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Tommy Walker
George Freeth
Duke Kahanamoku

Buster Crabbe

Kathy “Gidget” Kohner
Hobie Alter George Downing

Phil Edwards Bob Cooper Micki Dora
Joey Cabell Fred Hemmings
Midget Farrelly

Nat Young
George Greenough
Merv Larson
Bob McTavish
Robert Conneeley
Keith Paull
Peter Drouyn

Wayne Lynch



Mike Bennett

Bob Newland

Duke Kahanamoku
Tom Blake
(Wisconsin, USA) g.- 
Father of surfboard restoration 1927,
inventor/promoter of the hollow board 1930,
first fin use 1934, early book on surfing 1935,
first sailboard,
member of the Outrigger Canoe Club,

Isobel Letham
- first surfer in Australia (tandem) 1915,
Claude West, Isobel Lathem, 
Duke Kahanamoku and Lionel McDonald 
(Freshwater S.L.S.C. President)
 Freshwater Beach 1956.

Claude West
(Freshwater/Manly) -
student of Duke Kahanamoku,
subsequent Australian title holder
"Sprint" Walker

introduced (standup) surfriding to Victoria at Portsea in 1926.
The board he used may have been one several (4?) boards shaped by Duke Kahanamoku in 1915 and possibly donated to raise donations to the war effort. This board itself had four copies made while in Victoria.
Snowy McAllister
(Manly) -
student of Claude West,
solid and hollow board champion,
surf-ski rider/designer
Lou Morath
(Balmoral/Manly) -
team member to Pacific games, Honolulu 1939

Jack Mayes
hollow board expert, 
Bob Simmons
(USA) -
Father of the Modern Surfboard
See #101
Image, right
Bob Simmons, Malibu Point,  Summer 1947
Photograph : John Ewell Collection
Kampion : The Way of the Surfer, 2003 
Page 72

Micki Dora
Scott Dillon

Bob Pike
-big wave rider,
Hawaii, contest win Peru 1962

Dave Jackman
(Queescliff) -
big wave rider,
conqueror of Queenscliff Bombora,
moved to New Zealand 1968
Fred Hemmings
Midget Farrelly

Bob Evans
Although a noted surfer of his period, Bob Evans on-land contribution to Australia surfboard riding was extensive...
- Surfing photographer
- Promoter of board riding organizations, note particularly visits to Hawaii.
- Magazine Editor/Publisher - Surfing World Magazine (Australia's third surfing magazine) and still running.
- Film maker, a catalogue of approximately a dozen films.
- Contest director, particularly the 1964 World contest at Manly, NSW.
- Mentor to the surfing careers of many surfers, but especially Midget Farrelly, Nat Young and Peter Drouyn.
- Mentor to the journalist and/or film careers of may, including John Witzig, Paul Witzig and Alby Falzon.

Obscure Comment
There has been long reported connection between the naming of Surge (spelling?) Rock at Fairy Bower and Bob Evan's nick-name - "Serge" (again, spelling?).
The connection, apart from the spelling inconsistency and working out which came first, is further complicated by the fact that Surge Rock does actually "surge"

Bob Cooper
US surfer,
visited first 1963, 
major influence on local manufacturing and performance, 
immigrated 1968?, 
Cooper Surfboards Coffs Harbour 1970 -1980

Noosa, circa 1963  Photp/Cooper 

Nat Young
David Nuuhiwa
(Hawaii - USA)
Look closely at David Nuuhiwa's speed crouch, then look under- neath. That's right, he is in perfect trim with his surfboard upside down. Fin up, no wax, reverse rocker: Silly? Definitely. Dangerous? Could be. Easy? No way. Attention thrillseekers: Nuuhiwa is a trained, professional surfer: Please don't attempt this at your home break. 
Photo: LeRoy Grannis.
SURFER magazine
Volume 30 Number 10 page 34.

Bobby Brown
- style plus, died in 1967

Sandon Point, circa 1967 Photo / Eden

Rodney Sumpter
(Avalon) -
took modern surfing to UK / Europe 1965,
European champion 1965-70,
rode tidal bores 

John Witzig
- photographer/journalist/editor -
started as a journalist/photograher for Surfing World magazine,
later to become the editor ; founder of Surf International,Tracks and Sea Notes magazines.
 Paul Witzig

- filmmaker. began film work with Bruce Brown in Australia 1963 and contributed Australian footage  to The Endless Summer.
First feature A Day in the Life, re-edited for  Hot Generation, the first of a triology of high performance surfing films 1966 -1970. Evolution and Sea of Joy were followed by Rolling Home.
Bob McTavish
George Greenough
(Santa Barbara, California) - 
surfer/designer/photographer/filmmaker extrodinaire

Photograph by Tanya Binning
First published Surfing World Vol No 196
This cropped version from Margan and Finney , page 310

Russell Hughes
- classic lines from Queensland

Broken Head, circa 1965 Photo/

Robert 'Bonza' Conneely

Peter Drouyn
Wayne Lynch
The Fish
Lorne Victoria  g.-

Pollard, Jack (ed.) :
 Ampol’s Sporting Records page 607

Edward Livingstone Spencer
(Manly) -
Keith Paull

Pa (and Ma) Bendall
Well known late-starter surfing couple, they toured the coast 1965 - 1973.
Pa surfed Hawaii 1967-1968.
Their enthusiasm and Pa's black -eye patch were lengendary
(see Rabbit Batholomew, pages 45 - 46)
Pa Bendall died circa 1972-3.
Pa Bendall Memorial Contest early 1973, Caloundra, Queensland. Won by Richard Harvey.
(see Rabbit Batholomew, pages 88 - 89)
Pa Bendall Memorial Contest early 1975, Caloundra, Queensland. Won by MP?
Noted for the extreme behaviour of Keith Paull.
(see Rabbit Batholomew, pages 126 - 127)
Rob, January 2004, emailed a postcard (caption details edited above, image left) noted..In a surf chat forum recently I asked if anyone knew what happened to Pa Bendall.
I remember seeing him in Newcastle in the 70's at the Mattara Surf Contest, forerunner to the Mark Richards Pro held here each year.
The image stuck in my mind throughout the years with his eye patch & Commer Van with board racks down the driverside of the van.A bit of a legend at the time I couldn't find anything on the net about him, except a mention of the annual contest held in his honour  at surfing Australia
Thanks to Rob.
Pa Bendall and 
Woosley Surfboard
December 1967
Photo courtesy of Ma Bendall
Reproduced by 
Waterman Enterprises, Noosa.

Geoff McCoy
- shaper
Terry Fitzgerald
(Maroubra/North Narrabeen) - 
MP (Michael Petersen)
Peter Townsend
(Coolangatta) - ,
consistency with style, he consisently scored more 2nds than humanly possible 
Wayne  Batholomew
50%MP- 50%PT 
Ian Cairns
(Western Australia) - power from a power source 
Peter Crawford
(Dee Why Point)
- kneeboarder, photographer, 
Cheyne Horan
(Bondi)  -
Film : Scream in Blue 1982

Cheyne and McCoy Lazor Zap, circa 1981
Photograph by Terry Wilcox    Printed in ...
Nat's History 0f Surfing    Page 190

Mark Richards

Photograph by Peter Booskovic,
Printed in The Australian Surfers Journal
Vol 1 #  3 Winter 1998 page 44  -

#40p MR Twin fins, circa

Simon Anderson
(North Narrabeen) 
- last of the surfer/shapers, 
designer of the Thruster three fin 1979 - 1980

Image cropped from Ad The Original 3 Fin Thruster,
 in Surfing World Vol 30 # 2 1981

Tom Carroll
(Newport) g. -
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