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Scott Dillon (1929 - )
Home: Bondi, Sydney
Beach : Bondi, Sydney
Began surfing under his father's instruction on a solid timber board, Bondi Beach, 193?  Age ?
Dillon Snr. was a member of the Bondi Life Saving Club.
1st Board : Hollow timber board, bought used for three pounds.
(The new price was one pound per foot - a fourteen foot board costing fourteen pounds).
Big wave surfer, shaper, surfboard manufacturer, Museum curator.
Competitive boxer - three State Bantamweight titles and runner-up for Olympic selection at the 1952 Helinski Games.,
Speedway driver
Husband to Mitzy (46 years, passed away September 2000),

1. Ward - Dillon with Noel Ward, Shed, Wellington Lane Bondi
2. Rear shed, Hardware and General, cnr Pittwater Road and Winbourne Road Brookvale
3. 41 Winborne Road Brookvale (down ramp)
4. 39 Winborne Road Brookvale
Bombora Surfboards 1962 - 1965
Bulk order of stock 'pop out' boards - Bombora- for Kock and Kirby's, a chain store.
The work was done by young appentice shapers, for example??
3 - 4. Midget Farrelly, Nat Young, Bob McTavish,
Glen Ritchie (Model)  Bob Pike, Mick Dooley, Ron Wade, Bob 'Keno' Kennerson (spelling?), Gordon Merchant,

R.W. (Ron Wade)

Brian Ingham
3 / 18 Gaudrons Road Korora via Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Phone : 61 02 6653 6536   email : dafin @
John Blanch, Billy Urbany (USA), Chris Horne ,
Amoung the early manufacturers Scott Dillon was considered the master in big wave guns (closely
followed by Les Patterson at Dale Surfboards - Bob McTavish/Pods for Primates Part 1).
Consistent high standards of manufacture are evident in boards from all eras and the Scott Dillon
Surfboard Collection has many fine examples of professional restoration.
Many commentators have  noted the use of various fin designs and particually the quality of fin
Decal design  'developed' from O'Neill Surfboards/Wetsuits, Santa Barbara California.
Developed first Australian use of rice paper decals, circa 1959.
Experimented with factory neighbour, Jim Ilsaft? of Itmas Printing who was  producing books for the
religious market. The early results, using quaily Bible paper, encouraged the company to specialize in
surfboard decals under the brand Jim the Printer.The company went on to be a major supplier to the
industry well into the 1980's.
One of the Brookvale Six - Sydney manufacturers with national sales and reputation in the ten years 1962 to 1972.
da fin  - swim fin with control blades, somewhat related to Thruster fin, circa 1995. 
Catalogue Entries

1959   Scott Dillon
Malibu Pig 9ft 1" 
1966   Scott Dillon 
Diamond Tail    8ft 11"
1968   Scott Dillon 
Pintail Vee-bottom 8ft 3" 
1969   Scott Dillon 
Roundtail    7ft 10" 
1975 Scott Dillon
Stinger 6 ft 8" 

1. Pollard :  The Australian Surfrider
Photographs pages 26 (board and fin), 92. Text pages 29, 87.

2. Farrelly: This Surfing Life Photographs pages 108 - 109

3. Margan and Finney:  A Pictorial History of Surfing
Photographs, pages 164 balsa guns and Baba Louey, p 219 with Bob Evans and Bob Pike, p 242 Sunset Beach, p 269 Bare Island, p 280 Narrabeen

4. Young : The History of Surfing page 90.

Web Pages

Scott Dillon : Interview by Neil Armstrong
Australian Longboarding Magazine
Edition No. 5   Autumn 1999 Pages 20 - 35

From  Thoms :Surf Movies, above.
Bruce Brown : Surfing Hollow Days
Other Images

Caption Notes by Scott Dillon, Photograph : Possibly Peter Reddan, Jeff Andrew collection.
Australian Longboarding Magazine, November - December, 2005.
Number 42 Page 79.
"The year was 1956, when I was in partnership with Noel Ward.
These photos show the old Bondi Factory.
It was situated in the lane behind the church in Bondi Road, with the lane entrance in Wellington Street.
It was no more than a large garage and opposite the Boy Scouts shed in the lane.
We were only there about six-eight months when Noel decided to start making boats, so I moved over to Brookvale and rented a shed behind Hardward & General in Winboume Road.
"The guys from left to right are Jack 'Bluey' Mayes (deceased), Johnny Wheels' Williams (now living in Hawaii), Scott Dillon with hat (Coffs Harbour), Johnny Donovan, in sunglasses, Darryl Eastlakes, at rear, Andy Cochrane (now living in Hawaii), and Noel Ward in sun- glasses (deceased).
"The surfboards. ..the Skeleton board belonged to Darryl, both it and the Dragonboard were painted by my sister, Helen Evans, who lives at Cronulla and is a top marathon swimmer at 73... still competing at the moment in Fiji.
The surfboard with 'B.R.' (faintly visible on second board from the right), belonged to Barry Ross, who unfortunately died after falling off the cliffs at South Head coming back from a day of spearfishing.
"The balsa, seen in the rafters of the shed, was the first balsa brought into Australia by Arthur Milner.
The boards on display were coolite boards, glassed with epoxy resin and 16oz glass, with 50z cloth to finish with.
"It was in this shed that Noel Ward and myself manufactured the first roof racks in Australia that fitted in the gutters of cars.
We sold dozens until approached by an outlet to purchase several hundred racks.
We laughed at the offer and sold them several racks we had. We had never patented them and several months later someone else had them on the market ..we were young and stupid."
The guys who stole Scotty and Noel's roof-rack idea might have ended up wealthy, but it's hard to imagine they lived a life as rich and full as these Bondi surfers shared in the '50s and '60s.

Scott Dillon, VW, hollow toothpick and early Malibu board with number 59 on the fin.
Circa 1959.
Photograph courtesy  Scott Dillon Collection
Scott Dillon Surfboards Assymetric Hook Tail, circa 1964

Tail template, decals and 
multi-laminatedtimber tail block

Checkerboard Fin -
Reverse - Phil - Pixie
Photographs above printed in
Pollard: The Australian Surfrider a(1963) page 26.

First printed in Scott Dillon advertisement 
Surfabout Magazine Vol.1 No.5 page, circa 1963.

Photographs courtesy Scott Dillon Collection

Image left:
Sydney surfboard industry representatives donate 
surfboards to Australian 
servicemen in South Vietnam, 
July 1966.

Photograph courtesy of 
Dennis McDonagh.

From left to right...
Mr. Platt: Platts Boardshorts, first local surf-wear manufacturer.
Denny Keogh: Keyo Surfboards
Colonel P. Trancred: Australian Army.
Scott Dillon: Scott Dillon Surfboards
Bob Brewester: Manly Stor-a-Bord and Bower Boy Surf Wax.
Gordon Woods: Gordon Woods Surfboards
Denis McDonagh: McDonagh Surfboards
Bill Wallace: Wallace Surfboards
Barry Bennett: Barry Bennett Surfboards
Also see photograph: Australian War Memorial (SMT/66/01179/EC)
The photograph was circulated with the following press release:
SMT/66/179/EC                                                                                                                                         July 1966
Nearly $500 worth of surfboard equipment, given by seven manufacturers, was handed over to the Australian Army on behalf troops in South Vietnam, at Victoria Barracks, Paddington, on Wednesday, July 20.

The equipment was received by the Acting Chief of Staff (Colonel P. Tancred).
Pictured receiving the boards, Colonel Tancred thanks Denis McDonagh (McDonagh Bros Surf Boards Pty Ltd, Harbord Road, Brookvale) , on behalf of the manufacturers.

The manufacturers with their gifts from the left are,
Messrs Lance Platt (L. and J. Platt, Surfrider Board Shorts, of Foam Street, Harbord),
Danny Keogh (Keogh Surf Boards Pty Ltd., of Sydenham Road, Brookvale) ,
Scott Dillon (Scott Dillon Surf Board Pty Ltd, of Vlinbourne Road, Brookvale),
Bob Brewster (Manly Surf Shop and Stor-A-Bord, Pittwater Road, Manly),
Grodon Woods (Gordon Woods Surf Boards Pty Ltd, Harbord Road, Brookvale),
Bill Wallace (Wallace Surf Boards, Winbourne Road, Brookvale),
Barry Bennett (Barry Bennett Surf Boards pty Ltd, Harbord Road, Brookvale).

Text courtesy of Dennis McDonagh.

Ward and Dillon Surfboards
Shed, Wellington Lane, Bondi.

Image right : Adhesive foil decal, 1959 
Copied from O'Neill Surfboards, USA.
Contributed, with thanks by Mike Brown, Adelaide, 
January 2004.

Triple decals : Scott Dillon Custom Surfboards, circa 1964.
Point Surf Custom Model by Bob Pike, 1964.

Photographs: Sydney Surf Auction,

 Mona Vale  Hotel, Sydney, 30 October 2005
 Catalogue No. 186.
  Thanks to Mick Mock.

Red Scott Dillon Hot Dog Model 

Shaped by Mick Dooley, circa 1964.


Point Surf Custom Model by Bob Pike, circa 1964 .

Photograph : Sydney Surf Auction,

 Mona Vale  Hotel, Sydney,
30 October 2005 

 Catalogue No. 186. 
  Thanks to Mick Mock.

Point Surf Model

Port Noarlunga Aquatic Centre
Stencil for surf school and board hire at Port Noarlunga , South Australia.

Surfboards by Scott Dillon, 1964.
Thanks to Scott Andrews, Surf's Up At Gerringong, August 2005.  

Scott Dillon Surfboards
Custom shaped by Bob Kennerson, 1964.

Scott Dillon Surfboards
Designed by Glen Ritchie, 1964.

Scott Dillon Surfboards
Designed by Glen Ritchie, 1970.

Image, with thanks, by Dominic Mirenzi.

Scott Dillon x 4, 1968

Image, with thanks, by Chris Linden

Red Barron by GR (Glen Ritchie), 1966

Designed and Shaped by Ron Wade, 1966

Markings: R.W. (Ron Wade), 1966.

Right :
Stringerless round tail, circa 1968, 
circle deck patch.
Image, with thanks, by Chris Linden

Pop art orange script, blue tone shape,
circa 1967

Hand drawn decals, circa 1968.

Scott Dillon daisy and "bubble wings", deck.
Siamese Special, bottom.

 Images  thanks to Mick Mock, Surf Auction, November
 2011, #107.
Shaped by GR (Glen Ritchie), 8ft 9''.

Scott Dillon, circa 1971,
contributed by snazzy, April 2015.

Decal images forwarded by gerry.z, November 2013.
Dillon Surfboards,
Shaped by Chris Kerne, 1979.


Lairy Blair
Re-Entry Model, 1979.

(both adjusted)

Scott Dillon, "Babba" and balsa wood Elephant Guns, Long Reef.
circa 1963
Photograph courtesy  Scott Dillon Collection

Re-Enrtry Surfing Products, 1978.
Decal courtesy of Snazzy, March 2019.

Notes on the Scott Dillon

Scott Dillon: Sunset Beach, Haleiwa, Inside Makaha Point.
Volume 2 Number 6, 1966.

Scott Dillon Surfboards 
39 Winbourne Road, Brookvale.

Surfabout, Volume 3 Number 2, 1965-1966.

Dave Passenger, formerly of Dale Surfboards,
has now joined us to pass on his expert knowledge,
thus ensuring that the board you purchase will be
to your correct specification.

Scott Dillon Surfboards 
39 Winbourne Road Brookvale Sydney.  circa 1965
Photograph courtesy Scott Dillon Collection.

Scott Dillon and crew
advertising Baron Surfwear, 1968.

Surfing World
September 1968, Volume 11 Number 3 page.

Scott Dillon Museum / Scott Dillon Surfboards 
3 / 18 Gaudrons Road Korora via Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 Phone : 61 02 6653 6536 
dafin @ 
Contact : Scott Dillon 
Collection at February 1999 
All boards are in impeccable restored condition, except where noted. 
All classification and estimated dimensions are the editor’sHollow Paddle board, 16 ft varnished timber with metal tail hook, 1948. 
Hollow Paddle board, 16 ft 'Magpie board' with painted black and white stripes circa 1946, possibly ridden by Keith Hurst of North Bondi, an Australian Surfboard Champion. As seen in Margan and Finney page 190. This photograph is the basis for Dick van Straalen’s ‘Classic Waterman’ logo. 
Home made wooden handboard and home made wetsuit, circa 1950, in original condition. 
Scott Dillon Gun 10 ft 6” with large eagle logo, 1997 
Scott Dillon Malibu, foam with multi stringers and orange, white and black pigment design, circa 1964. A rarity (most multi stringer boards were glassed clear), the board was coloured to cover a fault in the glass cloth. The board appeared in a current Scott Dillon Surfboards advertisement, allowing Scott to fully restore the board to the original colours. 
Balsa Pig board, 8 ft 6” with small nose fin, circa 1958. Originally fully pigmented, restored as clear. 
Balsa Malibu board, 9 ft with thick foil timber fin, circa 1958. Originally fully pigmented, restored as clear. 
Hollow Malibu, 9 ft in varnished dark wood with painted ‘Scott Dillon’ script, circa 1957.
Hollow Malibu, 9 ft in varnished light wood circa 1957. 
Barry Bennett Surfboards belly board, 5 ft 8 “ with twin rounded keel fins, 1963. 
Shane Surfboards Tracker, 7 ft 6” with 3 colour laminate and pin lines, 1968. 
McCoy  Thruster, 6 ft 8” ? sprayed colour ? 1989 ? 
McCoy  Thruster, 7 ft 3” ? sprayed colour ? 1989 ? 
Scott Dillon Surfboards, Coffs Harbour, 7 ft 10” Pintail shaped by Billy Urbany with bottom sprayed tropical scene, 1976. 
Gordon Woods Surfboards Vee Bottom, 8 ft stringerless, clear in original condition.1967 
Scott Dillon Surfboards Coffs Harbour, 7 ft pintail shaped by John Blanch with rainbow spray on the deck, 1973. 
Gordon Woods Surfboards Malibu, 9 ft 6” foam with single stringer and off set cigar stripes, 1964. 

Nat Young’s “Nautilas / Cuttlefish / Folly”, 8 ft 6” with Greenough spoon like nose, foam centre and flex tail, manufactured at Gordon Woods Surfboards 1965. Extensive warping of the nose section, the board is in otherwise original condition. 

Photograph courtesy Scott Dillon Collection
Photograph by Alby Falzon. 
Reprinted in Carter, Jeff :
Surf Beaches of Australia’s East Coast 1968 

# 129 Nat Young/Gordon Woods
              Surfboards Cuttlefish, 1965

Scott Dillon has provided much of this information at one meeting in 1998
and over several subsequent meetings and phone calls - many thanks.

home catalogue history references appendix
Geoff Cater (2002-2021) : Catalogue : Manufacturer - Scott Dillon Surfboards.