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Haddon, A.C. and Hornell, James: 
Canoes of Oceania.
Bernice P. Bishop Museum Special Publications 27, 28, and 29.
Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1975.
Soft cover, (Vol 1, 446 pages;  Vol 2, 342 pages; Vol 3, 88 pages), black and white illustrations, photographs, maps, Bibliographies.
Reprint of three Bernice P. Bishop Museum Special Publications, 1936, 1937, and 1938.

Note Hornell's quotation /translation of de Quiros, 1595.
1595 De Quiros : Marquesas.
Hornell, James: The Canoes of Polynesia, Fiji, and Mirconesia.
Bernice P. Bishop Museum Special Publication 27
Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1936.

Hall, Sandra  and  Ambrose, Greg :
Memories of Duke - The Legend Comes to Life
The Bess Press PO Box 22388 Honolulu, Hawaii 96823, 1995
Soft cover, 145 pages, 131 black and white photographs, Glossary, Index.
In-depth coverage of the many facets of Duke Kahanamoku's life story, including his Olympic career, film work in Hollywood and surfing around the world.
Australian surfing exploits pages 36 to 45 - also note photographs on pages 12 and 13.
Many of the images are found in a multitude of publications, though some are very rare.
The historical format is slightly jumbled and there seems too much reliance on the input of wife, Nardine, who he did not meet and marry till 1940.
Good, but still not the definite work on Duke Kahanamoku.

See also: 
Kahanamoku with Brennan: World of Surfing (1968)
Brennan: Duke (1968, 1974, 1994)

Hall,Sandra  :
Duke -  A Great Hawaiian
The Bess Press 3565 Harding Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96816, 2004.
Hard cover, 112 pages, 112 black and white photographs, Notes, Photo Credits, Further Reading, Index.
Expertly written chronological account of the major highlights of Duke Kahanamoku's life story, including his Olympic career, film work in Hollywood and surfing around the world. 
The author maintains a fine balance between historical detail and personal insights of contemporaries.
The first 30 pages outline Hawaiian history, Duke Kahanamoku's heritage and the resurgence of surfing. 
Australian surfing exploits pages 42 to 45.
Simple, but very effective, format of full page image (many previously unpublished) with paired with a page of text.
The beautiful design is complimented by the quality paper and binding.
Excellent, but still not the definite work on Duke Kahanamoku.
See also 
 Kahanamoku with Brennan: World of Surfing (1968) 
Brennan: Duke (1968) 
Hall and  Ambrose: Memories of Duke (1995) - above.

Hamilton, Bethany:
Soul Surfer - A True Story of Faith, Family and Fighting to Get Back on the Board.
With Sheryl Berk and Rick Bundschuh.
Pocket Books - MTV Books
A Division of Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, 2004.
Soft cover, 213 pages, colour plates.

Hamilton, Cheri and  Bundschuh, Rick:
Raising a Soul Surfer - One family's Epic Tale.
From Gospel Light, Ventura California U.S.A., 2011.
www.regalbooks.comA Division of Simon and Schuster
Hard cover, 282 pages, black and white plates.
"A shark attack is no match for God's plan and providence." - dustjacket.

Handy, E.S. Craighill; Emory, Kenneth P.; and others:
Ancient Hawaiian Civilization

Harkins, Philip:
Young Skin Diver
William Morrow and Company, New York, 1956.

Hard cover, 188 pages, black and white plates.
Juvenile novel relating how two young surfers, after near drowning suspend surfing, become enthusiastic skin-divers after their rescue by a staff member of California's Scripps Research Institute.
With the slightest touch of teenage romance, this early surfing novel was quickly drowned in the monstrous wave of Frederick Kohner's Gidget, published in 1957, followed by seven more Gidget novels, three films and a television series.
Without the drama of the near-fatal drowning, the book, to some extent, foretells the career of big wave surfer, Duke contest winner and oceanographer, Ricky Grigg.

Grigg, Ricky and Church, Ron : Surfer in Hawaii : A Guide to ... the Hawaiian Islands (1963)
Grigg, Ricky: Big Surf, Deep Dives and the Islands - My Life in The Ocean (1998).

Harris, Reg. S. 
Heroes of the Surf - The History of Manly Life Saving Club 1911-1961
Published by Manly Life Saving Club, NSW 
Printed by Publicity Press Ltd. 1961
Hard cover, 100 pages, 132 black and white photographs, extensive membership/results lists. 
Well written, extensively researched and comprehensive account of the Manly Club, with background dating back to 1880, this book is also a photograghic feast. 
Special mention:
1. Manly's Top Boardmen 1939-40, page Fifty-four -reproduced on Pods for Primates index page as Photograph #1.
2. The Birth of the Board, pages Fifty-two to Fitfty-six. 
3. Surfboats, pages Forty-three to Forty-nine.
4. (Queenscliff) Bombora, page Ninety. 
Now a significant historical record. 

Harvey, Richard :
A Surfing History of Queensland
- Gold Coast  The Sunshine Coast  Byron Bay
Olympic Productions and Publications Pty Ltd, Gold Coast Queensland. 1983
Soft Cover, pages, colour photographs, black and white photographs, numerous colour/two tone advertisements
A rich store of rare and interesting photographs accompanied by an informative but disjointed text.
A case of poor editing, the text jumps across time and geography without any recourse to headings or chapters, except for The Islands (Stradbroke) by Greg Curtis, page 78.

Hawke, Steve:
Chronicle Books
85 Second Street San Francisco, California 94105
Hard cover, 132 pages, colour and black/white photographs, Photograph Credits, Bibliography, Acknowledgments.

Hay, Harry.: Swimming and Surfing.
Jantzen (Australia) Ltd
Lidcome, Sydney, 1931.
Soft cover, 14 pages, black and white illustrations.
Remarkably concise and accurate swimming and surfing manual formulated from basic priniples.
The chapters on surf-shooting, detailing the technique for riding the solid wood finless boards of the period, are highly informative.
Harry Hay was an Olympic swimmer and later a recognised coach who competed in swimming races against Duke Paoa Kahanamoku and George Cunha during their Australian tour in 1914-1915.
He was instructed in the finer points of surfboard riding at by Duke at Freshwater,  the morning of Sunday 10th January 1915.
For extracts, see
1931 Harry Hay : Surf Board Riding and Surf Shooting.

A pdf. copy of this book was contributed, with thanks, by Henry Marfleet, January 2008.

Heimann, Jim (Editor) :
Surfing : Vintage Surfing Graphics
Taschen GmbH, Hohenzollerning 53, D-50672 Kohn. 2004
Soft cover, 193 pages, tri-lingual text, extensive photographs and images.
Short history introduction in English , German and French.
A collection of surfing or surf-related photographs, drawings, posters, advertisments, book and record covers from 1784 to 1986.
Some have been previously published  extensively, and a large number also appear in  Schiffer (1998) and/or Blackburn (2001).
There are no credits.
Highlights :
Page 25     Prone board, Hermosa Beach 1933
Pages 44-45  Paul W. Gartner : Hawaiian Water Sled is Easy Build
Page 58     Beach patrol brochure, ca. 1935. (Solid woods)
Despite the text reading "Under the competent and skilled direction of the Waikiki Beach Patrol", the image shows a smiling beachboy riding over the top of a beginner.
Page 78     Postcard Sydney (Solid wood)
Page 79     Postcard Australia (Solid wood, Palm Beach SLSC)
Page 87          ????
Page 161     Hawaii Pop Rock Festival Poster, 1967
Includes Micki Dora surfing photograph - Malibu?
Page 171 : Coppertone Advertisment, 1967
Features Sharon Tate, an unfortunate victim of Charles Manson.

Heller, Peter:

Kook: What Surfing Taught Me About Love, Life, and Catching the Perfect Wave
Simon & Schuster, USA, July 2010.
Paperback, 336 pages.

Unusual and interesting book by a experienced outdoors enthusiast (kayaking, hiking, climbing) who comes to surfing later in life in the mid 1980s (?).

Hellmrich, Dudley:

How To Swim - A Comprehensive Booklet on Swimming, Surfing and Natation Generally. 
Caxton Printing Works
583A George Street, Sydney, 1929.
For extracts see:
Dudley Hellmrich: "Origin of the Crawl", pages 11 to 15.
Owen E. Griffiths: "How to Shoot A Breaker", pages 230 and 231.

Hemmings, Fred 
Grossett and Dunlap, New York 
Surfing : Hawaii's Gift to the World of Sports 
Zokeisha Publications Ltd.
5-1-6 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106 
Hard cover (spiral bound), 200 pages, 62 colour photographs, 5 black and white photographs, 1 diagram, 1 weather map. 
Basic text; History, Waves, Boards, Basic skills, Competition, Illustrated Glossary; with high quality photographs (Steve Wilkins, Bernie Baker, Bob DeMello, Rus Calisch, Hawaiian State Archives).
Most photographs current 1976, and featuring Hawaii and a conspicuous number of Lightning Bolt Surfboards.
 Although many of the surfers are recognisable (Hakman, Reno, Rabbit) none are credited except Fred Hemmings, Ian Cairns and Margo Oberg and Lyn Boyer (3 times!). 

Special mention : board storage early 1900's, page 17.
Other photographic points of interest include Jim 'Wildman' Neece and Gun page 56, Apia Stinger page 73 and excellent Duke Kahanamoku reproductions pages 18 and 20.
In the illustrated glossary, entries for Kick out (page 116) and Prone out (page 117) indicate pre-legrope use, and no legropes or plugs appear in the photographs (exception : Lynn Boyer, page 87).
The glossary also notes "Hanging ten seem(sic) to be a fad manoeuvre whose time has come and gone." page 112.
The only photograph of Fred Hemmings' surfing is at Big Surf, Arizona, page 29.
Note: This book has a most unusual printing format, the pages have been punched and bound on a plastic clip inside a heavy board cover.
Eight lined pages are included at the back of the book (pages 121 to 128) for the reader's notes.

Collector's note : The differences between the two editions is minor..
1. Cover variation.
2. Slightly shorter.
3. Text adjustment to title page.
4. Pages 8-9 double page 'golden seascape' replaced with "Preface, by George R. Ariyoshi, Governor, State of Hawaii".
5. One photograph changed, page 100.

Heyerdahl, Thor:
Easter Island- The Mystery Solved
Souvenir Press, London, 1989.

Hard cover, 256 pages, black and white and colour photographs, maps and illustrations,  Bibliography, Picture Credits.
Following his several ocean crossings on rafts and a reed boat, Thor Heyerdahl re-examined the origins of the Islanders of Rapanui-Easter Island.
As his earlier theory, that Polynesia was setteled by trans-Pacific voyages from South America, was by this time largely discredited, Heyerdahl appears determined to substantiate some connection between Easter Island and the nearest mainland.
Unfortunately, the work is excuciatingly detailed, with every source is emphatically confirmed or rejected in support of his, often spurious, argument.

Hobbs, Carl:
The Beach Book - Science of the Shore
Columbia University Press, New York, 2012.
Soft cover, 192 pages, black and white photographs, maps and illustrations, Glossary, Bibliography, Index.
An  wide-ranging introduction to beach geography, with chapters on wind, tides and waves.

Hough-Snee, D. Z. and  Eastman, A. S. (editors):
The Critical Surf Studies Reader
Duke University Press, Durham, NC,2017,
Paperback, 480 pages,
One of several similar works from academia appearing in the early 21st century, I found this a difficult read, some passages almost indecipherable.
I am indebted to Ralf Buckley for his concise, erudite and refreshingly candid review of this work.
Buckley  notes that "Critical" in the title refers to Critical Theory, which aims to question power, domination, and the status quo, in order to change society as well as studying it; whereas he has argued that individual opportunities and choices for leisure and recreation, as well as attitudes to nature and the outdoors, are all embedded in human cultures.
Initially puzzled by the editors' claim that the work questions the appropriation of surfing studies within corporate university models, given it is published by Duke University Press; after listing numerous difficulties, Ralf Buckley concludes that the reader is left trying to discern messages amidst tangled pieces of tiny tortuous text.
Unfortunately, many of these messages, once we find them, seem to be rather obvious; (and) none of these observations seem particularly novel or noteworthy.

Ralf Buckley: Review of The Critical Surf Studies Reader.
Taylor and Francis Online, 8 November 2017

Works by contributors:
Walker, Isaiah Helekunihi: Waves of Resistance : Surfing and History in Twentieth-century Hawaiʻi (2011)

Stranger, Mark: Surfing Life: Surface, Substructure and the Commodification of the Sublime (2011)
Warren, Andrew and Gibbson, Chris: Surfing Places, Surfboard Makers (2014)

Also see:

Westwick, Peter and Neushul, Peter: The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing (2013)
Laderman, Scott: Empire in Waves - A Political History of Surfing (2014)

Holden, Phil :
All Action : Wind and Surf
Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 61 Western Rd, Hove
East Sussex BN3 1JD England
Hard cover, 48 pages, 43 colour photographs / sequences, colour map, glossary, index.
An unsatisfactory work that covers a large subject matter (surfing and windsurfing) in a rudimentary fashion.
Photography (by the author) is competent, however the windsurfing photos are dated even for 1991.
Allowing that it was published for the juvenile market, there are many similarly produced works that are significantly superior, e.g. Glyn Parry: Stoked (1994).

This copy, courtesy of Shoalhaven City Library.

Holmes, Paul:
Dale Velzy is Hawk.
Croul Family Foundation
3535 East Coast Highway, PMB 350, Corona del Mar, CA 92625, 2006. Hard cover, pages, extensive black and white and colour photographs, Index.
Excellent tribute to one of California's premier surfboard manufacturers.

Holmes, Paul:
Bing Surfboards.
Pintail Publishers
Laguna Beach, California, 2008.
Hard cover, 192 pages, extensive black and white and colour photographs.
An excellent tribute to the work of Bing Copeland, one of California's premier surfboard manufacturers, following on Holmes previous work on Dale Velzy, see above.

Holmes, Paul:
Hobie- Master of Water, Wind and Waves.
Croul Publications
426 31st Street Newport Beach, California, 2008.
Hard cover, 296 pages, extensive black and white and colour photographs,Index, Thanks and Acknowledgements.

Another excellent work on the most significant of California's top surfboard manufacturers, and in this case, much more.

Holmes, Tommy :
The Hawaiian Canoe - Second Edition
Editions Limited, PO Box 10558 Honolulu, Hawaii 96816.
First Edition 1981. Second Edition 1993. Second Printing 1996.
Hard cover, 220 pages, colour photographs, extensive black and white photographs, duo-tone plans, Glossary, Chapter Notes, Picture Credits, Index, Chapter Additions - Second Edition.
Highly detailed history of the Hawiian canoe that includes ancient exploration, archaeological research and detailed design plans.
There are only a few references to surfboards, but the information on native Hawaiian timbers and ancient woodworking techniques has significant  relevance. 
Chapter 11 : Surfing  details canoe surfing with some spectacular images. 
See Surf Extremis Incredibilus

Hopkins, James:
Gregory's Australian Guide to Sailing and Boating.
Gregory's Guides and Maps,
142 Clarence Street, Sydney,1963. 

Hard cover, 288 pages, black and white photographs, illustrations, and maps, Index.
Obscure, but useful.
Note surfing photograph, page 149, and plywood catamarans, pages 117-119.

Hornell, James:
Water Transport- Origins and Early Evolution.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge,1946. 
Hard cover, 307 pages, black and white illustrations, Literature Cited, Index, 45 pages of black and white plates, map.
For extracts, see:
1946 James Hornell : Water Transport.

Online at

Hoskins, Ian:
Sydney Harbour - A History.
UNSW Press, Sydney, 2009. 
Hard cover, 359 pages, black and white illustrations and photographs, colour plates, maps, Acknowledgements, Notes, Select Bibliography, Index.

For extracts, see:

2009 Ian Hoskins : Sydney Harbour.

Hunt, James (editor):
Beyond the Green Room - A History of Boardrider Clubs from Bondi to Garie
Christian Surfers Australia, 1 Darley Road Manly NSW 2095, 2006.
(02) 9977 6249
Surfing NSW, 'The Pavillion', Marine Parade, Maroubra Beach NSW 2035, 2006.
(02)9349 7055
Soft cover, 120 pages, black and white photographs, Acknowledgements.
A series of surfer and club profiles compiled and (apparently) funded by the Mission Australia, Christian Surfers Australia and Surfing NSW,. 
 Most accounts are personal reminiscences in conjunction with archival material, mostly photographs. 
Forwards by Rabbit Batholomew and Mark Occy Occhilupo.
The introductory notes on the NSW Surfriders Association and  the  Southside Surfriders Association places the contributions in a broader historical context. 
The earliest recorded club is South Bondi Surfboard Riders Club, circa 1947, with notes by Barrie Magoo McGuigan, Scott Dillon and Dennis Collette, pages 10 to 13.

Similar in format and purpose (not to mention the title) to:
 Mission Australia: Beyond the Green Room - History of Gold Coast Surfrider Clubs 1963 - 2001 (2001).

Huntsman, Leonie:
Sand in Our Souls - The Beach in Australian History
Melbourne University Press
PO Box 278, Carlton South, Victoria, 3053, Australia, 2001.
Soft cover, 251 pages, black and white photographs, Notes, Bibliography, Index. 
A dissappointing work that betrays its academic genesis and with a number of basic and inexcusable errors, for example "Surfing U.S.A., sung by Chuck Berry", page 97.

Hynd, Derek; Jarrat, Phil and Carroll, Nick :
Rip Curl 25th Anniversary
Rip Curl, 101 Geelong Road, Torquay, Vic. Australia 3228, 1994.
Soft cover, 96 pages, extensive colour photographs,27 b/w photographs.
Extravagant commemorative ‘brochure’ will detailed historical data (text and photographs), pages 4 to 39, pages 66 to 73 and pages 94 to 96.
The remainder of the book features current roster of sponsored surfers, snow, snow wear, surf wear and accessories.
Page 96 unaccredited photograph : Wayne Deane/Duranbar.
Simon Anderson rates contest listing (Rip Curl Pro Winner 1977 and in 1981 on his ground breaking Thruster design) and one 50mm x 50mm photograph.
Special mention : Nat Young cutback, Duke Kahanamoku Contest 1969, Sunset Beach, page 20.


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