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Fred Hemmings

In 1958 Fred Hemmings came third in the juniors at the Makaha International Surfing Championships, he won the junior event in 1961 and 1963 and the seniors in the following year.
His prodigious contest record includes wins at the 1964 Peruvian International, the 1966 Makaha International, and the 1968 World Championships in Puerto Rico.
He also competed in the Molokai to Oahu Canoe Race, crewing in Championship Teams in 1967, 1968, 1975, and the Masters in 1984.
As founder, with
Randy Rarick, of the International Surfing Professional Contest circuit (IPS, 1976-1983) he ushered in a new era of competition, eclipsing the under the direction of Fred

Hemmings was a strong advocate for women in professional surfing. In 1975 Hemmings founded the World Cup of Surfing championships with events for both men and women

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cultural and community sevice, public service, political office

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Realising early that he had neither the talent or temperament to shape surfboards, over the years in small-medium surf conditions Fred Hemmings rode custom boards from a number of experienced shapers.
However, for serious waves he relied
on Dick Brewer to supply high-quality guns from his Surfboards Hawaii factory.

1964 Makaha International Surfing Championships.
In 1964
Fred Hemmings was gifted one of Brewer's personal boards which he road to victory in that year's Makaha International Surfing Championships, after being photographed by Dr Don James on the morning of the contest.
Fred recalls that after the officials called for the contest area to be vacated, several times, he was the only one left on the break.
As Dr. Don James was paddling out with his camera to get in position for the first heat, Fred moved across to the bowl and took off on his Dick Brewer gun, rode all the way to the beach, and the officials started the contest.
He went on to win the final, his third Makaha victory after winning the
junior event in 1961 and 1963.

Fred Hemmings riding huge Makaha Point surf, circa 1964.
Photo: Dr Don James.
Margan-Finney, page 228, autographed Duke's Day, Freshwater Beach, 1st February, 2015.

Fred Hemmings rides a sold 12ft wave in the  final of the 1964 Makaha International Surfing Championships.

Here's how Fred won it.                                                                                                                          The wave crushed down, covering him with soup.
                  Driving hard off the Makaha point, Fred faced a steepening wall as he approached the bowl.                       Fred powered he way through to the green and victory.
Surfer, March 1965, Volume 6 Number 1, pages 68-69.

1965 World Contest, Peru.

Punta Rocas, 20-21 February.

Robert August, Joey Cabell and
Fred Hemmings (5th) going right.

Ken Adler and Hector Verlarde going left.

Competitors at the Waikiki Surf Club, Lima,
Fred Hemmings at right.


Photo: Fred Hemmings Collection.

1965 World Contest Semi-finalists: Fred Hemmings and Big Red, Paul Strauch,
Micky Munoz, Buffalo Keaulana,  Joey, Cabell, Felipe Pomar, George Downing, Midget Farrelly.

On the way
from Lima to Punta Rocas ,
's board is
somewhere in the
back of the truck.

Photographs by John Severson

Surfer,Volume 6 Number 2, March 1965
Colour image
courtesy of Fred Hemmings.

Big Red, at 11ft, was Fred's big wave gun.
haped by Dick Brewer it was based of a concave tailed gun he had shaped for Buzzy Trent.

Fred Hemmings riding Big  Red, Waimea Bay, 1965.
Fred Hemmings Collection.

1965 Duke Contest, Sunset Beach.


Duke Kahanamoku with 1965 Duke Contest Invitees.
Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 1965.

Left to right: Felipe Pomar, George Downing, Mike Doyle, and Fred Hemmings, Jr.

The contest was won by Jeff Hakman.

Duke Kahahamoku Surf Team 1965:
Paul Strauch, Joey Cabell, Fred Hemmings and

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Duke in yellow, Fred in blue.
Volume 7 Number 1, March1966.
The Duke Kahanamoku surfboards were less than a premium product, for this shot Fred recalls that he had his current shaper add the Duke decal to his board.

1968 World Contest, Puerto Rico.
5-14 November, 1968.

Fred Hemmings
Men's World Surfing Champion, 1968.

Centre Fold Out Poster
Surfing March 1984 Volume 20 Number 3.

, Puerto Rico?

Fred Hemmings surfing in the final, Rincon, Puerto Rico.
Photograph: Singletary

In the two years since the last world contest, there had been radical changes in surfboard design.
While Hemmings' Greg Noll Surfboard, shaped by Ben Apia, was one of the longer boards ridden by the finalists at 8ft 4", it was more than a foot shorter than boards of the previous winter; the shortest board ridden by Reno Abellira, shaped by Dick Brewer at 6ft 7" x 18.75" x 2.6".

1969 Big Surf, Arizona.
Fred Hemmings, as the current world champion, was invited to surf at the newly constructed Big Surf at
Tempe, Arizona.
Designed by
Phil Dexter, it was the first artificial wave pool in the US.

The photograph right shows Fred cutting back at Big Surf, with the unusual plastic binding used on the two editions of his first book, Surfing/Hawaii's Gift to the World of Sports in 1977.

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Kelly Slater Wave Company

Surf-Jet Surfboards: Design 1
At the end of the 1960s, the Hartford Huntington company ventured into surfboard manufacture under the Surf-Jet label, producing the Fred Hemmings' Design 1, shown right.
Fred Hemmings Collection

Accompanying a magazine article, the title, Surfing is Reality, reflected his disapproval that surfing culture was embracing the emerging drug culture, initially with the widespread use of cannabis and LSD.
His views were in stark opposition to the many of his contemporaries and the promotion of illicit drug use in surfing magazines and films.
In Australia, his opinion was shared by Midget Farrelly who wrote a similar article at the time, and was known to sack employees found to be imbibing while at work.

International Professional Surfers

Fred Hemmings and Peter Townsend,
1976 IPS Champion.

In late 1976,
Fred Hemmings announced formation of the International Professional Surfers circuit, with a professional world title to be awarded on points accumulated from rated-contests over the next year, 1977.
Backdating the results from the current year, Peter Townend was declared the first IPS Champion.

celebrate his victory, Peter Townsend and Fred Hemmings were photographed at Waikiki with a trophy borrowed from the Outrigger Canoe Club.
Fred Hemmings and Margo Oberg,
winner of the 1976 Lancer's Cup, Hawaii.

Contest Record: International events, 1958-1969. (provided by Fred Hemmings 20 April 2001)
1958  Makaha International Surfing Championships- Jr. men 3rd. place
1961  Makaha International Surfing Championships-  Jr. men 1st. place
1963  Makaha International Surfing Championships-  Jr. men 1st. place
1964 Makaha International Surfing Championships- Senior men 1st. place
1964 Peruvian International Championships, Lima, Peru  1st. place
1965 Makaha International Surfing Championships
1965  World Surfing Championships   PERU   5th. place
1966 Makaha International Surfing Championships    1st. place
1967 Makaha International Surfing Championships   2nd. Place
1967 Duke Kahanamoku Surfing Classic   3rd. place
1967 Peruvian International Championships   2nd. place
1968 Makaha International Surfing Championships   2nd. place
1968 WORLD SURFING CHAMPIONSHIPS, Puerto Rico   1st. place 
1969 Peruvian International Championships    2nd. place
1969 Duke Kahanamoku Surfing Classic- 1st. professional contest,  5th. Place
1969 Makaha International Surfing Championships   2nd. place
1969 Haleiwa Sea Spree    1st. place


Fred Hemmings: 
Surfing/Hawaii's Gift to the World of Sports
Grossett and Dunlap, New York, 1977.


Fred Hemmings:
Surfing: Hawaii's Gift to the World of Sports
Zokeisha Publications Ltd.
5-1-6 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106, 1977.
Basically the same book, minor variations.
Cover: Gerry Lopez

Fred Hemmings:
The Soul of Surfing
Sports Enterprises, 1997.
Sports Enterprises, Inc. Maunawili, Hawaii, 1997
Hard Cover and paperback.
Da Capo Press, Incorporated. Paperback

Thunder's Mouth Press, 1999.
Introduction by Paul Holmes
Four editions published between 1997 and 1999,
 in Japanese and English.

Fred Hemmings:
Local Boy: A Memoir
Legacy Isle Publishing, an imprint of Watermark Publishing, 2017.

Fred Hemmings and Randy Rarrick: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Surfing, HIP Publications. 1977.
Published by a Japanese magazine,in Japanese and English. 

Fred Hemmings
(Full resume emailed July 2003)
Born: January 9,1946  Honolulu, Hawaii
Sports Enterprises Inc.

Owner-marketing/communications/consulting, 1970-present
Fred Hemmings Keynote Speaker
Boards and Commissions:
Governor's Millennium Commission, Hawaii 2000
Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation
Trustee, 1990-1991
Denver Broncos - National Football League Board of Directors, 1984- present
Children's Advocacy Director, 1991
International Professional Surfing co-founder and President,  1976-1983
United States Surfing Federation
Honorary Director - Life  1987
Triple Crown of Surfing
Founder and Producer, 1983-1988
Association of Surfing Professionals
Life Director,  1985
Hui Nalu O'Hawaii Board of Directors, 1976-1979
Boys Club of Honolulu Board of Directors, 1976-1979
Outrigger Canoe Club Board of Directors, 1972-1973, 1975-1976

Awards and Honors:

Waterman of the Year 2002, Surf Industry and Manufacturer's Association
List of Hawaii's 50 best athletes of the 20th. Century, Sports Illustrated-2000
Hawaii Sports  Hall of Fame, 1999
Punahou School Athletic Hall of Fame, 1994
International Surfing Hall of Fame,  1991
Small Business Hawaii Top Legislator ranking,  1985-1990,  2000-2003
Honolulu Junior Chamber of Commerce Top Ten Businessmen's Award, 1969
Duke Kahanamoku Sportsman Award, 1969
Goodwill Tours with Duke Kahanamoku State of Hawaii, 1966-1967


Senator State of Hawaii, 2000-2006
Senate Republican leader, 2003-2004
Gubernatorial Candidate (R) State of Hawaii, 1990
House of Representatives State of Hawaii,1984-1990
Republican Floor Leader House of Representatives 1989-1990
Oahu County Chairman Republican Party of Hawaii, 1975-1976
Journalism - Books:
Surfing, Hawaii's Gift to the World, 1977
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Surfing, with 
Randy Rarrick, 1977
The Soul of Surfing is Hawaiian, 1997
Honolulu Magazine Contributing Editor (politics), 1991-1992
Honolulu Star Bulletin Weekly  Columnist, 1966
Talent, KGU Radio Advertising & Radio talk show host,  1991-1992

National Broadcasting Company
Sports World- commentator, 1979-1983
American Broadcasting System Wide World of Sports-commentator, 1970-1975, 1978
Columbia Broadcasting System Sports Spectacular-commentator, 1976-1977
Hawaii Sports Scene KITV producer/host, 1972
Clairol Incorporated- "Big Surf" Consultant/test pilot- first artificial wave machine, 1969

National Television Commercials:
United Airlines, 1966

Kellogg's Cereal, 1967
Eastman Kodak Co. (Europe) French Commercial 1970

World Surfing Champion
Rincon, Puerto Rico 1968
Peruvian International Surfing Champion Lima, Peru 1964
Makaha International Surfing Champion Junior Division- 1962, 1963; Senior Division- 1964, 1966 
Molokai to Oahu Canoe Race Championship Teams 1967, 1968, 1975, Masters 1984
National Super Stars Competition-Veterans, Rotunda, Florida 1976
Honolulu Quarterback Club Athlete of the Year 1964

- Many thanks to Fred Hemmings.

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