n3 1968 Feb
Surfing World v10 n4 1968 Mar-Apr

Surfing World v10 n5 1968 May

Surfing World v10 n6 1968 June

Surfing World v11 n1 1968 July

Surfing World v11 n2 1968 Aug

Surfing World v11 n3 1968 Sept

Surfing World v11 n4 1968 Oct

Surfing World v11 n5 Nov 1968

Surfing World v11 n6 Dec 1968

Surfing World v12 n1 1969 Jan?
Surfing World v12 n2 1969
Surfing World v12 n3 1969 April

Surfing World v12 n4 1969

Surfing World v12 n5 1969

Surfing World v12 n6 1969

Surfing World v13 n1 1969-1970

Surfing World v13 n2 1970
Surfing World v13 n3 1970

Surfing World Number 76 v
13 n4 1970

Surfing World v
13 n5 1970
Surfing World v13 n6 1970

Surfing World Number 79 v14 n 1 1970
Nat Young, Angourie

Surfing World Number 80 v
14 n2 1970
Rolf Arness

Surfing World Number 81 v14 n 3 1970
Paul McKinney, Honolua Bay

Surfing World v
14 n4 1970

Surfing World Number 83 v
14 n5 1970

Surfing World v15 n 2 1971 April

Surfing World v16 n 2 1971 Sept??

Surfing World v15 n 3 1971 Oct

Surfing World v15 n 5 1971 Dec

Surfing World v
16 n2 1972 March

Surfing World v15 n6 1972 Oct

Surfing World v16 n5 1973 Feb

Surfing World v17 n3 1973 June
Surfing World v17 n4 1973 July

Surfing World v17 n6 1973 September

Surfing World v
17 n6 1973 September

Surfing World v17 n4 1974 ??

Surfing World v19 n5 1974 May

Surfing World v
19 n3 1974 June

Surfing World v
19 n4 1974 July
Reno Abellira

Surfing World v19 n5 1974 August

Surfing World v
20 n2 1974 November
Ian Cairns

Surfing World v20 n4 1975 Jan

Surfing World v
20 n5 1975 Feb
Surfing World v20 n6 1975 March

Surfing World v21 n2 1975 May

Surfing World v22 n 1975 October
Michael Peterson

Surfing World v
22 n2 1975 November

Surfing World v
21 n5 1975 August

Surfing World v
21 n6 1975 Sept

Surfing World v22 n4 1976 January
Terry Fitzgerald

Surfing World v22 n4 1976 January
Terry Fitzgerald

Surfing World v
22 n5  Number 131 1976 February
Mark Warren

Surfing World v
22 n6 1976 March
Tim Gallant : Wreck Bay

Surfing World v
23 n1 1976 April

Surfing World v
23 n5 1976 August
Mark Richards

Surfing World v
24 n1 1976 October

Surfing World v24 n2 1976
Simon Anderson

Surfing World v
24 n3 1976 Dec
Surfing World v24 n5 1977 February

Surfing World v25 n2 1977 May
Tom Carroll and others.

Surfing World v25 n1 1977 April
Shaun Tomson

Surfing World v25 n3 1977 July
Michael Peterson

Surfing World v
25 n4 1977 August
Col Smith

Surfing World n154 January 1978 v26n4
Jeff Crawford, Hawaii, photo by Peter Crawford.

Surfing World v25 n5 1977 September
Surfing World v26 n2 1978 November

Surfing World v26 n6 1978

Surfing World v
28 n1 1978 ??

SW v
28 n3 1978 Number 171

SW v
28 n4 1978 Number 172
Terry Fitzgerald

SW v
27 n6 1979 Number 168
Peter Townend

1980s Number 185

Surfing World 19

SW 1980 Number 179
Rabbit Batholomew

SW v26 n3 1978?

Surfing World Photo Annuals

SW v28 n5 1979 Number 173

SW v30 n2 1981 n184
Simon Anderson

SW Photo Album 1 1976 - $2.50
Russell Lewis, Dee Why Point

SW Photo Album 2 1977 - $2.90

SW Photo Album 4 1979 - $2.50
Mark Richards

SW Photo Album 5 1980 - $3.50

SW Photo Album 6 1981 - $8

SW Photo Album 7 1982

SW Photo Album 8 1983

SW Photo Album 9 1984

August 1962 - Spring 1968. 
Editor :Jack Eden 
Image: Vol 1 #1 August 1962.

Cover : Wally Carle.
Photograph by Jack Eden.
Surfer identified by Julia Carle by a phone call, August 2010.
Many thanks to Julia.

The Southside-Cronulla version of Bob Evans' Surfing World
Vol1 #2 December 1962.

See Scott Dillon : Bombora, 1962.

Surfabout v1 n2 1963
Surfabout v1 n2 1963

Surfabout v
1 n3 1963
Surfabout v1 n4 1963

Surfabout v1 n5 1963

Surfabout v2 n6 1964
Nat Young: ?, Ohau.

Surfabout v
2 n8 1965

Surfabout v2 n9 1965

Surfabout v2 n10 1965

Surfabout v
2 n11 1965
Surfabout v2 n12 1965

Surfabout v3 n1 1965

Surfabout v3 n2 1966

Surfabout v3 n3 1966
Surfabout v3 n4 1966

Surfabout v
3 n5 1966

Surfabout v
3 n6 1966

Surfabout v3 n7 1966

Surfabout v4 n1 1967

Surfabout v4 n3 1967

urfabout v4 n4 1968 March

Surfabout v
5 n1 1969

Australasian Boardrider
Volume 1 Number 1 February 1964
Volume 1 Number 2 1964
Volume 1 Number 3 1964
Editor : G.L. Winn

Greenmount Point

Phil Edwards, Waimea Bay


Surf Scene
1964 -Number 1. 
Editor :Jack Pollard 
Image:  #1
Cover : Unknown.
Short lived (possibly only one edition) released following the publication of Pollard's The Australian Surfrider in early 1964 with several of the photographs printed in both and an advertisement for the book on page 47.
Highlighting female surfers, similar to Australasian Boardrider above, it includes advertisements:
Amco Beachies
Weiss Surfboards, Showroom- Broadway, Sydney and Factory- Marrickville
The Dee Why Surf Shops, Long Reef and Bondi.
Heenalu Special Board Shorts
at Mick Simmons Sports Stores at 29'11 (29 shillings and 11 pence)

International Surfing
1964 - 
2720 Camino Capistrano, Box 3010 San Clemente, California 92672 USA
First Issue October 1964
Editors : Paul Chappy (1973), Doug Fiske (1974), Richard Dowdy (1975)
Image: Vol 1 #1, December 1964.
Surfer magazines' most successful, long term competitor.
Cover : Nat Young.  Photograph by
Started as International Surfing but truncated
to Surfing in the 1974 June-July issue, thence until it’s demise in 2017.
Not to be confused with John Witzig's Surf International starting in1968.

International Surfing 1965 Feb

International Surfing  June 1965

International Surfing 1965 Dec

International Surfing  April 1966

International Surfing 1967 July

International Surfing v3n5 1967 Dec

International Surfing v3n6 1968

International Surfing v4n1 1968 June
International Surfing v4n6 1969 Jan

International Surfing v5n1 1969 Feb-March

International Surfing
v5n2 1969 May

International Surfing
Annual 1969 Dec

International Surfing
v7n3 1971 June-July
Kenny Tkatch, Rocky Point
International Surfing v8n6 1973 Dec
Barry K.: Honolua Bay
International Surfing v9 n2 1974 April-May

International Surfing v10n n 4,1974 August-September
Jeff Toomey: Shadows Reef, Photo: Warren Bolster

International Surfing v10n n 5,1974 October-November
Tom Holton: Kaisers, Photo: Warren Bolster

Surfing Comedy Album 1974

International Surfing v10 n6
1974 December -
1975 January

International Surfing v11 n1 1975 February-March
Stained glass by Roger Erickson

International Surfing v11 n6 1975 December-January
Kevin Reed : Up North, Photo: Bob Barbour

International Surfing v12 n1 1976
Mark Warren : Scorpion Bay

International Surfing v12 n2 1976
Mark Richards : Backdoor?

International Surfing v12 n3 1976
Shaun Tomson

International Surfing v12 n5 1976 October-November

International Surfing v13 n2 1977 April
International Surfing v13 n5 1977 October

International Surfing v12 n6 1976 December-January 1977

International Surfing 1977 Feb
Shaun Thomson
SURF FEB 1981 VOL17 #2
Mike Cruikshank

International Surfing v14 n4 1978 August
Peter Townend

International Surfing v14 n5 1978 October
Global Montage

International Surfing v15n1 1979 February
Greg Bonner, California

International Surfing v15n4 1979 June
Cronulla Point

International Surfing v15n5 1979 July
Bobby Owens

International Surfing v15n7 1979 September
Bruce Raymond

International Surfing v15n8 1979 October

Tony Roy

International Surfing v15n9 1979 November
Brian Bulckly, MexicanPipeline

International Surfing v16n1 1980 January
Terry Richardson, Wreck Bay?, photo McCormack.

International Surfing v16n3 1980 March
Charley Hitman: Santa Barbara, photo Chris Klof.

International Surfing v16n7 1980 July
Summer Montage

International Surfing v17n2 1981 February

International Surfing v17n4 1981 April
Jim Banks
International Surfing v18n1 1982 January
Ron Baron, Pipeline.

International Surfing v18n8 1982 August
International Surfing
v19n2 February1983
Pat Allen, California

International Surfing v19n5
1983 May
Cheyne Horan

International Surfing April
v20n1 1984 January
Dave Parmenter : Trestles

International Surfing v20n4 April 1984
Willy Morris, Sunset Beach.

International Surfing v20n8 1984 August

California, USA.

Surfing v1n2 1968 June

Surfing v1n3 1968 Aug
Surfing v1n? 1968 Oct

Surfing v1n? 1969 Feb

SURF APRIL/M 1977 VOL13 #2
Pat Conroy

Petersen's Surfing

Petersen's Surfing Aug 1964

Petersen's Surfing Dec 1964

Australian Sport and Surfriding
Editor :Jack Pollard 
Gordon and Gotch (A-SIA) ltd., Melbourne.

January 1964 Volume 17 Number 2
Bill James: Individuals Unite, page 24.
Garry Wilson Surfing's Rip Van Winkle (
Snowy McAlister Profile), page 26
Sports Photographers: Wipe Out!, page 30.
Bill James:
Give the boys a prize, page 32
Bob Pike: With Your Whole Heart Jumping , page 36.
reprinted from Pollard: The Australian Surfrider (1963)

February 1964 Volume 17 Number 3
Goofy Foot Riding Pays Off

May 1964
Volume 17 Number 6
Ablie Falzon: Stalling,Trimming and Accelerating, pages 42-43 and 61.

Aust. Sport & Surf 1964 Jan v17n2

Aust. Sport & Surf 1964 Feb v17n3

Aust. Sport & Surf 1964 May v17n6

Surf International
1967 December to circa 1970.
Gareth Powell Associates 369a Pitt Street Sydney
Editors: John Witzig, Paul Koller
Volume 1 - 12 issues
Volume 2 - 
Image: Vol 1 # 1,  December 1967.
Cover :  Butch Cooney  Newcastle Contest
Upmarket/alternative (a contradiction?) competitor to the by now dominant Surfing World
Music, Lifestyle, Environment and Politics were introduced. 
In an attempt to give a balanced approach the first three issues, articles by Midget Farrelly, Nat Young and Bob McTavish were given equal space. 
The Bob McTavish article is at "WRITING in the sun is a cinch..."
 The dates of Surf International magazines are not specified in the publication details. 
Some commentators have dated this issue September 1967, yet the cover article on the Newcastle Contest notes it was won by Russell Hughes on 10th September 1967. 
Given the publishing lag in this period (up to 6 weeks), a later date seems reasonable. 
The magazine's agenda was to be further explored by Witzig in Tracks magazine.

Surf International v1 n1
Butch Cooney, Newcastle.

Surf International
v1 n2
Yellow Surf Express, Palm Beach.

Surf International v1 n3

Surf International
v1 n4

Surf International
v1 n5

Surf International
  v1 n6

Surf International
  v1 n7

Surf International
  v1 n8

Surf International  v1 n9

Surf International
  v1 n10

Surf International
  v1 n11

Surf International  v1 n12
Bob McTavish riding Ted Spencer's Little Red,
Honolua Bay, 1967.

Surf International
  v2 n1

Surf International
  v2 n2

Surf International
  v2 n3

Surf International
v2 n4 1969
Nat Young and friend, Bells Beach.

Surf International
  v2 n5

Surf International
v2 n6 1970
Inside Looking Out: George Greenough.

Surf International  v2 n7

Surf International
  v2 n8

Surf International  v2 n9

Surf International
  v2 n10

Surf International
  v2 n11

Surf International
  v2 n12

Surf International  v3 n1

Surf International  v3 n4
Jimmy McCabe, Avalon.

Surf International
  v3 n3
Rolf Arness : Johanna

Tracks Publishing  Co. Pty. Ltd.
PO Box 178 Avalon Beach 2107 NSW
Editors :John Witzig,  Albert Falzon, John Stewart, John Grissim, Paul Holmes, Kirk Wilcox, Neil Ridgway, Phil Jarratt, Nick Carroll
In 1970 Tracks magazine had a significant impact by foregoing colour and using a newsprint format that slashed production time from 12 to 4
Tracks magazine was established in October 1970 by Alby Falzon and had asignificant impact by using a newsprint format that slashed production time from 12 to 4 weeks.
As a low priced monthly alternative to the glossy Surfing World magazine it provided up to date commentary on the Australian surfing counter-culture of the early seventies.
Features included perceptive interviews, incisive contest coverage, political and environmental comment,cutting-edge design forum, eco-lifestyle and travel features, movie reviews,photo essays and surfing fiction - including a cartoon series about a surfing pig of steel, Captain Goodvibes which became an icon of Australian surfing culture.
Tracks attracted the emerging talents of surf writers John Witzig, Alby Falzon, JohnStewart, John Grissim, Paul Holmes, Phil Jarratt, David Elfick and Nick Carroll and showcased the photography of Howard Owen, Frank Pithers, John Witzig, Geoff Luton, and John Stewart.
Tracks trod a fine line between politics, pop culture, anarchy, environmental activism,healthy living, spirituality and the world of surfing in its aesthetic and soulful context.
It also encouraged active feedback and contribution by readers and was not immune from the odd scandal. -
(Matt Warshaw??)

Colour inserts (advertising) first added 19xx
Colour photograph inserts first added 19xx
Change of format to all colour 1999.
Change of format to standard magazine size 2000.
See Waves magazine.
Image: Number 1 , November? 1970
Cover : Unknown, 
Note : Jack Sullivan was the contest director for the Newcastle Contest, 1970.
The first six issues, up to March 1971, were printed with a folded cover so it could be displayed on the magazine racks and not as a newspaper.
Tracks n1 1970 October
(folded cover)

Bob McTavish : Frozen Moments
Photographs by Stephen Rowland
and Albert Falzon

Tracks n1 1970 October (folded cover)
Chris Brock

Tracks n1 1970 October- page 1

Tracks n2 1970 November
Mark Warren

Tracks n3 1970 December
Mark Warren

Tracks n3 1970
(folded cover, back page: Shane Surfboards)

Tracks n3 1970
(folded cover)

Tracks n3 1970 December
Mark Warren

Tracks n4
1971 January Folded cover
Nat Young

Tracks n4
1971 January- page 1.

Tracks n5
1971 February
Peter Drouyn

Tracks n5 1971 February
David Nuuihwa
Tracks n6 1971 March Folded cover
Tracks n6 1971 March- page 1.

Tracks n6 1971 March.

Tracks  n6 1971 April

Tracks n8
1971 May

Tracks n9 1971 June

Tracks n10 1971 July

Tracks n11 1971 August

Tracks  n12 1971 September

Tracks  n13
1971 October

Tracks  n14 1971 November

Tracks  n15
1971 December
Terry Fitzgerald

Tracks n16
1972 January

Tracks n17 1972 February
Michael Peterson

Tracks n18
1972 March
Tracks n19 1972 April
Tracks n20 1972 May
Paul Neilsen?

n 21 1972 June
Michael Peterson

n22 1972 July
Kevin Parkinson

n23 1972 August

Tracks n24 1972 September

Tracks n24 1972 October
Tracks n25-26? 1972 November

Tracks n26 1972 December
Paul Neilsen

n 28 1973 January
Gerry Lopez
Tracks n 29 1973 February
Peter Townend

n 30 1973 March

Tracks n 31 1973 April
Owl Chapman

n 32 1973 May

n 33 1973 June

n 34  1973 July

Tracks n35 1973 August
David Treloar

n36 1973 September

Tracks n37 1973 October

n 38  1973 November
George Greenough

Tracks n  1973 December
George Greenough

Tracks n40 1974 Jan

n41 1974 February

n42 1974 March

Tracks n43 1974 April

Tracks n44 1974 May
Tracks n45 1974 June
Butch Cooney, Burleigh Heads.

Tracks n46 1974 July

n48 1974 Sept

Tracks n49 1974 October
Nat Young

Tracks n50 1974 November

Tracks n51 1974 Dec

n52 1975 Jan

n53 1975 February
Michael Peterson

Tracks n54 1975 March
Tracks n55 1975 April
Michael Peterson

Captain Goodvibes n2 1976?

Captain Goodvibes n2 1976?- Levi's

Best of Tracks
n2 1975?

Tracks n56 1975 May

Tracks n57 1975 June
Terry Fitzgerald

Tracks n58 1975 July
Larry Bertleman
Tracks n59 1975 August

Tracks n60 1975 September
Michael Peterson

n61 1975 October
Terry Fitzgerald
Tracks n62 1975 November

n63 1975 December
Sunset Beach

Tracks Posters 1975 December

Tracks n64 1976 January
Ian Kanga Cairns
Tracks n65 1976 February
Tracks n66 1976 March
Terry Richardson

Tracks n67 1976 April
Peter Townend
Tracks n68 1976 May

Tracks n69 1976 June
Laura Blears
Tracks n70 1976 July

Tracks n71 1976 August
Rabbit Batholmew

Tracks n72 1976 September

Tracks n74 1976 November??

Tracks n74 1976 November??
Tracks n75 1976 December

Tracks n76 1977 January

Tracks n77 1977 February
Peter Townend

Tracks n78 1977 March
Larry Blair
Tracks n79 1977 April
Mark Warren

Tracks n80 1977 May
Michael Peterson

Tracks n81 1977 June
Michael Ho

Tracks n82 1977 July

Tracks n83 1977 August
Shaun Tomson

Tracks n84 1977 September
Terry Richardson
Tracks n85 1977 October

n 86 1977 November
Chris Byrne

Tracks n87
1977 December
Phil Byrne

Tracks 1978 January

Tracks 1978 February
Eddie Aikau

Tracks 1978 March

Tracks 1978 April
Rabbit Batholomew

Tracks 1978 May
Mark Richards

Tracks 1978 June
Manly Pipe

Tracks 1978 July

Tracks 1978 August

Tracks 1978 September
Shaun Tomson

Tracks 1978 October
Kim Staples

Tracks 1978 November
Mark Warren

Tracks 1978 December

Best of Tracks 3, 1978-1979

1979 January

Tracks 1979 February

1979 March

Tracks 1979 April
Tracks 1979 May
Mark Richards

1979 June
Cheyne Horan

Tracks 1979 July

1979 August
Duranbah, Jack McCoy

1979 September

Tracks n109 1979 October

Tracks 1979 September

Tracks 1979 September
Tracks  n?  1980 January

Tracks 1980 February
Mark Richards

1980 March
Tom Carroll

n 115 1980 April
Dane Kealoha

Tracks  n116 1980 May
Mark Richards

Tracks n117 1980 June

Tracks n118  1980 July

Tracks  n119 1980 August

Tracks n120 1980 September

Tracks n121 1980 October

Tracks n122 1980 November
 Cover dated October!?

Tracks n123 1980 December

Tracks Number 124 1981 Jan

Number 125 1981 February
Mildly Chaotic Sunset Beach

Tracks Number 126 1981 March

Number 127 1981 April
Mark Richards
Tracks Number 128 1981 May

Tracks Number 129 1981 June
Simon Anderson

Number 130 1981 July
Jim Banks, Bali.
Tracks Number 131 1981 August
Tracks Number ? 1981 September
Tracks Number ? 1981 October

Tracks Number ? 1981 November
Col Smith (Newcastle)

Number ? 1981 December
Byrne Single Fin?
Tracks Number ? 1982 January

Tracks Number ? 1982 February
Simon Anderson - Mark Richards
Tracks Number ? 1982 March
Number ? 1982 April
Cheyne Horan

Number ? 1982 May
Greg Day, Winki Pop

Number ? 1982 June
Tracks Number ? 1982 July

Tracks Number ? 1982 August
Terry Richardson

Number ? 1982 September

Number ? 1982 October
Steve Wilson, Merewether

Tracks Number ? 1982 November

Number 147 1982 December
Mark Richards

Tracks Number 151 1983 April
Martin Potter
Tracks Number 152 1983 May
Joe Engel?

Number 153 1983 June
Tom Carroll

Tracks Number 156 1983 September

Tracks Number 157 1983 October
Tom Curren

Tracks Number 159 1983 November

Number 1984 April

Number 164 1984 May
Tom Carroll

Tracks Number 165 1984 June
Tracks Number 167 1984 August
Damien Hardman

The Best of Tracks Number 5 1984
Mark Occhilupo

Tracks Number 172 1985 January

Number 174 1985 March

Tracks Number 179 1985 August

Tracks 1987 June
Pam Burridge

Best of Tracks 1986 June-1988 May
Damien Hardman

Tracks 1986 December
Mitch Thorson

Tracks Number 197 1987 February
Mark Richards

Tracks 1988 June
Damien Hardman

Best of Tracks 1988
Tom Carroll

Tracks Number? April 2003
Captain Goodvibes

Tracks Number 1990 December
Nick Wood

Best of Tracks Number 9 1992

Raymond Rowe Publications, Alstonville NSW.
Newsprint format (folded in half for sale), 8 pages.

A short lived, free publication from northern NSW.
Image right: Volume 1 Number 2 May 1973.

Dated from a Honesee Surfboards that notes the Bells contest winner as Michael Peterson.
- Results from Queensland championships - results Rabbit, PT, MP, Richard Harvey, Keith Paull and Billy Grant.
- Surfer's photographs - Brad Myers, Terry Iredale, Ian Monaghan, others and 'Murph'.
- Advertising for Ron Wade, Jackson, Honesee and Bare Nature Surfboards, Pau wax, Jepson's A Sea for Yourself and Quicksilver Surfgear, Taree.
- Innermost Limits style cover illustration by Geoff Walters.
- Reproduced Fury Freak Brothers comic strip with surfing theme from Hightimes Publications, page 7.

Issue 1: December 1973.
43 editions until 1977

Victorian magazine in Tracks format.
Based on the Mornington Peninsular.

Breakway Number 1
1973 December

Breakway 1974 February

Breakway 1974 March

Breakway 1974 April

Breakway Number 10 1974 May
Breakway 1974 June

Breakway 1974 July
Breakway  1974 August Breakway Number 10 1974 May

Breakway Number 6 1974 September

Breakway 1974 October

Breakway Number 12 1974 November
Peter Townend

Breakway 1974 December
Breakway 1975 January

Breakway Number 15 1975 February

Breakway Number 16 1975 March

Number 17 1975 April
Mark Richards - Midget & Claw

Breakway 1975 May
Breakway Number  1975 June
Breakway Number  1975 July

Breakway 1975 August

Breakway Number 22 1975 September

Breakway Number 23 1975 October

Breakway Number 24 1975 November

Breakway Number 25 1975 December
Bruce Raymond

Breakway Number 26 1976 January
Shaun Tomson
Breakway Number 27 1976 February

Breakway Number 1976 March

Breakway Number 29 1976 April

Breakway Number 34 1976 September
Breakway Number  1976 October Breakway Number 1976 November

Breakway Number 37 1976 December

Breakway Number 40 1977 March
Simon Anderson

Breakway Number 41 1977 May-June

Breakway 1977 December
St. Nicholas

Breakway 1978 January (Last issue?)
Shaun Tomson

Sunshine Fluid
May 1976 Volume 1 Number 1
1st Edition
Backdoor - Back Door
December 1976 to 1978?
PO Box 100 Torquay, Victoria 3228
Editor : Michael Gordon
Assistant Editor : Doug Warbrick
Printed monthly.
Victorian magazine in Tracks magazine format, that eschewed lifestyle/humour in favour of a hardcore/surfers only style.

Jack McCoy commented:
BackDoor was a little stab at the publishing world by Dick Hoole, Brian Singer and Doug Warbrick from Rip Curl, Michael Gordon (who was a cub reporter for the Melbourne Age and who now is one of Australia's most respected political reporters who also in his spare time did the "50 Years at Bells" book) and myself.

BackDoor only lasted about a year and a half and I think we did about 14 issues from memory.  
The novelty of doing a monthly Mag (working 25 hours a day the last week to meet a deadline) wore off quickly as we did everything, write the stories, take the photos, sell the ads, layout the mag and make breakfast lunch and dinner living the issue!  
The nail in the coffin was that we had trouble getting people to pay for their ads during winter.  
But it was mostly fun, and a great experience as well as a greater appreciation for those good ol boys and gals who create any sort of deadline type publications.
- Jack McCoy: The Surf Blurb, 14 May 2012.

Number 10:
Hell's Angels, Maurice Cole Interview, Alternatives to Surfing, Russell Lewis, Hawaiian Summer, John Witzig on France, Col Smith wins Newcastle.
Backdoor - Back Door
December 1976 to 1978?
PO Box 100 Torquay, Victoria 3228
Editor : Michael Gordon
Assistant Editor : Doug Warbrick
Printed monthly.
Victorian magazine in Tracks magazine format, that eschewed lifestyle/humour in favour of a hardcore/surfers only style.

Jack McCoy commented:
BackDoor was a little stab at the publishing world by Dick Hoole, Brian Singer and Doug Warbrick from Rip Curl, Michael Gordon (who was a cub reporter for the Melbourne Age and who now is one of Australia's most respected political reporters who also in his spare time did the "50 Years at Bells" book) and myself.
BackDoor only lasted about a year and a half and I think we did about 14 issues from memory.  
The novelty of doing a monthly Mag (working 25 hours a day the last week to meet a deadline) wore off quickly as we did everything, write the stories, take the photos, sell the ads, layout the mag and make breakfast lunch and dinner living the issue!  
The nail in the coffin was that we had trouble getting people to pay for their ads during winter.  
But it was mostly fun, and a great experience as well as a greater appreciation for those good ol boys and gals who create any sort of deadline type publications.
- Jack McCoy: The Surf Blurb, 14 May 2012.

Number 10: Hell's Angels, Maurice Cole Interview, Alternatives to Surfing, Russell Lewis, Hawaiian Summer, John Witzig on France, Col Smith wins Newcastle.

Backdoor December 1975,  Number 1.
Rabbit Bartholomew.

Backdoor January 1976, Number 2.

Backdoor February
1976, Number 3.
Rory Russell: Pipeline

Backdoor March 1976,  Number 4

April 1976,  Number  5
Reno Abellira

Backdoor May
1976 Number 6.
Rabbit Bartholomew.
Backdoor June 1976 Number ??

Backdoor July
1976 Number 7.
Backdoor August 1976 Number 9.
Rory Russell, Waimea Bay
Backdoor September 1976,  Number  9
Shaun Tomson

Backdoor October 1976,  Number  10
Backdoor November 1976,  Number  11
Backdoor December 1976,  Number  12
Shaun Tomson
Backdoor Jan-Feb 1977,  Number  13
Ian Cairns

April 1977,  Number  15

Backdoor June 1977,  Number  17
Col Smith (NN)
Backdoor July-Aug 1977,  Number  18
Shaun Tomson

Backdoor October-November 1977.

1977 June /July
John Witzig and Company
PO Box 34 Avalon Beach NSW 2107
Editor :John Witzig 
Seven issues
John Witzig's upmarket/intellectualised version of Tracks magazine, contrast with Backdoor magazine, above. 
Printed on newsprint with glossy cover and poster insert.

SeaNotes Number 1 1977 June
Rabbit Batholomew

SeaNotes Number 2 1977 August
Shaun Tomson

SeaNotes Number 3 1977 October

SeaNotes 1978 February
Rabbit Batholomew

Surf Australia
1976 -1979
Editor : Steve Core
Published every six weeks.
First Edition Vol 1 No. 1  October-November 1976
Strong south side-Cronulla influence, 
Steve Core  made surfboards in the late 60's, photographer, surf film maker (In Natural Flow, circa 1973), film distributor and published a

This magazine was overlooked until October 2003, 
This omission was pointed out by Greg Clark, via email..
Thanks Greg.
Vol 1 No. 8 February 1978 $1.45 , Cover : Rabbit Batholomew/Stradbroke Island by MartinTullemans.

Surf Australia v1 n1 1976
Terry Richardson

Surf Australia v1 n2 1977 February
Peter Townend

Surf Australia v1 n4 1977 June

Surf Australia v1 n5  1977
Surf Australia v1 n6  1977 November
Greg Mellish, Cronulla Point

Surf Australia v1 n7  1978 January
Rabbit Batholomew
Surf Australia v1 n8  1978 February

Surf Australia v1
n9  1978 May

Surf Australia v1 n3  1977 April

Expressions (New Zealand)

Volume 1 Number 2

Line Up 
1981 - 
5/103 Thistle Street Gordon Park, Queensland 4031
May 1981 to March 1981 Queensland distribution only
April 16 th 1982, Number 12 First national issue
Editor : Terry Kavanagh
Queensland based version of Tracks magazine format. 
Heavy accent on Queensland surfers, contests, manufacturers.
Line Up Number 12
April 16th 1982
Cover : Wayne McKewan
Photograph by Bede/Brobes

Line Up Number 15 1982 August
Tom Curren

Line Up Number 18 1982 November
Rob? Lennox Head

Line Up Number 19 1983 January
Mark Richards

Line Up
Number 20 1983 February
Sunset Beach??

Line Up
Number 22 1983 April
Marvin Potter

Line Up  1983 May

Line Up  1983 June

Line Up  1983 July Number 25

Line Up  1983 August

Line Up Number 27 1983 September
Barton Lynch

Line Up 
1983 October

Line Up
Number 32 1984 February

Line Up Number 71 1988 January

Line Up
Number 30 1983 December
Sean Riley : SW Wall Durunbah

Breakout [USA]
Simon Anderson's Thruster for Nectar Surfboards.
April/May 1982 Volume 2, No 6

1981 -
PO Box 746 Darlinghurst 2010
Editor : Jesse Faen
Managing Editor : Neil Ridgway
Full glossy offshoot from Tracks magazine, staff includes Neil Ridgway, Mark Sutherland and Andrew Kidman from a previous stint at Tracks magazine.
Also see Litmus.
Image : July/August 1995
Cover : Steve Clements. Photograph by

Coastal Tubes
November 1982- August 1983
NSW Central Coast
Only ran for ten issues.

1982 November, n2?

1983 Jan, n3: Glen Winton

1983 Jun, n8: Tom Carroll

1983 Jul, n9: Martin Potter

Australia's Surfing Life
Publisher : Peter Morrison
Editor :Derek Rielly
Po Box 832 Burleigh Heads,  Queensland 4220
Image : Number 1, 1986
Cover : Unknown

Off-the-Lip : South Australia's Own Surfing Magazine
Number 4 [of 5 known issues].

Melbourne, Florida.

1992 - 1994 ? 
419 Main Street, Suit 158 Huntington beach  CA 92648 USA
Publisher : Bob Bohanan
Editor : Chris Ahrens 
Image: Vol 1 #1  Summer 1992
Cover : Rich Chew. Photograph by Guy Motil

Longboard (Quarterly)
1993 -
'Quarterly' dropped after 18 months?
Publisher : Guy Motil
Editor : Scot Hulet
Image: Volume 2Number 1 June/July 1994
Cover : Uncredited (Josh Baxter/ Makaha ?), Photograph by Jim Russi

Nalu - Longboard Surfing Discovery
1995 ?
Copyright by El Publishing Co. Ltd.
Publisher : Tsuguji Urushima
Editor : Akifumi Funakushi
Image:  1995 No.1
Cover : Brian Keaulana, Photograph by Yoshihto Ozawa

PO Box 211 Newport Beach, NSW 2106
Editor : Reggae Ellis
Contributing Editor : Tim Baker
Another Tracks magazine offshoot, changed newspaper format and went to standard magazine size after 18 months.
Image: Issue 4 March/April 1996
Cover : Noah Johnson/ Waimea Bay, Photograph byTed Grambeau

#1 Deep Number 1 - First edition September 1995

Mal Magic

Number 1 June-July 1996

Number 2 August-September 1996

Number 3 October-November 1996

Number 4 January 1997

Number 5  March 1997

Pacific Longboarder
1996 - 
12 Attadale Court  Elanora, Queensland 4221
Editor : Chris Bystrom 
PLB Core page
Image: Vol 1 #1
Cover : Jason Blewitt. Photograph by Scott Ovens

The Australian Surfers Journal
1998 - 2000.
The Blue group PO Box 321 Noosa Heads Queensland 4567
Editor : Steve Pezman / Phil Jarratt 
Published in Australia under liscence, it featured mostly high quality articles and photos from the American edition, with some australian content. the project folded in 2000 when the liscencing arrangement faulted.
Image: Vol 1 #1
Cover : Cloud Break, Tavarua, Fiji, March 19 1997, 
Photograph by Warren Bolster

Longboarding (Australia)
First published by Waverider Magazine Pty Ltd
PO Box 12, Cotton Tree, Queensland, 4558.
28 Price Street Nambour, Queensland 4560
Editor : Mike Perry, Shane Peel,
Image: Number 1 Autum 1998
Cover : Josh Constable, Sunshine Beach, Photograph by Peel.

Free Surf
Editor :

SurferGirl Magazine
Waverider Magazine

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