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1915 Solid wood Alaia
Church Window, Gothic

1935 Tom Blake Hollow Paddle Board

Australian Racing 16, Cigar Box, Kook Box

1935 Redwood - Balsa Laminate Surfboard 11 ft

Swastika Model

1935 Redwood - Pine Chambered Surfboard

Wakiki Model

1935 Redwood - Pine Mitred and Laminated Prone Board

Toboggan Model

1935 Redwood or Pine Juvenile Board

1953 Styrofoam Surfboard

1935 Solarbo Balsa Boards

English prone boards

1954 Fibreglassed  Balsawood Surfboard

Design by Matt Kivlin

1956 Fibreglassed Malibu

1964 How Surboards are Made

Greg McDonagh

1965 Phil Edwards' Hobie Noserider

1970 Bob Cooper on Surfboard Magic

Subjectivity in surfboard design

1972 Solid Wood Board

Reproduction by Snow McAlister

1973 Duncan and Malcom Cambell's Bonzer

1974 Stinger by Ben Apia

1976 TinklerTail

1976 Terry Fitzgerald and Rod Ball Ski Tail

1976 Nat's Backhand Board

1976 Bob McTavish : Classic (Shortboard) Design

1976 Bob McTavish : Spoon Construction

1977 Fluted Diamond Tail Kneeboard

1978 Bob McTavish : Asymmetric Design

1981 Simon Anderson : Thruster

1981 Peter Townend : Bi-fin

1981 Terry Fiztgerald : Drifta III

Aloha Jeremy,
I got your new email address in the mailing list. Let me know if you do not get the Surf Blurb.
Thank you for your concern, I did get the Surf Blurb on Tuesday.
For some reason I did something that terminated my registration so reset it with the same email address.

As noted in my last email, since new year I have added a substantial number of accounts of surfing, of varying quality,  to my source documents menu.
l have pasted a full list of the menu links below.
I am aware that this is a considerable amount of material, so please examine at your leisure and use what you think maybe of most interest to Surf Blurbers.

Some of these are trivial, mostly the fiction.
I think that many of the entries that include illustrations or photographs have not been previous identified.
Personally, I consider the account of "surfboard" riding in the Solomon Islands by Sidney Shurcliff in 1930 to be important, further evidence that surf-riding was not confined to Polynesia.

Patrick Moser's latest article in the JPS:
Unfortunately, I do not have the facilities to read the article, however, my review of primary sources so far indicates that the story of surfing’s demise was largely perpetuated by a haole, Alexander Hume Ford.
His contention that his formation of Outrigger Canoe Club resurrected the art, regularly repeated in the pages of his Mid-Pacific Magazine, was retold by Blake and thereafter in every other book or article about surfing history.
Ford's status was probably first questioned in print by Matt Warshaw in 2010-
Given the evidence, there's no real way to make the case that surfing "vanished"- as later accounts would have it (page 37)

In respect of Missionary declamations against surfing:

Coan, Dr. T. M.: Pictures from Hawaii. in Raub, Albert N:The Normal Fifth Reader, Porter and Coates, Philadelphia, 1878.


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