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1930 (1996)
Mackenzie, Donald A. :
South Seas : Myths and Legends
Senate, Random House UK Ltd.
Random House, 20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 2SA, 1996.
Soft cover, 380 pages, black and white photographs and illustrations.
First Published in 1930 as
Myths and Traditions of the South Sea Islands
The Gresham Publishing Company Ltd., London.

Mackie, Mr:
Pacific Portal - Pictorial Cavalcade, Souvenir of the Sutherland Shire, Picture History 1770-1950.
No publishing details.
Soft cover, pages, duo-tone illustrations and photographs.
This obscure book contains a rare autographed picture of Duke Kahanamoku and Party at Audley, Royal National Park, 7 February 1915. 
The image is on a page titled "going places! Knights of the Surfboard" and is printed below a doctored photograph by Doc Ball of Tom Blake, Johnny Gates and Gard Chapin at Palos Verdes, circa 1945.

See Source Documents
Duke Kahanamoku's Visit to Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club, 1915.

MacLaren, James :
Learn to Surf
Lyons and Burford, 31 West 21 Street. New York, NY 10010. 1997
Soft cover, 131 pages, 40 black and white photographs, 4 black and white illustrations, Glossary, Index.
Basic instruction book that recommends use of larger boards (Modern Malibus) for beginners and photographs, by Mark Grabowski, feature both male and female riders.

Masters, Ted:
Surfing Made Easy
Edited by Hobie Alter
Masters-Graham Publications, 1962.
Includes numerous Bob Graham illustrations and Hobie Alter photographs.

Page 30
Hobie Alter and?
Tandem Surfing - Shoulder Swan

McCagh, Sean:
The Surfboard Book: How Design Affects Performance
Simon Anderson, Dick Brewer, Steve Lis and Bob McTavish.
Illustrations by Tom McAuliffe
McCagh O'Neill Pty Ltd.
Soft cover, 152 pages,
colour photographs, black and white illustrations, Glossary, References
It is extremely difficult to say something positive about this book; to be very kind it has some nice photographs.
Although Lindsay Lord's seminal Naval Architecture of Planning Hulls (1946) is included in the bibliography, it is doubtful that the author has understood it.
The opening chapter, an attempt to analyse the forces that act on surfboards,
is unclear, inaccurate and has many basic errors.
Sentences such as "When catching waves, buoyancy is also the force that helps push the board forward out of the wave face and ahead of the wave, allowing you to catch the wave and start descending down the face" (page 16) simply defy comprehension, and make any serious constructive criticism virtually impossible.
The crude illustrations only compound the confusion which, unfortunately, is consistent throughout the rest of the work.
Note that this does not reflect on the various contributions of
Simon, Dick, Steve or Bob.
Given the Sean's environmental concerns (page 81), we might give a prayer for all the trees that died in vain in the production of this book.
This book courtesy of Shoalhaven City Library (that is I did not purchase it).
Google Books

McCloud, Andre:
The Girl's Guide to Surfing.
Chronical Books LLC
85 Second Street, San Francisco, California 94105.
Soft cover, 142 pages, duo-tone illustrations by Symbolon, Resources, Glossary, Contributors.
A general how-to book focused on the female surfer.

 McCrady, Elizabeth F.:
Kala of Hawaii

The Platt and Munk Co. Inc., USA, 1936.

Internet Archive


Illustrated children's book.

For extracts and illustrations see:

1936 Elizabeth F. McCrady : Kala of Hawaii.

McEvedy, Colin:
The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Pacific.
Penguin Reference
Harmonsworth, Middlesex, England, 1998.
Soft cover, 120 pages, duo-tone maps and illustrations, Notes, Index.
A series of maps and associated text detailing the voyages of exploration and occupation of the Pacific Ocean.

McGinness, Laurie. Photographs by Crawford, Peter : 
How to Ride a Surfboard
Jack Pollard Pty. Ltd., 42 Pacific Highway, North Sydney. 1976
Soft cover, 160 pages, 17 colour plates, 101 b/w photographs. 
Basic instruction book, most interest being in the photographs, the vast majority being current circa 1976.
Notable exceptions include...
McTavish at giant Bell’s ,1965, page ?
- Bob Pike at Laniakea, page 144. 
- a front-on shot of Butch Cooney at Newcastle Contest, Newcastle  Beach 1967 , page 61. 
Jack Eden has a wonderful side-on shot of possibly the same wave. 
All three are uncredited. 
Chapter 10: Board design is rudimentary. 
Dimensions are metric (?!). 

McGinness, Laurie. Photographs by Crawford, Peter :
Wildwater - The Surfriding Way of Life
Jack Pollard Publishing Pty Ltd. Rigby Ltd Sydney 1977.
Hard cover, 128 pages, 80 colour photographs, 1 black and white photograph. 
The superior volume of the three offerings by McGinness/Crawford. 
The text covers History (Chapter 1), Contests (Chapter 2), Lifestyle (Chapter 3), Surfers (Chapter 4) and Locations (Chapter 5); and is informative and current circa 1977. 
The History chapter has some errors/omissions and like many books underestimates the importance of Midget Farrelly's contributions. 
Peter Crawford's photography is well presented, many images are full or double page. 

McGinness, Laurie. Photographs by Crawford, Peter : 
Surfing Fundamentals
A. H. & A.W. Reed Pty Ltd 
53 Myoora Road Terrey Hills, Sydney. 1978
Hard cover, 80 pages,19 colour plates, 73 black/white photographs 
* A revised edition of How To Ride A Surfboard 1976, above. 
There seems little variation in the text (the weight/dimensions table is now metric and imperial - page10), a majority of the black and white photographs (not those noted above) have been retained, and the colour plates are changed.
Some previous colour photographs are now black and white.
Design chapter does not mention the Twin fin #2. 

McLeod, Sullivan:
Tunnel Vision- the true story of my insane quest to become a professional surfer
Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 2009.
Soft cover,  281 pages, black and white photographs, Glossary (Surf Lingo Explained), Acknowledgements.


McNamara, Garrett and Karbo, Karen:
Hound of the Sea- Wild Man, Wild Waves, Wild Wisdom.
Harper Wave, Harper-Collins, New York, 2016.
Soft cover , 292 pages, black and white photographs, Acknowledgements.


McNeill, Ian (editor):
Looking Forward Looking Back - A History of Wollongong City Surf Life Saving Club: 1915-2000
Wollongong City Surf Life Saving Club, September 2003. Soft cover, 116 pages, black and white and colour photographs, Appendicies.

McTavish, Bob:
Hyams Publishing.
PO Box 171 Huskisson, NSW 2540, 2009.
Editors: Rosanne Fitzgibbons and Brian Purcell.
Hard cover, 431 pages, black and white photographs, Some of My Friends, Glossary, Index.
Bob McTavish's enthusiasm for surfing, and life generally, permeate Stoked!, covering his surfing career up to 1968, which leaves open the possibility of a further volume covering the next 40 years.
While the formative years in Queensland as a member of Caloundra Surf Life Saving Club are highly interesting, for the reader who has closely followed McTavish's numerous media contributions, many of the stories from the 1960s are extremely familiar.
Indeed, in some cases their re-telling here seems to lack some of the freshness evident in the original published versions.
Some minor errors in dates or spelling (Milner, not Millner, page 38), are probably the responsibility of the editors.
A tendency to somewhat overstate the author's impact on the surfing history is evident, for example the account of the development of the Vee bottom board during 1967 (Part Eight). 
Midget Farrelly had already established the "lightweight" stringerless as an industry standard by 1966 and he played a major role in the subsequent radical reduction in board lengths.
In 1973, McTavish wrote: "At the same time Midget's shop at Palm Beach was running stiff competition with us at Keyo's. As we'd cut 2" off, Midget would cut 4" off, then vice versa."
Significantly, he rejects the commonly held myth that his and Nat Young's plus nine foot Vee bottom surfboards taken to Hawaii in December 1967 initiated the Short Board Revolution (pages 383 to 396).

McTavish, Bob:
More Stoked!
Harper Collins
Level 13201 Elizabeth street, Sydney, NSW 2000, 2013.
Soft cover,
533 pages, black and white and monochrome photographs, Appendix.
More Stoked! does not continue directly on from the earlier book, but reprises some of that work in sections one up to about five or six, and unfortunately, the tendency to overstate the author's impact on the surfing industry is again in evidence.
Also, many of the photographs are printed on a grey-blue paper which substantially diminishes their clarity.

Malo, David: Hawaiian Antiquities (Moolelo Hawaii)
Bernice P. Bishop Museum, 
1525 Bernice Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Translated from the Hawaiian by Nathaniel B. Emerson, 1889.
First published 1901.
Special Publication 2  Second Edition 1951.
Reprinted 1971, 1976, 1980, 1991, 1992, 1997, 2005.
Brief, but essential.
For extacts see:
David Malo: Surfriding (1838)

Mambo (Graphics) :
Still Life With Franchise
Mambo Graphics Pty Ltd
83 - 85 McLachlan Avenue Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011. 1998.
Hardcover, 217 pages, copious colour illustrations.
A richly produced, completely tongue in cheek, product catalogue for Australia's most  outrageous fashion label. 
Surf images and references abound.
 Note, amongst many... 
Reg Mombassa: Surf Cultural Evolution  (Three Parts) - Thong, Holden car, House, 1995. 
Gerry Weld : Mambo Tapestry of Surfing History I-IV, 1995.
Jonas Allen and Seenu : The United Family of Surfing 1995. 
Paul McNeil : I am not an Amimal 1995, Loud Shirts 1997, Surfboards 1996

Manly Surf Lfe Saving Club:
Australian Surf Museum Catalogue 
Manly Life Saving Club Inc
Surf Pavilion, South Steyne, Manly NSW 2095 Australia, 2006.
..PO Box 141 Manly NSW 1655, Australia '
ph: +61 299772742 fax: +61 2 9977 6101 .
Soft cover, 71 pages, colour photographs
Jon Waddy notes in the introduction "and we thank Ray Moran and his team who helped put this collection of photographs of surf craft together. They include Ray Petersen, Simon Gillespie, Bert Adams, Tony Bonner, Adrian McCall, John Stuntz, Jon Waddy our photographer, and especially Harvey Gordon from Manly Photoworld (1 b The Corso, Manly) who worked very hard on the execution, assembly, layout and printing of this booklet."
An illustrated catalogue of some highly significant surfcraft held by the Australian Surf Museum.

Man, John:
Atlas of the Year 1000.
Penguin Books
27 Wrights Lane, London W85TZ, England, 1999.
Soft cover, 144 pages, colour maps and photographs, Millennial Gazetteer, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, Index.
An comprehensive overview of the known world up to the year 1000, the book includes an chapter on the exploration and occupation of Oceania (pages 122 to 127) and specific sections on New Zealand (pages 130 to 131) and Easter Island (pages 132 to 134).
The section of most interest are the chapters on Viking exploration and colonisation of North America (pages 30 to 31) and  Iceland and Greenland (pages 40 to 41) that give some insight via access to written sources indicating the forces and personalities involved in such events.
These may have some parallels to Pacific exploration

Mansfield, Rodger:

The Surfing Tribe- A History of Surfing in Britain . 
Orca Publications, Newquay, UK, 2011
First published 2009, Second edition 2011 with 60 new photos, new stories, new profiles.
Paperback, 240 pages, black and white and colour photographs, About the Author, Appendix, Bibliography, Index.

Following an overview of surfing in Hawaii (Part 1), the history of surfing in Britain up to 1990 is covered in chapters devoted to specific areas, such as the Channel Islands, Cornwall, Devon , Wales, and Scotland in Part 2.
Part 3 examines Exploration, Equipment, Equality and Culture.
The influence
Australian surfers-surf lifesavers is recorded along with other international visitors.

March, Laurie:
A History of the Merewether Surf Club 19080-1983.
Merewether Surf Life Saving Club, 1983.
Hard cover, 174 pages, black and white photographs, Appendicies.
Image right, Frontpiece.
A highly informative work, based on extensive club records and newspaper reports and in-depth personal interviews.
The highlights are the recollections dating back to the 1930s of senior members Ted Jefferson (pages 104-105) and Jack Blackett (pages 109-114).

For extracts see:
Laurie March : Merewether SLSC.

Marcus, Ben:
Surfing USA! - An Illustrated History of the Coolest Sport of All Time.
Voyager Press
123 North Second Street, PO Box 338, Stillwater MN 55028, USA, 2005.
Hardcover, 208 pages, extensive photographs and illustrations, Acknowledgements, Index.

Marcus, Ben:
The Surfboard - Art Style Stoke
Voyager Press
MBI Publishing Company LLC
Gaultier Plaza, Suite 200, 380 Jackson Street, St. Paul
MN 55101-3885 USA, 2007.
Hardcover, 2xx pages, extensive photographs and illustrations, Glossary, Index.

Marcus, Ben:
Extreme Surf

Marcus, Ben:
The Surfing Handbook.
MVP Books
MBI Publishing 
400 First Avenue North, Suite 300, Minneanpolis
MN 55401 USA, 2010.
Softcover, 208 pages, extensive photographs and illustrations, Glossary, Index.
Highly detailed introduction to surf riding.
Board design, pages 17 to 20.

Marcus, Ben:
The Art of Stand Up Paddling
Falcon Guides, Guilford, USA, 2012.
Softcover, 294 pages, extensive photographs and illustrations, Appendix, Index.
An extensive and detailed introduction to the many various applications of stand up paddle board riding.
In Chapter 1, The (Controversial) History of SUP, Ben* makes a determined, but ultimately unsuccessful, attempt to find credible SUP precedents, pre-dating the developments by Laird Hamilton, circa 1995.
Some of the examples merely demonstrate SUP, or "polling", on inland waters, an ancient technique used to propel the rafts and bark canoes of the Australian Aboriginals, at least 50,000 years ago.
In the modern era, the Australian surf-ski* is a possible influence, however while it was sometimes ridden standing, it was always paddled in a sitting position and with a double-blade paddle.

(The surf-ski is occasionally, and annoyingly, called a kayak in the text).
On the Mediterranean, he hasake* of Israel was paddled while standing, but
also with a double-blade paddle.
In Hawaii, Ben
notes that John Zapotocky and John "Pops" Ah Choy pioneered SUP in the late 1960s, however their influence was largely negligible.
Of the two ancient SUP precedents, the well-known caballios of Peru and the catamaran* of Madras, India, only the later was definitely paddled and surfed in a standing position.

Essentially, the "roots" of modern SUP were established by Laird Hamilton, circa 1995, highly facilitated by the perfection of light-weight epoxy board construction by sailboard manufacturers.
* Ben, and not Ben Marcus?
We surfers are a friendly bunch, and numerous emails ere exchanged between Ben and myself in the preparation of the book, notably on the surf-ski and the hasake, and suitably acknowledged in the text.
My work on the catamaran of Madras appeared after Ben forwarded his manuscript to the printers.

Margan, Frank and Finney, Ben R. : 
A Pictorial History of Surfing
Paul Hamlyn Pty Ltd, 176 South Creek Road, 
Dee Why West, NSW 2099. 1970
Hard cover, 319 pages, 37 colour photographs / sequences, extensive b/w photographs, 25 b/w illustrations, glossary, bibliographic note, index. 
An awkward work in that the text and the photographs are not in synchronicity. 
This is not apparent at the beginning but things start to go awry by page 32. 
The text is continuous with no chapters:
Early Hawaiian surfriding, pages 13 to124 (drawn extensively from Finney and Houston, 1966)
English bathing and the development of the Life Saving movement in Australia, pages 125 to 261.
Surfriding in Hawaii-California-Australia 1907 – 1970, pages 261 to 312. 
The titles on the contents page do not refer to the text, only to some of the illustrations. 
On the other hand the photographic selection is extensive and comprehensive, if chronologically scattered. 
Almost all the essential illustrations and photographs from Finney and Houston (1966) are reproduced and the Australian photographs feature the excellent work of Jack Eden.
Pictorially this book is a feast, the text badly in need of rigorous editing. 

Of the many highlights: 
1. George Greenough free fall / NSW north coast 1969 by Tanya Binning, page 310 – unfortunately small and cropped. 
2. Butch Cooney trim / Newcastle Beach (Merewether?)  Newcastle Contest 1967 by Jack Eden, page 179 – full page.



Martin, Andy : 
Walking On Water
John Murray (Publishers) Ltd  90 Albermarle Street, London WIX 4BD, 1991.
Hard cover, 212 pages, 10 colour plates, 1 b/w map, Glossary, Bibliography. 
Personal account by an English academic of winter 1989 – 1990 on North Shore, Oahu. 
Brief sketches of Ken Bradshaw, Mark Foo, Martin Potter, Wills brothers, Ace Cool. 
The approach is similar (but includes more references to recognised surfers) to Daniel Duane's Caught Inside (1996). 

Martin, Andy : 
Stealing the Wave - The Epic Struggle Between Ken Bradshaw and Mark Foo.
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc  36 Soho Square, London W1D 3QY, 2001.
Soft cover, 244 pages, Bibliography. 
???Personal account by an English academic of winter 1989 – 1990 on North Shore, Oahu. 
Brief sketches of Ken Bradshaw, Mark Foo, Martin Potter, Wills brothers, Ace Cool. 
The approach is similar (but includes more references to recognised surfers) to Daniel Duane's Caught Inside (1996). ???

Martin. Mary L.:
The Ultimate Collector's Guide to Surfing Postcards.
Schiffer Publishing Ltd 
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310, 2008.
Soft cover, 165 pages, Extensive black and white and colour images..
Unfortununately the  book fails to live up to the Ultimate of its title and merely reproduces a limited selection of the available material.
There are a number of printing errors and some, mostly insignificant, images appear in multiple versions (up to five times).
These are not collated, but are spread through the book.
The categorisation is haphazard and there is a distinct lack of analysis of the quality or historical significance of the postcards.
Critically, in the chrome era, there is no distinction between professional surfing photographs and those shot in unattractive surfriding conditions.
The pricing is rudimentary - everything is worth $7, some rare items more.
Most of the significant postcards  appear in previous Schiffer publications; Nancy Schiffer's Surfing (1998) and Mark Blackburn's Surf's Up : Collecting in the Longboard Era (2001). 
Very disappointing.

Mason, Paul :
Surfing - to the limit
Hodder Children's Books
Rodger Coote Publishing, Gissing's Farm, 
Fressingfield, Eye, Suffolk, IP21 5SH. 2001
Soft cover, 32 pages, 45 colour photographs, Glossary, References, Index.
English juvenile introductory book with the text supported by high quality colour photographs, mostly from Hawaii. 
Note  Surfboard design variables, pages 8 to 9. 

Matsuda, Matt K. :
Pacific Worlds - A History of Seas, Peoples and Cultures
Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University Press, New York, 2012
Soft cover, 436 pages, black and white photographs and maps, Notes, Index.
An outstanding work that disassembles individual national histories of the Pacific basin, and emphasising the consistent connections and interaction between these societies.
An original an insightful analysis, with particular  that has The application of the this analysis to the history of surfriding is  them into reconfiguring them into a  the history as an  Excellent historical overview and analysis.

Matthews, Anne :
Australian Beaches
Lansdowne Publishing Pty Ltd
Level 1, 18 Argyle Street, Sydney 2000, Australia. 1998
Soft cover, 128 pages, extensive colour photographs, Credits.
Photographic collection of varied coastal use and environments, some explicitly of surfing, pages 14, 21 - 22, and 54 - 55. 
Forward by Robert Drewe.

Mattos, Bill:
Kayak Surfing.
Pesda Press
'Elidur', Ffordd Llanllechid, 
Rachub, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 3EE.
Soft cover, 159 pages, colour photographs, duo-tone illustrations, Glossary, Acknowledgements, Suggested Reading.
Instructional book covering the basic equipment and skills through information for advanced riders.
Although kayak surfing seems most popular in the cold waters of Great Britain, the vast majority of photographs are in bright sunshine and sparkling blue water, mostly in Cornwall but with several at Teahupo'o, Tahiti.
Most of the photography is by Helen Metcalfe, with some of the images accredited to

Maxwell, C. Bede 
Surf : Australians Against the Sea
Angus and Robertson 
Sydney . 1949.
Hard cover, 302 pages, 22 black and white plates. 
Beautifully written and expertly researched, this book is ''a wave-to-wave description of surf lifesaving from its inception'' (to 1949) -Adrian Curlewis, in the Forward. 
An essential resource for this period, much of the text has been reproduced in subsequent works. 
Surfcaft are detailed in Chapter Three, Mountaineering in Boats, and Chapter Seven, Surfboards and Surf Skis
Special mention: The evolution of the surfboard, from old style "solid" to modern "hollow".
Maroubra board-men Bruce Devlin, Frank Adler, and Vince Mulcay.

Photograph 'The Sun', Sydney" , page 177. 

c 1948 
Mead, Stella:
Through the British Commonwealth- Australia and Tasmania.
Amex Company Ltd., Letchworth, Great Britain, circa 1948
Soft cover, 20 pages, colour and black and white illustrations, Map.
Junenile travel story, Part VI of a series that travels around the world via countries of the British Commonweath.
No surfriding content.
Cover and sketches by Eulalie.
There is apparently a later edition with a different illustrator, circa 1955.
"Muir 4910 suggests 1940s"

Melvell, Leinani Jones:
Dreams of Hawaii
Published by : Knight-Counihan Company, San Francisco, 1934.
First Edition, paperback.
Articles, photographs, and period advertisements, including people, buildings, plants & trees, and surfing.

Messenger, Lisa:
Learn to Surf Locality Guides- Australia.
Mesenger Publishing, [Sydney], 2010.
Soft cover, 284 pages, colour photographs.
A very basic instructional book, with an introduction by Layne Beachley and profiles of several prominent surfers.

Middleton, Ron and Figtree, Allen,S. :
The History of the growth of Surf Lifesaving Clubs on the Illawarra Coast of New South Wales and the Development and Official History.
Illawarra Branch of Surf Life Saving Clubs of Australia. 1962
Hard cover, 64 pages, 41 black and white photographs, Lists of Officials, Representatives, Competition Results and Awards.
Surfcraft limited to two photographs of boards (pages 17 and 46), one surfski (page 46) and several boats (pages ??). 
Highlight is the maps and companion aerial photographs on the flyleaves.
Also note : Circa 1913, the Thirroul "Club complained to Council of 'boards shooting waves in the surf' and wanted it stopped. 
Bulli Council fully agreed.", page Ten.
Cover detail, right

Miller, Fred and Berman, Phil :
Multi-hull Racing : The Hobie Cats
Haessner Publishing, Inc.
Newfoundland, N.J. 07435 1976.
Soft cover, 152 pages, 9 colour photographs, 58 black and white photographs, 27 tactical model photographs.
Although the focus is Hobie Cat race tactics and technique, it is included here for the excellent Chapter 1 : Origins of the Hobie Cat. 
Surfers had long observed that afternoon winds normally destroy optimal surfing conditions and, starting with Woody Brown in Hawaii circa 1950, began experimenting with surf-suitable catamarans. 
Encouraged by the successful performance of Phil Edwards' El Gato (1960), Hobie Alter produced the first Hobie Cat in 1968. 
A similar process would lead to the develpment of the Windsurfer in 1979.

Mission Australia :
Beyond the Green Room - History of Gold Coast Surfrider Clubs 1963 - 2001.
Mission Australia - Mission Employment
17 Griffith Street Coolangatta, Qld 4225
Soft cover, 192 pages, black and white photographs, illustrations and archival material.
A series of surfer and club profiles compiled as an employment program and funded by the Queensland State Government.
Most accounts are personal reminiscences in conjunction with archival material, mostly photographs. 
The introduction by Rabbit Batholomew puts the contributions in a broader historical context.
Of particular historical interest is the large selection of archival material and the profiles of Johnny Charlton (pages 7-8) and Joe Larkin (page 11).

In 2006 a similar book (in format, purpose and title) was published on the boardrider clubs of southern Sydney.
Hunt, James (editor): Beyond the Green Room - A History of Boardrider Clubs from Bondi to Garie (2006)

Moerenhout, J. A.:
Travels to the Islands of the Pacific Ocean.
Translated by Arthur R. Borden, Jr.
University Press of America Inc.
4720 Boston Way, Lanham, Maryland,  0706.
3 Henrietta Street, London,WC2E 2LU England, 1993.
Original French edition published 1837.
Soft cover, pages, black and white illustrations.

For extracts, see Source Documents:
J. A.Moerenhout :Surfriding in Tahiti.

Moore, Michael Scott:
Sweetness and Blood. 
Rodale Books
733 Third Avenue, New York, NY 100017, 2010.Translated by Arthur R. 
Hard cover, 328 pages, black and white illustration and photographs, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, Index .
Sub-titled "How surfing spread from Hawaii and California to the rest o the world, with some unexpected results", the book provides an interesting alternative perspective in discussing surfing locations on the perimeter of surfing culture.
Includes chapters on Indonesia, Germany, Morocco, United Kingdom, Israel and Gaza, Cuba, San Tome and Principe, and Japan.
While the sections detailing the surfing history of Hawaii and California may be essential for the general reader, they are somewhat extraneous for anyone familiar with the literature.

Moriarty, Jay and Gallagher, Chris:
The Ultimate Guide to Surfing
The Lyons Press, 123 West Street New york, new York 10011. 2001
Soft cover, 95 pages, 86 colour photographs, 5 colour sequences, Glossary.
Basic surfing how-to book with no outstanding fetures - the inclusion of "Ultimate" in the title a definite exaggeration.

Morrison, James, edited and annotated by Donald A.Maxton:
After the Bounty - A Sailor's Account of the Mutiny and Life in the South Seas.
Potamac books Inc.
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, Virginia 20166, 2010.
Hard cover, 253 pages, Glossary, Bibliography, Index.
Morison's important text is reproduced in book form.

See Source Documents:
1788 James Morrison : Surfriding in Tahiti
Extracted from Journal on HMS Bounty and at Tahiti, 1787-1792
Mitchell Library, Sydney.- A detailed account of surfriding in Tahiti.

Moser, Patrick:
Pacific Passages - An Anthology of Surf Writing.
University of Hawai'i Press
Honolulu, 2008.
Soft cover, 339 pages, Permissions, Notes, Bibliography.
Excellent compliation of four centuries of writing about surfriding.

Motil, Guy:
Falcon Guides
The Globe Pequot Press
PO Box 480, Guilford, Connecticut, 006437, 2007.
Hard cover, 229 pages extensive colour photographs, Glossary, Acknowledgemnets, Index.
Magnificently photographed and printed work with a variety of essays by several respected writers.
Unfortunately the boards are not presented in chronolgical order, thereby forgoing a basic presentation of the evolutionary development of surboard design.
As to be expected from an US publication, the coverage of the impact of Australian designers is rudimentary, largely using American models as illustrations.
Similar in presentation to Ben Marcus' The Surfboard and Drew Kampion's The Art of the Surfboard, both also published in 2007.

Muirhead, Desmond :
Surfing in Hawaii
Northland Press, Flagstaff, Arizona. 1962
Hard cover, 137 pages, 30 black and white photographs, 3 back and white photograph sequences, Appendicies.
Combination of How-to instructions and surf guide strongly based on the author's personal experiences. 
History in Chapters I and II, Board Design in Chapter VII. 
Most of the photographs are by Dr. Don James, and several feature Australian surfers - Dave Jackson (sic, Jackman) page 3, Midget Farrelly page 94, and Bob Pike page 103.
Australia is mentioned several times in the text and Appendix II is a guide to Australian surfing beaches contrbuted by Graham Henry of Harbord, however with many spelling errors, most probably in the transcription from handwritten notes. 
Appendix I is a guide to Californian surfing beaches.

Myers, K. (Editor):
 No Lives Lost : The History of the Freshwater Surf life Saving Club 1908 - 1983
Printed by A. Windsor and Son Pty Ltd, 4 James Street, Wateroo. 699 2829 1983
Hardcover, 122 pages, 99 black and white photographs, Lists of Officials, Representatives, Competition Results and Awards.
includes fascimilie of 
Forbes, Walter :
The History of the Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club 1908 - 1958
Publishing details unknown.
Pages 1 to 36 are the reproduced History by Walter Forbes, the latter portion comprising additional sections to expand and/or update the book to 1983.
Highlights include Walter Forbes: Surfboards, page 18 (Duke Kahanamoku) - note photograph sans board page 17; Alf Henderson: Boards, pages 56 - 58; and Alf Henderson: Canoes, page 85.
Scan is selected area of hardcover, dust jacket unseen.

Myhre, Ethelyn: 
Hawaiian Yesterdays
Alfred Knopf, New York, 1942.
Hardcover, dustjacket, 56 pages, profusely illustrated with full-page block prints by the author in Brown & White.

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