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hsa : contest rules, 1966 

Hawaiian Surfing Association : Contest Rules, 1966.

  Hawaiian Surfing Association:
Contest Rules, 1965.

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Executive Committee
Proposal for 1966 Hawaii State Championship
Meeting January 10 and 17, 1966, John Kelly, pres., Ben Dizon, v. pres., James Iroijo, treas., and Tommy Taber, sec.,
drew up a proposal to the Jan. 20 meeting of HSA as follows:

I   Hawaii State JUNIOR DIVISION 1966 Championship Meet
Easter Vacation — April
Ala Moana Bowl at Magic Island Peninsula
Age Groups:   14 and under boys
14 and under girls
15 - 17 boys
15 - 17 girls

II   Hawaii State SENIOR DIVISION 1966 Championship Meet August
Ala Moana Bowl at Magic Island Peninsula or Yokohama
Age Groups:    18 - 29 men
18-29 women
30 and over men
30 and over women (depending onregistration)

Entry qualifications:   HSA Club membership
Scoring system:
A. Takeoff:   peak, shoulder, white water, cutback or reverse skeg.
(Consideration to bo given to straight slide takeoff, bottom turn, fade & cutback & stall.)
B. The Ride: use of wave, distance, cutbacks, tube, climb & drop, turns.
C. The Cutout: plain stop, 180 reverse cutout, kickout, Island pullout.
D. Style: walk up & walk back, switchfoot plain & functional, parallel stance, smoothness, head dip, riding backward, versatility, unique stances & grace.

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Each of the above four main categories — A to D — will be given a point spread, say 1 to 6 for Takeoff; 1 to 15 for Ride, etc.
Scoring will be cumulative during the ride.
Judge will call off points as ride progresses.
Points will be recorded by a score-keeper.
Judge keeps eyes on rider from takeoff to paddling out.
Scorekeeper does all recording on prepared sheets that will contain boxes for categories A to D.
The above system will greatly spread the final scores, helping to avoid tight score results.
It will take the guess work out of Judging.
Riders will earn points on specific skills displayed rather than on an indeterminate evaluation or estimate by judges of what constitutes a "good ride."
Panel of judges to be made of club members.
Judges to meet at least several times for training prior to meet.
Training to include movies to standardize evaluations.
Point system to be based on SUM of points awarded for elements in Takeoff, Ride, Cutout and Style, each category has a pre-set point spread.
One judge—one ride, then switch sheets.
One judge—one recorder, for each contestant.
Shoulder hopping in front of another rider if clear interference.
Paddling out inside buoys that mark riding area.
Other points:
Set limit on number of participants from each club that provides reasonable rather than maximum possible capacity for the site.
Clubs to conduct inter or intra club meets to select their given number of top surfers.
This contest to attempt to set model standards for surf meets.

Hawaiian Surfing Association:
Contest Rules, 1965.

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Geoff Cater (2015) : Hawaiian Surfing Association : Contest Rules, 1966.