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The International Monthly Magazine of Literature, Science and Art.
Volume IV, August to December, 1851
Stringer and Townsend, New York.

In a book review, titled  "The Sandwich Islands Today," extracts from Rev. Henry T. Cheever's
Life in the Sandwich Islands (1851) included the book's surf riding text and illustration, pages 298-299.
It was the first time a surfing illustration was published in a magazine.
The surf riding passages are preceded by:

"The work abounds with interesting details of Island Life, and we regret that our limitations will not let us enrich the International with more liberal extracts.
We can at present add but the following patragraphs on a sport for which the islanders have been celebrated since the days of Cook:" 

See Source Documents
1851 Rev. Henry Cheever : Surfriding at Lahaina.

Harper's New Monthly Magazine,
Harper and Brothers, New York
August 1873. Number 279.

See Source Documents
1873 Charles Nordhoff : Surfriding at Hilo.

The Fireside Monthly
Volume 1 Number August 1878.

Excepts reprinted from Mark Twain's Roughing It, including the account of surfing at Waikiki and the illustrations.

See Source Documents
1872 Mark Twain : Roughing It.

The Royal Hawaiian Military Band.
[Promotional Booklet]
The Continental Printing and Publishing Co. [December] 1895.
Unpaginated, four page booklet , 27x20 cm (10¾x8").
Includes black and white photographs of the Royal Hawaiian Military Bandand and the Hawaiian Glee Club.

Offered by auction by PBA Galleries, 04/11/2013, viewed 9 July 2013.

The seller noted:
"A rare item, promoting the Royal Hawaiian Band's American tour in 1895, listing on page 4, various press clippings from newspapers around the Continental United States, all dated 1895, praising the Band's performances at their respective cities. 
Cities performed at including Kansas City, San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles. 
Includes a history of the Band and the Glee Club, plus the program of entertainment by them both. 
The booklet ends with the notice that they are performing at Wagner's Opera House, Loraine, Ohio, Monday Evening, Dec. 16, [1895]. 
No copies of this item located by OCLC / Worldcat."

The tour of 1895 included swimming, diving and, on the coast, surf riding exhibitions by band members.
The popularity of Hawai'ian music was furthered in 1895 with the publication of Charles E. King's collection of indigenous hula melodies, King's Book Of Hawaiian Melodies.

The Hawaiian Islands- The Paradise of the Pacific
Hawaiian Series No. 1 - Travel series No. 21
Anonymous: Reproductions of Photographs.
Belford, Middlebrook, Chicago, [1898].
Frontispiece is photo of Sanford B. Dole former president of the Hawaiian Republic.
Most of the photos with information are about 8x10, and include a surf scene showing outrigger canoes.

The Wide World Magazine
October 1900- March 1901.
International News Company,
New York, 1901.

The Wide World Magazine : Hawaii. 

Paradise of the Pacific.
PO Box 789,
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, February 1904.
Volume 17 Number 2.


1904 Paradise of the Pacific : Surf Riding, Waikiki.
Hathi Trust

Paradise of the Pacific.
PO Box 789,
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, March 1905.
Volume 18 Number 3.
Elinor  A. Langton: Give Tourists More Variety, pages 15-17.

Elinor  A. Langton
: Surf Riding Tourism.

Hathi Trust

The Red Funnel
27 Rattay Street, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Volume V, Number 1, August 1907.
See Source Documents
Phil Harris :Surf-Bathing in NSW.

Honolulu Home Hotels.
Territorial Transportation Committee,
A one sheet brochure, 24" x 11", with 6 panels, printed on both sides.
With 12 b&w illustrations, two maps, and the Hawaiian National Song of Greeting and Farewell, Aloha Oe, by H. M. Queen Liliuokalani.

The main hotels are listed, including the Seaside Hotel where the open dining lanai, or circular piazza., overlooks the surf where boys and men of all shades come in standing upon the famous surf boards of Hawaii.

Surf Board

At Waikiki Beach.
Native grass houses, outrigger canoes, etc.
Saturday and Sunday afternoons best occasions for witnessing these old Hawaiian water sports.

National Geographic Magazine
April 1908 Vol. XIX No. 4. 

See History: Surfing Images : 1890 to 1910.

Gr. Noetzel: "Winter Sport in Hawaii."
Advertisement for Bureau of Information, 
Hawaii Promotion Committee, 
Honolulu, Hawaii, page 309.

The Red Funnel.
27 Rattay Street, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Volume VI, Number 3, April 1908.
Contains an article by C.D.P., Sun-Baking, Surf-Bathing, and Camp Life in New South Wales (pages 268 to 271),with four photograhs detailing early 20th century Australian beach culture.
The author, although only identified by initials, is possibly Charles D. Paterson, a meber of the Manly Surf Bathers Club and said to have imported a surfboard from Hawaii circa 1908-1912.

See Source Documents
C.D.P. : Sun-Baking, Surf-Bathing, and Camp Life in NSW.

The Red Funnel
27 Rattay Street, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Volume VI, Number 5, June 1908
Contains an article by Alexander Hume Ford, Australia Through American Eyes (pages 466 to 470), with two photographs detailing early 20th century Australian beach culture in Sydney.
Alexander Hume Ford was an enthusiastic promoter of surfriding and is best known as the instigator of the Outrigger Canoe Club at Waikiki in 1908, probably on his return from Australia.
The object of the club was to revive the canoe and board surfriding as practised in ancient Hawaii.
He wrote more than half a dozen articles on surfriding between 1908 and 1926, mostly published in Hawaiian, but some mainland US, magazines.

See Source Documents
Alexander Hume Ford :  Beach Culture in Sydney, Australia.

St. Nicholas
IllustratedMagazine for Boys and Girls.
The Century Co., Union Square, NewYork.
Vaction Number, August 1908.
Contains an article by Alexander Hume Ford, A Boy's Paradise in the Pacific  (pages 876  to 881), with many photographs.
See Source Documents
Alexander Hume Ford :  A Boy's Paradise in the Pacific.

P. F. Collier, New York, August 14, 1909.
Volume 43 Number 21.

Alexander Hume Ford : Riding the Surf in Hawaii.

Hathi Trust

The Mid-Pacific Magazine
Volume 1, Number 1.
Published by Alexander Hume Ford, 
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, January,1911.
This first issue of The Mid-Pacific Magazine was subtitled the "Surfing and Coastal Number" and featured as the leading article "Riding the Surfboard", accredited to Duke Paoa (Kahanamoku) and with an extensive selection of photographs.

See Source Documents:
1911 Duke Kahanamoku : Riding the Surfboard.

It also featured an article on skiing in Australia that made brief mention of surfboard riding at Manly in Sydney.

See Source Documents:
1911 Percy Hunter : July Skiing in Australia.

Keppler & Schwarzmann, Puck Building, .N.Y., June 7. 1911

Cover illustration:
Leon V. Solon: The Maid of the Summer Surf.

The Mid-Pacific Magazine
Volume 2, Number 1.
Published by Alexander Hume Ford, 
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, July,1911.

See Source Documents:
1911 William Contrell : The Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Club.

Australian Country Life.
Volume 7, Number 6
Sydney, N.S.W., December 15, 1911.
Marvellous Manly : The Alluring Village of the Pacific Ocean.
An extensive overview Manly promoting it as both seaside resort and residential suburb of Sydney.
The growth and attractiveness of surfbathing takes precedent:
" the one thing above all else that has won fame and glory for Manly ... its unequalled natural facilities for surf-bathing." - page 7.
Appart from the Manly Swimming Club, located on the harbour side, note that in 1911 four separate organisations were competing for official recognition as surf lifesaving clubs over a stretch of ocean beach hardly more than 1000 metres.

See Source Documents
Australian Country Life : Marvellous Manly.

The South Seas: Sydney Short Line, Australia Samoa-Hawaii
Oceanic Steamship Company
2 Pine Street, San Francisco, California, 1912
Fold out travel brochure advertising steamship services across the South Pacific; including Hawaii, Samoa and Australia.
Illustrations include women of Samoa; Port Jackson harbour, surfing in Hawaii (by N. G. Coutts), ship side in San Francisco and a map.

The Mid-Pacific Magazine
Published by Alexander Hume Ford, 
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii,
Volume 3, Number 5, May,1912.
A brief description of outrigger canoe construction and some notes on canoe surfing and sailing. 

See Source Documents:
1912 Francis Campbell Carter : Building an Outrigger Canoe.

Sunset- The Pacific Monthly.
Southern Pacific Railroad, San Francisco, June 1912.
Editor: Charles K. Field, 
Colour cover illustration by Randal Borough: A Summer Surf-boarder.
No surfing content.

The Mid-Pacific Magazine
Published by Alexander Hume Ford, 
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii,
Volume 4, Number 3, September,1912.
Surfboard riding cover, no surfing content.

The Mid-Pacific Magazine
Published by Alexander Hume Ford, 
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii,
Volume 4, Number 6, December,1912, unpaginated.
An selection of photographs from various Pacific locations, the majority focusing on Hawaii.

1911 Mid-Pacific Magazine : Photographs.

Aloha from Honolulu.
The Island Curio Company, Honolulu, T. H.
Subtitled Views of Honolulu, a selection of black and white images from the Hawaiian islands circa 1912.

For extracts see Source Documents:
1912 The Island Curio Co.: Aloha from Honolulu.

The Queenslander - Christmas Edition
7 December 1912.

Brisbane Courier, Queensland.

Page ?
N.S.W. - Australia's Tourist State.

Delightful Holiday Grounds for Every Season
... Surf bathing on Sydney's Beaches- with two photographs, one definitely Manly Beach.

See: Postcard mailed 1918 at Postcards

State Library of Queensland
The Queenslander was the weekly summary and literary edition of the 'Brisbane Courier' (now The Courier-Mail), since the 1850s the leading journal in the colony later federal state of Queensland.
The Queenslander was launched by the Brisbane Newspaper Company in 1866 and it was discontinued in 1939.

Lippincott's Monthly Magazine: A Popular Journal of General Literature
J.B. Lippincott and Co., Philadelphia, July-December 1912.
Volume 90
, pages 233-234. .


Rather than an introduction to bathing technique, as implied by the title, Spaeth presents a humorous guide to surf-side "courting" from both a male and female perspective.
1912 Sigmund Spaeth:
First Lessons in Surf Bathing


Wide World Magazine
November 1912.
Shepstone, H. J.: The Surf-Board Riders of Hawaii.

pages 29 to 35.

The New York Herald
22nd december 1912
Cover Illustration:
Fair bathers brave icy surf, while watchers shiver in furs.
A winter Sunday at Brighton Beach.

At this time, the daring of surf-bathing was a popular attraction for interested spectators.

The Aloha Guide: The Standard Handbook of Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands .
Schnack, Ferdinand John Henry:
Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1915.

1915 Ferdinand Schnack: The Aloha Guide.

The Mid-Pacific Magazine
Published by Alexander Hume Ford, 
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii,
Volume 9, Number 1, January,1915.
Surfing cover only, reprising the cover image of Volume 4, Number 6, December,1912 (above).

The Mid-Pacific Magazine
Published by Alexander Hume Ford, 
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii,
Volume 9, Number 4, April,1915.

Some surf-riding photographs in addition to  by Lorrin P. Thurston article, with photographs.


1915 Lorrin P. Thurston : Surf-Board Riding in Hawaii.

The Moving Picture World
Volume 25 Number 4, July 24, 1915, page 649
Hathi Trust

Riding on surfboard, Oakland, California, 1915

HEARST-SELIG NEWS PICTORIAL, NO. 54, 1915 (Selig), July 8.—

The following items make up the number: Models of warships at the Panama-Pacific Exposition; Mystic Shriners parade, Brooklyn; dumping confiscated firearms Into Lake Michigan; Atlantic City Baby Carnival; Lucile fashions; Battery F. New York National Guards, at practice; women carpenters, Chicago; riding on surfboard, Oakland, Cal.; woman ambulance surgeon, New York; Serbian war pictures.

The Mid-Pacific Magazine.
Alexander Hume Ford, Honolulu, T. H.
Printed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
Volume XII, Number 2, August 1916.
Contains an article on Hawaiian surfriding, "The Sport of Princes" by L. W. de Vis-Norton, pages 146 to 152.
Accompanied by three black and white illustrations (two surfriding, one outrigger canoe) and three black and white photographs.
One photograph is of the relocated grass huts at the Outrigger Canoe Club, Waikiki, circa 1911, which had been replaced by 1916.
One of the surfriding photographs, page 151, shows tandem riders.

The Modern Priscilla
Home - Needlework and ... Housekeeping
August 1917
Cover: Girl on Aquaplane

The Mentor: Hawaii
E.M. Newman: Hawaiian Islands
Department of Travel
The Mentor Association
222 Fourth Avenue, New York City.
Volume 5 Number 14
Serial No. 138, 1 September 1917.
One Waikiki beach panorama and one surfriding photograph, page 1.
Surfriding at Waikiki text, page 5.

1919 E.M. Newman: Surfriding at Waikiki.

The Mid-Pacific Magazine
Published by Alexander Hume Ford,
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii,

Volume 15, Number 3, March 1918.
Although published here in 1918, the article was written several years earlier, certainly before Duke visited Australia in 1914-1915.
1918 Snowy Baker :
The Sport With a Thrill

Paradise of the Pacific Magazine,
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii,
December 1918.

Page 61:
Home gardens on the beach at Waikiki, from  a painting by F.F. Stafford
-  Paradise Colourplate

The Mid-Pacific Magazine,
Alexander Hume Ford,
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii,
Volume 17, Number 4, May 1919.
Boy Life in Old Hawaii , the reminiscences of life in the 1830s by Sereno Edwards Bishop.

First published in
Bishop, Sereno Edwards:
Reminiscences of Old Hawaii
with a Brief Biography By Lorrin A. Thurston.
Advertiser Historical Series no. 1
Hawiian Gazette Co., Ltd., 1916.

1916 Sereno Edwards Bishop : Surf Riding at Kailua.


National Geographic Magazine
August 1919 Volume XXXVI Number Two.
The Geography of Games
Surfriding photograph at Waikiki by A. R. Gurrey, page 98.
Walking a tightrope stretched on top a speeding express train might afford some exhilaration of Hawaii's distinctive sport.
Here, again, geography molded the national pastime; for the conformation of the ocean bed along the island coast creates the swells that make this sport popular.
The picture illustrates only one position of the native rider, who lies prone, sits, and even stands on his head on his super-canoe."

The Mid-Pacific Magazine 
Published by Alexander Hume Ford,
Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, 
Volume 18, Number 4, October,1919.

1911 Mid-Pacific Magazine : Photographs.

In the Track of the Sun
Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company
, London, [1920].
Publication date of 1920 from the single copy located in OCLC, held at the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven.
Colour centrefold: "Surf-riding on the South African Coast."
Port Elizabeth entry states that "Surfing at Humewood is also very popular."
Credited artwork by "C.E. Turner" (1883 - 1965) a Liverpool artist known for demonstrating his first-hand experience of combat naval action and other maritime works.
Not in De La Vega's bibliography "200 Years of Surfing Literature".
Also see:
1930  A.V.N. Jones : Surfing Jigsaws.

Surf-riding on the South African Coast.
By permission of The Sketch and the High Commissioner for the Union of South Africa, London.

Maclean, Meta: Sunny Southport by the Silver Sea
waltz song [music cover]
J. Sullivan. Southport, Qld. : M. J. Sullivan, [1920?]

The Sailors' Magazine and Seamen's Friend.
 American Seamen's Friend Society, New York.
Volume 92 Number 1, January 1920.
Hathi Trust

Wm. C. Allen : The Little Folks of Honolulu

The Journal of Polynesian Society
Volume XXX Number 1. 
No. 117, March 1921.
New Plymouth, New Zealand.
Printed for the Society by Thomas Avery.
Notes and Queries, page 50.
Note 305. The use of the Surf Board in New Zealand.

See Source Documents
1921 S. Percy Smith: Surfriding in New Zealand.


Sea, Land and Air.
The Australian National Monthly of Topical Interest.
Official Journal of the Australian Aero Club.
The Wireless Institutes of Australia and New Zealand.
The Mercantile Marine War Service Association of Australasia.
Edited by S. E.Tatham.
The Wireless Press, 97 Clarence Street, Sydney, September 1,1921.
Includes article:
Hill, E. J.:"Freedom of the Seas".
The Story of Surfing and Mixed Bathing.
Some Historical Facts.
pages 412 to 415.

For extract, see Source Documents
1921 E. J. Hill: The Story of Surfing and Mixed Bathing.

Daytona- The Prettiest Resort in the World.
Daytona Chamber of Commerce, Daytona, Florida.
No date. Ca. 1922.
Images and information about homes, schools, and other relevant facts about Daytona.
Temperatures listed through 1921.
Cover illustration: a woman surfing.

Raymond-Whitcomb Tours: California-Hawaiian Islands. Winter & Spring 1922 - 1923.
The Taylor Press,, Boston, 1922.
USA-  New Orleans, The Southwest, Grand Canyon, Apache Trail, Yosemite, San Francisco, Southern California, Colorado.
Hawaii- Honolulu Kauai, Oahu, The Volcano Kilauea.

January 1923.

The Journal of Polynesian Society
Volume XXXII Number 1. 
No. 125, March 1923, pages 35 to 37.
New Plymouth, New Zealand.
Printed for the Society by Thomas Avery.
See Source Documents
1923 W.H. Skinner : Surf-riding by Canoe, 1884.


The Mid-Pacific Magazine.
Alexander Hume Ford, Honolulu, T. H.
Printed by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
Volume XXV, Number V, 1923.
Contains coloured illustration of Surfboard Riding in Hawaii and seascape back cover.


1923 Mid-Pacific Magazine : Surfboard Riding in Hawaii.
Illustrations from The Mid-Pacific Magazine, Volume 25, Number 5, December,1923.

National Geographic Magazine
February 1924 Volume XLV Number Two 
The Hawiian Islands
Surf-Riding photographs at Waikiki ..
Page 155 : Commonly reproduced  image of three riders, one headstanding.
The image is uncredited - highly unusual for this publication.
Colour Plate X : Three riders, two wearing Outrigger Canoe Club  swimming costumes. 
Note that the photograph have been colourised and these may be added to give the image contrast.
Credited as From a photograph by R. K. Bonine.
Also note 
Page 12 (?) : Board Portrait photograph illustrating an advertisment for the Hawaiian Tourist Bureau.
For extracts click cover or Source Documents
National Geographic : Hawaii, 1924.

Physical Culture
Editor: Bernarr Macfadden,
Published by Macfadden Publications, New York, June 1925

No surfing content.

Blue Days On The South Coast
Queensland Government Tourist Bureau
Adelaide Street, Brisbane

A tourist guide promoting the surf culture of the South East Coast of Queensland.
The guide includes pictorial content and advises of holiday accommodation and recreational activities in popular tourist destinations such as Coolangatta and Surfer's paradise.

Collection: statelibraryofqueensland; additional_collections

Popular Science Magazine
June 1928, Volume 112 Number 6.
Two prone board designs, one plywood and one hollow with galavanised iron deck and and bottom.
See Source Documents-
1928 Hi Sibley :Surf Sleds and Boards.
Popular Science Magazine 
June 1928, Volume 112 Number 6, pages 79 and 96.

A Place in the Sun
Australian National Travel Association
433a Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia. [1929]
Illustration by James Northfield (1887-1973)
Persistent link:

Michael Aitkin: Collecting vintage Australian travel booklets and brochures

Film Fun
August, 1929.
Cover illustration by Enoch Bolles.
Specially Posed By Clara Bow!

The Journal of Polynesian Society 
Volume 38 Number 4. 
No. 152, December 1929, pages 35 to 37. 
New Plymouth, New Zealand. 
Printed for the Society by Thomas Avery.

See Source Documents:
Kennedy, Donald Gilbert:  Field Notes. on the Culture of Vaitupu, Ellice Islands.
Excerpts, Plate 14 Figure 68 and Plate 15 Figure 69:

The Journal of Polynesian Society 
Volume 39 Number 1. 
No. 153, March 1930, pages 35 to 37. 
New Plymouth, New Zealand. 
Printed for the Society by Thomas Avery.

See Source Documents:
Kennedy, Donald Gilbert:  Field Notes. on the Culture of Vaitupu, Ellice Islands.
Excerpt, pages 111 to 113.

Pictorial California and the Pacific
July 1930, Volume 5 Number 7.
Pictorial California debuted in December 1925 by founder Eugene Swarzwald.
The magazine was self-described as the first rotogravure magazine with a 24-page picture book format.
Volume 5, number 1, January 1930, appeared with a name change to Pictorial California and the Pacific.

Picturesque Australia.
circa 1930.
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne.
Published circa 1930  to promote Australia as a destination for tourists and immigrants, this 40 page (unpaginated) booklet is a compilation of black and white photographs with minimal text.
There are two pages devoted to the theme of "Sea and Surf" with several images of beach-goers and board riders.

Item contributed by Henry Marfleet, June 2009, with many thanks.

For full review and selected images see:
1930 Aust. National Travel Assoc. :Picturesque Australia.

Sydney Bridge Celebrations
Art in Australia Limited,1932.
(Arthur McQuitty, McQuitty House, Regent Street, Sydney, 
for Art in Australia Ltd., 24 Bond Street, Sydney.) 
Paterson, C. D.: Our Glorious Surf Beaches, pages 42 to 47.

See Source Documents
C. D. Paterson : Sydney Surf Beaches.

The Scout, September 10, 1932.
English Magazine
Riding the waves on a surfboard, page 14.

Cover description:
Surf-riding on a board is fine fun.
All you need is a smooth board such as those you see on the cover this week.
With this you swim out and await suitable incoming breakers.
Then you stand on to the board, and when you are well balanced you can stand upright and you will be carried in on the crest of the waves.

Noted by  Allen Kukel, The Surf Blurb, 3 June 2014.

The New Yorker Magazine
January 21, 1933.
Surfing and skiing cover by Haupet  -
Theodore G. Haupt ?

Boys' Life 
Published by the Boy Scouts of America
July 1933, Vol. 23, No. 7.
Includes a less than entirely accurate or practical introduction to surfboard riding, with two photographs:

Baker, Charles Jr.:Ride 'Em Beach Boy.

See Source Documents

1933 Charles Jr. Baker : Ride 'Em Beach Boy.

Hill-Standard Co: Catalog No. 8. - Swimming Pool and Beach Equipment.
Hill, Hugh William, Starr, James M., Fairchild, Walter H., et al].
Hill-Standard Co., Anderson, Indiana,1933.
Includes balsa wood prone surfboards available in 42" and 60" lengths.
Aquaplane- mahogany board fitted with rope tow loops.

Street and Smith's Love Story Magazine
5th August 1933
Illustrated - Mid Summer Issue
Street and Smith, USA
Cover: Girl in swimsuit riding an aquaplane by Modest-Stein

December 15, 1933.
Melbourne, Australia.
Beach scene cover

Popular Mechanics Magazine
July 1934 Vol 62 No,1
Uncredited : Making Money at the Beach
pages 115 - 117
Three pages of text, photographs and illustrations,
Black and white photograph and plan of solidwood bellyboard page 115.
Text commentary page 116
For extracts click cover or Source Documents
Solid wood Bellyboard.
Note early scooter/skateboard page 112.

Woman’s Budget Magazine
Box 2728 C, Sydney GPO
October 5 1934
Cover features
Jean Parker: Reminds you that the surfing season has commenced.
Surfing and Summer Cookery Number.
A woman's lifestyle, home hints and fashion

Page 11: Beware of Suntan!
Page 17: Anything for a Paddle- Illustrated
Page 23: Anthony Horden's - Swim the Summer Away
Page 31: A Kit Bag for the Beach
Pages 56-58: Peter Pan's Pages for Chicks and Buddies

In 1951, while appearing at a nightclub in Sydney, Parker made international headlines when she was escorted off Bondi Beach by swimsuit inspector Abe Laidlaw, who measured her bikini and determined it was too skimpy.
See Newspapers - 1951.

Picturesque Australia
November 1934

Two photographs from a double page spread.

The Queenslander - Courier Mail
Brisbane, 22 November 1934.

Cover: A Member of the Board.
Illustration: Garnet Agnew

State Library of Queensland
The Queenslander was the weekly summary and literary edition of the 'Brisbane Courier' (now The Courier-Mail), since the 1850s the leading journal in the colony later federal state of Queensland.
The Queenslander was launched by the Brisbane Newspaper Company in 1866 and it was discontinued in 1939.

National Geographic Magazine
May 1935 Volume 47 Number 5 
Waves and Thrills at Waikiki
Photographs by Thomas Edward Blake
pages 597 - 604
Seven duo-tone photographs that are also reproduced in Tom Blake's The Hawaiian Surfboard, 1935 , but these have a blue tint especially selected by Blake for this printing.
The introductory photograph is a self protrait of Tom Blake and his current quiver, circa 1932
- the first quiver portrait
- not included in The Hawaiian Surfboard, 1935
- not the commonly reproduced version. Tom Blake is standing to the left, not centre.

Popular Science Magazine
August 1935 Vol 127 No,2
Hi Sibley : Better Ways to Build Surfboards
pages 56 - 57 and 91.
Black and white photographs and plans of three solidwood and one chambered surfboard. 
Text implies the boards are superior to current Hawaiian designs, due to lighter weight, and notes that they are "used at Newport Harbour (Calf.) High School, where the constrction of surfboards is a speciality".
For full article, see Source Documents:
1935 Hi Sibley : Better Ways to Build Surfboards
For individual plans and illustrations, see Plans and Specifications Menu
Redwood - Balsa Laminate Surfboard 11 ft
Redwood - Pine Chambered Surfboard 10 ft
Redwood - Pine Mitred and Laminated Prone board 5 ft 7 inches
Redwood or Pine Juvenile Board 46 inches

Walkabout - Australia and the South Seas Magazine
November 1, 1935 
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Black and white cover photograph of North Steyne surf boat.
Photograph by W. Kimbel
Violet A. Roche: Surfing- Australia's National Pastime


Volume 28, Number 7, July 1936
Hanna, Phil Townsend
The Automobile Club of Southern California.
Lessons in Surfing for Everyman

Westways, Vol. 32, No. 8, August 1940

Salamanders of the Sea and Sun (surfing San Onofre)

Physical Culture
August 1936.
98 pages
Surfing cover illustration by John Newton Howitt

Surf, Beach, Bush : Incomparable in Summer or Winter!
Lorne, Victoria, Australia
Victorian Railways, Melbourne, c. 1936.

National Library of Australia
PIC Poster Drawer 175

Popular Science
July 1937 Volume 131, Number 1
Page 23
Paul w. Gartner : Surfboard Riding


1937 Paul Gartner : Surfboard Riding Hints.

Popular Science - Jul 1937 - Page 23 - Google Books

Travel Magazine
Robert M. Mc Bride & Company, New York,
September 1937.

Popular Mechanics Magazine 
July 1937 Volume 68 Number 1 
Tom Blake : Riding the Breakers on this Hollow Hawaiian Surfboard
pages 114 - 117
Black and white photographs and plans 
For extracts click cover or Source Documents
Tom Blake Hollow Paddle Board .


Popular Science Monthly 
August 1937

Page 59
Outboard Motor Drives Novel Surfboard
Skimming over the water at high speed, a recently patented surfboard is powered by an outboard motor to bring the thrills of wave riding to inland waters.
The motor is carried in a buoyant prow at the front of the thin surfboard, and pulls it forward, instead of pushing.
Steering is accomplished by means of a foot-operated rudder at the stern, while a pontoon at each side prevents accidental upsets.
The buoyant power unit can be removed from the surf-board and used to drive any small boat or canoe, as shown in the lower drawing.

The Queenslander Annual
Courier Mail, Brisbane, November 1937.
Illustration: McBain.

Howell, R. and Howell, M.: A History of Australian Sport.
Shakespeare Head Press, Sydney, 1987, page 105.

State Library of Queensland
The Queenslander was the weekly summary and literary edition of the 'Brisbane Courier' (now The Courier-Mail), since the 1850s the leading journal in the colony later federal state of Queensland.
The Queenslander was launched by the Brisbane Newspaper Company in 1866 and it was discontinued in 1939.

Judge Magazine 

Cover illustration only (?)

Image forwarded by Marie, September 2013, with no publication details.

Walkabout - Geographic Magazine
December, 1937 
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Photograph: Surf-Canoeing

Walkabout - Geographic Magazine
January, 1938 
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Cover: Surfboat

Walkabout - Geographic Magazine
February, 1938 
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Photograph: Female and surfboard.

General Information Australia.
Australia National Travel Association.
circa 1st March, 1938.

Includes photograph surf-canoeing, Australia, see:
Walkabout, December, 1937, above.

Sighted Off Nobbys
Tourist and Publicity Bureau Newcastle City Council.
No date, estimated late 1930's.
Cover: Art Deco style illustration of the Lighthouse by Australian artist/cartoonist Norman Rufus Morris.
Includes the attractions of Newcastle and surrounds including Nobbys Beach, Lake Macquarie, King Edward Park, Wyong River, Tea Gardens, Surfing and Surf Lifesaving.
B&w photographs and with numerous advertisements of the period.

Modern Wonder.
4th June, 1938.
Volume 3 Number 35
Oldhams (Watford) Limited, St. Albans Rd., Watford, UK.


Popular Mechanics Magazine 
September 1938 Volume 70 Number 3 
Uncredited : Thrills of the Ironing Board Sport 
pages 388 - 389 
Text discusses Freeboarding, Aquaplanning and Surfing (mentions Tom Blake) 
Black and white photographs of Aqua planning only. 

The Queenslander
Courier Mail, Brisbane, September 21, 1938.
Tandem surf-ski riders, Coolangatta?

John Oxley Library

Walkabout - Geographic Magazine
September, 1938 
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Advertisement: Hawaii

Walkabout - Geographic Magazine
November, 1938 
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Photographs: Surf-Skis [Manly]

December 15, 1938.
June 1939.
Posting the cover of the December 1938 edition
on the Surf Blurb, March 2019, DeSoto Brown noted:
“Vogue” women’s fashion magazine is still being published today, although its influence is much diminished from what it had achieved in the 20th century.
Editorially it was aimed at wealthy women, although many of its readers were probably far less rich and influential than the people it publicized.

This cover has been reproduced in a number of surfing history books since the 1970s.
Including Matt Warshaw's definitive History of Surfing (2010) and
A Brief History of Surfing (2017).
Initially published in December 1938, the cover was used again for the following year's summer edition of Vogue in June, 1939.
Interestingly, it has no connection to any of the contents of this particular issue; a Hawaii story did, however, appear in a subsequent issue.
In this era, magazine cover illustrations or photographs often did not reflect their contents; see examples above including
Judge (1923), Physical Culture (1925) and The New Yorker (1933).

The photographer, Toni Frissell, was a woman, one of the first photographers to move outside of the studio for fashion photography, setting a trend in the field.
The US Library of Congress holds
a collection of her photos of approximately 340,000 images including the outstanding Lady in the Water or Weeki Wachee Springs, shot in Florida in 1947.
According to Pleasurephoto (wordpress, 2012) the surfing photograph has been flopped (mirrored) and slightly cropped for the magazine cover.

To get this shot it was necessary to actually build a temporary framework structure in the shallow water at Waikiki to be able to look down on surfers on passing waves.
Before the introduction of telephoto lenses, the most dramatic images at Waikiki were shot from a canoe, or occasionally from the end of the Moana Pier, one of several structures erected on the beach-front in the early 1900s.
For the Outrigger Canoe Club's second Clark Cup contest at Waikiki in February 1910 a 24ft steel structure was ferried out to the reef on the largest available canoe steered by Kenneth Brown and deposited "in the midst of the big breakers."
In addition to the large platform on the reef erected for
M. Bonvillain's camera (Pathe Freres, Paris), a small one was to be placed in front of the Moana Hotel.
A similar structure appears in the image of Moana Pier noted above, half way between the canoe and the end of the pier.

The two boards shown in this picture appear to be hollow, judging by their thickness as seen from the side.
Even so, they would’ve been much larger and heavier than most anything in use today.
These are possibly hollow boards but likely
pine, balsa and redwood laminated boards, which were occasionally chambered, that were popular in the late 1930s.
In California, for a brief time, they were, infamously, branded with a swastika.
Similar boards appear at Waikiki in the footage below at 3:16.


Also see:

Vogue: Charting the Rise (and Rise) of the Surfer Girl

Vogue, June 1939.

Toni Frissell: Waikiki, 1938.

Matson Shipping
Volume 1 Number 1, 1939.
On-board magazine for Matson Shipping for the voyage from California to Hawaii.

The Australian Womens' Weekly
Saturday 14 January 1939, page 1.

Surfoplane rider.

The Australian Womens' Weekly
Saturday 28 January 1939, page 1.
Outrigger canoe surfriders.

Walkabout - Australia and the South Seas
February, 1939 
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Sydney Surf [Life Saving] Clubs 

Walkabout - Australia and the South Seas Magazine
March 1, 1939 
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Black and white cover photograph of surf-ski only.
Photograph credited as Surf-Canoeing at Sorrento, Victoria.

Travel Magazine
Robert M. Mc Bride & Company, New York,
June, 1939.

Back cover:
Light hearts make buoyant riding over the surf at Waikiki.
Matson Line.

Obscure note:
George's unrealised plans of a world tour, the Matson ad appears with other posters pasted on the wall of George and Mary Bailey's house in It's a Wonderful Life, a 1946 American Christmas fantasy drama film produced and directed by Frank Capra.

Popular Science Magazine 
June 1939 Volume 134 Number 4 
Tom Blake : Improved Hollow Surfboard for All Round Sport 
pages 174 - 176 
Text, black and white photographs (riding, rescue and sail) and plans.
Note colour illustration of paddlers, page 141.

December, 1939 
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Call of the Surf [Lifesaving]

Mickey's Hawaiian Holiday. Walt Disney. Published in London by Dean & Sons, circa late 1930s. Pages 37–67 on Goofy Learning to Surf
Also 1948
Film 1937

February 1, 1940 
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Black and white cover photograph of surfboard and rider only.

August 1941.

Includes article: Surfboards Ahoy!, California.
Text and photographs (by Dr. Don James) from Click, August 1941, pages 43-49.

Old Magazine

Popular Mechanics Magazine 
February 1942 Volume 75 Number 2 
Uncredited : Hitchhiking on the Big Waves
pages 72 - 75 and 166. 
How to surf article 
Black and white photographs include Tom Blake, hollow and solid wood boards.
.Most by Doc Ball and later printed in National Geographic September 1944, see below
Note :
1. text describes angling, and implies this is a new development
2. photograph of damaged hollow board, page 74

Walkabout - Australia and the South Seas Magazine
October 1, 1942
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne
Black and white cover photograph of hollow timber board rider (Fairy Bower?) only.
Photograph credited as Surfing, Sydney.

Australian Annual
circa 1943?

Possibly printed by Consolidated Press, publishers of the Australian Women's Weekly which has a similar typeface.
Possibly North Bondi SLSC surfboard champion and surfboat sweep, Keith "Spaz" Hurst on his "Magpie" board.

National Geographic Magazine
September1944 Volume 86 Number 3
Surf Board Riders Capture California
Black and white photographs by J.H. Ball
pages 355 - 362
Eight full page black and white photographs, several previously printed in Popular Mechanics, February 1942. See above.
Photographs include 'Tom Blake and dog' (incorrectly titled), hollow and solid wood boards.
Re the mis-titled photograph, Brian Martinet ( reports...
The photo is actually of my uncle Jim Bailey and his dog Rusty. 
It was a misprint in National Geographic. 
Jim Bailey was a legendary longboarder and friend of Doc Ball et. al. 
He was a life guard at Hermosa Beach California. 
I have another photo of him with his dog on the front of his board if you would like a copy.  My aunt, his wife, is still alive in Hemet California, but alas, Doc passed away last year. 
- with thanks to Brian Martinet.

The Australian Scene
Australian National Publicity Association
No date - estimated 1944?
Surfboard Rider:
Hollow board, possibly Manly Beach ... Fairy Bower?
See Walkabout October 1942 above, and The Australian Scene Number Four (1949?) below.

Walkabout - Australia's Geographic Magazine
December, 1944
Australian National Travel Association
Flinders Street Railway Building, Melbourne

Tasmania: Holiday Island
Tasmanian Tourist Department, 1947.

Page 31: Opossum Bay Beach.

Page 26

25th January 1947
Cover Story: Bondi Sunday, pages 16-19.
Page 18: Five board riders

31st July 1948
Cover Story: By the Golden Beaches, page 6.

Pages 6-7: Shooting the Surf
Two page article with photographs of surf boat, spray tan franchise, surf ski, reel, beach athletics and
tandem surfboard/surf-ski riders, below.

Hobbies Illustrated
Volume IV Number 2, October, 1948.

Article: Hollow Hawaiian Surfboard, pages 35 and 36.


1948 (Tom Blake) : Hollow Hawaiian Surfboard.
Reproduced in
Hobbies Illustrated (Australia),
October 1948.

Albany, Western Australia
West Australian Travel Brochure,

The Australian Scene - Number Four
Australian National Publicity Association
No date - estimated 1949?
Surfboard Rider: Hollow board, possibly Manly Beach ... Fairy Bower?

University of California, Los Angles
June 1949
Summer Issue
Illustration by Chip Twonsen
Features articles about the school and advertising from the local Westwood area.

The Australian Women's Weekly
Saturday 26 March 1949, 
This edition contains contains a one page photograhic essay, Honolulu Surf Stars Plan Visit Here, on page 29.
It has a brief introduction and extended captions.
The images are most likely by Ray Leighton, a renown Australian photographer with a long-term connection with the Manly Life Saving Club.

1949 Australian Women's Weekly : Honolulu Surf Stars to Visit.


25 July 1949
Cover: Plastic Beach Boat

Australian Geographic Walkabout
Volume 11 Number 10, 
October 1949

Prof. William J. Dakin, D.Sc.: Sea Waves and Surf Beaches, page 29.

Fisher, Evalie M:
Surfboat Ride (piano solo)
Melbourne : Allan & Co., c1949.

National Library of Australia 
Bib ID  654071
Description: 1 score (5 p.) ; 31 cm. 
Plate no.: B6476..
Music Publisher Number  B. 6476 

Volume  24 Number  3, 
21, 1950.
Associated Newspapers Limited, Sydney, N.S.W.

Three page article on Turnbull Flippers (swim-fins), with photographs.
Pix : Swim Flippers.

Digest of Digests
April 1950. 
Article?: They Live in Paradise, page ?

Outdoors and Fishing
[Sydney], October 1950. 

Front Cover: The Waikiki Lifeguard and Surf Board.
Article: Learn to ride a surfboard
Page 22, Photographs:
Three North Bondi riders and»?rf lb'

Another group of North Bond. riders  On  a  calm  day  with little surf, Gordon Woods, at left, has a good stance and is having an easy ride;   Ztl  Track,   neat  to  brnx is having a hard time to keep control on  the board because of his weight, but his feet and  general stance are correct.  Third man, Ray Hookham. has a good stance but is too far back on his board; its note is too bifb and Ray is likely to slip back  off the wave.  Ray Brooker, fourth, shows  .in unnatural stance, which may be due to the fact that Leon  May's board  has just run across the nose at his board. Man behind Mays is paddling out

The Australian Womens' Weekly
Wednesday 3 October 1951, page 1.
Surf ski.

. . . brings summer nearer. 
Melbourne mannequin Karen Scammell makes a lovely picture with her two year-old daughter, Elizabeth. 
The sparkling blue of the water is in striking contrast with the red-and-white stripes of the surf ski."
- page 14.

Holiday Magazine
August 1952
Vol.12 Number 2
Cover Story: Jersey Beaches

Australian Photo Review 
Kodak (Australia) Number 3, 1953. 

Man's Day
April 1953
Rocky Marciano by Jack Dempsey,
. Jeanne Carmen cheesecake, surfing article with early surfing photos.
Hillman, 1953.

Popular Mechanics Magazine 
July 1953 Volume 100 Number 1 
Bill Reid : Fun on a Plastic Surfboard
pages 157 - 159 . 
Fibreglassed board using a sealed styrofoam blank.

For extracts click cover or Source Documents
Styrofoam Surfboard.


Mechanix Illustrated Magazine 
September 1954 Volume 50 Number 9 
Edna Wood/Matt Kivlin : Surfboards
pages 173 - 173 .
Fibreglassed board using a laminated balsawood blank. 

For extracts click cover or Source Documents
Fibreglassed  Balsawood Surfboard.


The Australian Womens' Weekly
Wednesday 6 October 1954, page 1.


16 October 1954.
Broadway, Sydney, N.S.W
Cover Girl: Barbara Atkins.

Vol. 1 (Jan. 1938)-1972 
Later Titles: People, Pix/People

Page 30
Outdoor Girl Turns Model
Barbara Atkins is a beach girl whose bathing suit does get wet.

Page 31
Back to the sea and a successful surfboard landing.
Barbara is one of the few girls on Sydney's beaches who can ride a board expertly.
She is healthy, has a deep tan.

The New Idea
January 29, 1954.
Beauty From The Beach - no surfing content.

The Australian Magazine - A.M.
January 5   1954.

Apparently illustrating one of this edition's stories,
the tandem surf-ski  illustration is by Ron Lanke?

We were swept forward, driftwood, with tumbling foam cascading around us.
The stern dragged under, then Maya screamed.

The Australian Magazine - A.M.
January 4   1955.
Cover  iIlustration only - no surfing content.

Image courtesy of George Saunders, Geelong, July 2010.

Vol. 3, No. 3, July 1955
Male Publishing Corp., New York.
A men's magazine featuring b/w pin-up style photos of women, plus articles.
Includes He Turns Lumber Into Fun, an article on Hobie Alter and his Hobie surfboards.

Front cover: Dolores Wimberly


Sporting Life
November, 1955
?: How to Body Surf, pages 58 to 63

The Australian Scene
Australian National Publicity Association
No date - estimated 1956?

Tandem Surf  Ski Riders: Probably the finish of a Surf Life Saving Club race, Sydney?

Bondi Beach

Australian Outdoors
November, 1957, 
Renwick, Ross: Build yourself an okinuee board.
pages 16 to 21 .

See Source Documents
Ross Renwick : Build yourself an Okinuee Board.

Australian Outdoors
November, 1958.
Renwick, Ross: Boom in Board Riding.
pages 8 to10 and 76.
Renwick, Ross: How to build a foam plastic surfboard.
pages 11 to 12.

See Source Documents
Ross Renwick: Boom in Board Riding.
Renwick: Build a Plastic Foam Surfboard.

Life International
September 15, 1958
Article: Aquatic Adventure Down Under

Sports Illustrated Magazine 
December 10 1958 Volume 8 Number 10 
Sportsman Against a Moving Wall of Water
Colour photographs by George Leavens
Pages 16 - 20
1. Surfer riding hollow timber board.
One page of uncedited text - a brief history, page 16.
2. North Curl Curl surfboat, page 17.
3. Paddle race on hollow timber boards, pages 18 -19.
4. 22 foot double ski on wave, pages 18 - 19.
5. Two body surfers, Tamarama, page 20.

January, 1959
Cover: Surf-skis, Burleigh Heads.

Australian Surf Championships
Mooloolaba Beach, Queensland.
28th-29th March 1959.

Popular Press, USA
Includes articles on Marilyn Monroe, surfing, war, crime, mystery, Africa, fiction by Hugh Pentecost.

Bulletin de la Societe des Etudes Oceaniennes
Numbers 127 and 128.
Papeete, Tahiti, June - September 1959.
Finney, Ben R.:Fa'ahe'e I'ancien sport de Tahiti., pages 53 to 56.

See Source Documents
1959 Ben Finney : Ancient Tahitian Surfriding.

Also note:
Ben Finney: The Modern Hawiian Double Canoe. (Woody Brown's Makani Kai)
The Journal of Polynesian Society
Volume 68 1959, Volume 68, No. 1, pages 36-39.

Ben Finney : Surfboarding in Oceania: Its Pre-European Distribution
Wiener Volerkundliche Mitteeilungen, 1959 pages (volume ?) 2: 23-36 

Australian Outdoors
Ross Renwick: Winter Board Riding is Best.
July 1959, pages 32- 33 and 63-65.

1959 Ross Renwick: Winter Board Riding is Best

Australian Outdoors
November 1959.
Ross Renwick: Surf Test.
Pages 30- 31 and 74.
Unaccredited: New-type Surfing Club for Sydney.
Pages 74-75.

See Source Documents
Ross Renwick:Surf Test  : Locally Designed Board the Best !

25th November 1959
Sydney, NSW, Australia?
Jeff Carter: The New Season's Surfboards- Hot Dog, Pig or Teardrop.
Pages 32-35.

12th December 1959
Sydney, NSW, Australia?
Pages 31 and 32: A Life on the Ocean Wave- Even for Grandma,
In a two page article,  with photographs, the writer explores the growing popularity for the new Malibu surfboard following the 1956 Olympic surf carnival, including comments from veteran board rider Ray Young, who saw the first Malibu brought to Australia by Peter Lawford in 1953.
According the the author, the demand for lighter boards mostly by women surfers, saw Greg McDonald develop the Coolite blank, replacing balsa wood, and weighing as little as 16 lb.

Far left: Ray Young and electric planner, page 32
Ray Young builds an average of three boards a week in his workroom.
He could build more but each board he shapes and moulds with a craftsman's care.
And he has enough orders to keep him going for weeks.

The Journal of Polynesian Society
December 1959 Volume 68 Number 4 
Ben Finney : Surfing in Ancient Hawaii, pages 327 - 347. No._4/Surfing_in_ancient_Hawaii_by_Ben_R._Finney

Academic article based on Ben Finney's work for his MA (University of Hawaii), it  was followed by The Development and Diffusion of Modern Surfing published in December 1960, Volume 69 Number 4. 
These works preceed the publication of Finney and Houston's Surfing – The Sport of Hawaiian Kings in 1966, reprinted in 1996 as Surfing – A History of the Ancient Hawaiian Sport
With extensive footnotes and references, it also has a fold out map of ancient Hawaiian surfing locations, an illustration of ancient surfboards and .two black and white plates.
Plate 1 : Anonymous (Etching) :Hawaiian Sport of Surf Playing, circa 1851, in Cheever (1851).
Plate 2 : Anonymous (Photograph) :Alaia and Surfer, Waikiki 1890.
Appendix 1 is a collection of ancient Hawaiian surfing terms.
Appendix 2 details the ancient Hawaiian surfing locations as indicated by the map.
 Page 344 is reproduced twice, a resullt of a printing error.

Australian Outdoors
January, 1960
Renwick, Ross:
The Man behind the Surfboard Revolution - Gordon Woods.
, pages 22 to 25.
Surfboard Advertisements.
pages 63 and 67. 

See Source Documents
Ross Renwick: Gordon Woods.
Surfboard Ads.

The Journal of Polynesian Society 
December 1960 Volume 69 Number 4 
Ben Finney : The Development and Diffusion of Modern Surfing
pages 314 - .331
Academic article based on Ben Finney's work for his MA (University of Hawaii), it follows Surfing in Ancient Hawaii, published in December 1959, Volume 68 Number 4. 
These preceed the publication of Finney and Houston's Surfing – The Sport of Hawaiian Kings in 1966, reprinted in 1996 as Surfing – A History of the Ancient Hawaiian Sport
With extensive footnotes and references, it also has two black and white photographic plates - 
Plate 1 : Associated Press's famous shot of George Downing, Buzzy Trent and Wally Froiseth at Makaha, printed November 1953.
Plate 2 : Young hawaiian surfer with a modern board with fin, Waikiki, circa 1958.

Look Magazine
December 20, 1960
Front cover features a barefooted Santa Claus distributing Christmas gifts on the beach at Waikiki.
The fins of two boards and an outrigger canoe appear in the background.

The Telegraph How to Swim and Surf Guide, 1961.
Telegraph Newspapers, 
Brisbane, Queensland, 1961.

See Source Documents:
The Telegraph: How to Swim and Surf Guide, 1961.

Volume 27 Number 3, March, 1961.
Kendrick Howard: Surfing, pages 29-31.

The Australian Women's Weekly
28 June 1961.

Our cover
The Welsh corgi on the surf - plane is prize-winning Lealwen Maverick,
better known as "Brett."

 The picture was taken by Peter Kinder at Currarong Beach, near Nowra, N.S.W.

Wiener Volerkundliche Mitteeilungen, 1962.
Volume 5, Wein, 1962.

See Source Documents:
1962 Ben Finney: Surfboarding in West Africa.

Also see:
1959 Ben Finney : Ancient Tahitian Surfriding.

Mick Simmons Sporting Goods Catalogue, 1962.

See Source Documents:
Mick Simmons Surfboard Catalogue, 1962.

Sport Magazine
February 1962
Cover story: Grave Crisis in Surf Lifesaving

The Dude - The Magazine Devoted to Pleasure
July 1962, Volume 6, Number 6.
Mystery Publishing, USA.
74 pages with colour and black and white photos.
Includes Surfing photos from Hawaii.
An early men's publication in the model of Playboy.

The Australian Womens' Weekly
Wednesday 22 August 1962, Teenagers' Weekly (Supplement) cover
Cover image forwarded by John Witzig, with many thanks, May 2011.
Sydney surfboardriders at North Narrabeen.
John noted that Midget Farrelly is kneeling in the centre of the photograph.

1962 Kerry Yates: Bob Pike- Surf Champ.

For a  larger image and comments, see source documents:
1960 Australian Womens' Weely: Surfing.
Extracts from 1961, 1963, 1964 and 1966.

Sport Magazine
February 1962
Cover story:
Surfboards: How to Ride, how to Make -The Malibu.

Plans, page 29.

Sport Magazine
February 1963
Cover story: The Rare Skills of Surfboat Riding

Australasian Post
April 11, 1963
Midget Rules the Waves - Farrelly winning Makaha surf contest, and surfing's growing popularity
 Includes photograph of Phil Edwards

May, 1963.

Life International
Time-Life, Melbourne.
3 June 1963
Volume 34 Number 10
Cover: The Wildest Water Sport: Surf Riding in Hawaii.

This contained a 14 page article Riding the Wild Waves with 15 colour photos and extensive captions, by staff photographer George Silk.
There is also a 2 page article by Silk titled Pure Pleasure of Being Half Killed, featuring Fred Van Dyke

The article appeared the US edition
on the 24 May, featuring the space flight of Gordon Cooper which supported Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Most of the photographs are online at:


1963 George Silk and Fred Van Dyke : Surfing the North Shore.

Car Craft
July 1963
Wild "Woodies" and Surf Wagons!

1 September 1963
1 Settembre 1963
Italian Magazine



The relatively poor quality waves possibly suggest that the photographs were shot in the Mediterranean.

Time Life,
25 October 1963
‎Vol. 55, No. 17
Cover: Yvette Mimieux surfs for Dr. Killdare.
Pages 119, 120, 121.

Learning surfboard technique, Yvette is coached at San Onofre Beach by Rick Grigg, who said her natural skill was "amazing."
LIFE Pays a Call on Dr. Kildare's Pretty TV Patient.
She Sure Doesn't Look Sick. The pulse is normal — hers, that is.

Her color is good. She looks great. But just you wait.
For Yvette Mimieux, veteran of eight movies, is about to play her first TV role, as a very sick girl in a two-part drama on the Dr. Kildare show.
It's going to be a double first, in fact: in the show, she ..

Australasian Post
December 12, 1963
Surf Boom- article about booming interest in Malibu or okanui boards, pages 6, 7 and 9.

Sport Magazine
December 1963
Cover story: Girls Join Boardriding Craze.

The Hazards Of Surfriding ...   Ross Renwick

Fix That Ding ...    SPORT Reporter

Summer Startlers ...    Bob Weeks

The Word Is Femlin ...   Bill James

Page 33: Kay Wissing, one the best in a talented group of  girl boardriders
recently developed along our eastern seaboard.

Page 23

Queensland Railways: South Coast
Anthony James Cumming, Printer , Ca 1920, Brisbane:, 1920.
Cover: Coolangatta

No. 42: Camera in Hawaii
Peter Gowland
Waikiki, Glamour, Underwater, Beach Girls, Nudes, After Dark, Surfing, Melting Pot, Waterfalls
Editor: Adolphe Barreaux
Whitestone Publications, USA, 1963

National Geographic Magazine
September 1963 Volume 124 Number 3 
Alan Villiers : Australia, Part 2
Colour photographs by Robert B. Goodman
Pages 346 - 385
1. 26 boardriders and one wave, Bondi,  pages 356 -357
2. Bondi lifesavers and surfboat, two boardriders, pages 358 - 359.
The second photograph is cropped for the cover.
3. Aerial shot of Surfers Paradise, page 372.
Two paragraphs of text relating to Surf Life Saving, page 364. 

Motorland Magazine
July-August 1964  
Rear cover: Enjoy Santa Cruz County

Walkabout Magazine
January 1964  Volume 30 Number 1
Australian National Travel Association
18 Collins Street, Melbourne
Craig McGregor : Champion of the Surf
Pages 10 - 13
Historical introduction and interview with Makaha champion, Midget Farrelly.
Graig McGregor co-authored both Midget Farrelly's This Surfing Life and Nat Young's The History of Surfing.
Black and white photographs : 
1. Midget Farrelly and fin (page 10), 
2. Midget Farrelly surfing 
3. Manly surfers check Avoca (page 11) all by Peter Rae. 
4. Four of surfing at Dee Why (pages 12 - 13) by Davydd Beal.
Colour cover photograph of Bob Evans at Cresent Head by Peter Rae.

Australian Sport and Surfriding
January 1964
Special Surfing Section Season 1963-64, pages 24-36.
Photograph: Pearl Turton

Australian Sport and Surfriding
Volume 17 Number 6, January 1964
Alby Falzon's Surfriders World: Stalling, Trimming and Accelerating,  pages 242-43 and 61.

Nat Young, Angourie.
Jack Mayes, Crescent Head.
Andy Cochrane, Bondi.
Bobby Brown, Warilla.
Graham Callaghan.
Midget Farrelly, Crescent Head.

Popular Science Magazine 
June 1964 Volume  Number  

Jet Powered Aquaplane  pages 88-91, plus.
Hydrofoils for Water Skis and Surfboards, page  137.

For plans see:
Popular Science: Jet Powered Aquaplane

July 1964
Cover story: New Water Sport - Inland Surfing.


The Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls
August 1964
Bezucha, R. D.
Golden Press, New York (1964)
Cover only.

School Paper for Grades 6 and 7
Volume 32 Number 3.
Department of Education Queensland
Third Term [September], 1964.

No surfing content.
Grades 6 and 7 were 11- and 12-year-olds.

31st October 1964.
Broadway, Sydney, N.S.W

Vol. 1 (Jan. 1938)-1972 
Later Titles: People, Pix/People

Cover stories:
Are these bikinis too brief?
Top Surfing Photos- 6 pages.

Rod and Custom
November 1964.
Surf Woody by George Barris.

Hot Rod
April 1965.
Surf Woody by George Barris.

Design Quarterly 61: The 13th Triennale
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis MN, 1964.
Celebrating the first appearance of a US contingent at the Triennial International Exhibition of Architecture and Decorative Arts in Milan, an effort organzied by Jack Lenor Larsen.
The US Section included work by Charles Forberg, Mary W. Phillips, Lenore Tawney, Wendell Castle, David Rowland, Jack Lenor Larsen, and Annie Albers, among others.
Many "designed" objects are shown, including a racing helmet and a surfboard.

Everybody's Magazine
18th November, 1964.

Australian Consolidated Press (ACP)
Sydney, Australia.

Great Surfing Issue- Including Giant Color Surf Map of Australia.

Everybody's Magazine
23rd December, 1964.

Australian Consolidated Press (ACP)
Sydney, Australia.

Twenty Man Traps for the Beach ...and Christmas Greetings!

The illustration is possibly by Marie Compston "Mollie" Horseman, who sometimes signed her work Vanessa.
In 1957 she moved to Avalon on
Sydney's northern  beaches, with her five children, where she remained until 1967.

Australian Woman's Day
28th December 1964
Cover: Ringo Starr
For Beach Fans - Surf News for '65
Pages 18-20
Surfside '65: surf-wear, styles, surf slang and culture, Paul Witzig films.

Reader's Digest
January 1965
Cover only.

Noted by Desoto Brown in The Surf Blurb, 19 February 2018.

People Magazine
24 February 1965
Cover story: The Surfing Addicts

Popular Mechanics Magazine 
June 1965, pages 176-
Registered for Post GPO Sydney [Australian edition], pages 28-32.

Ellingson, Steve: Styrofoam Surfboard.

Boy's Life Magazine
July 1965
Boy Scouts of America, New Brunswick, NJ, 1965
 Hanging Ten at Coronado

Everybody's (Magazine)
13th October, 1965.

Australian Consolidated Press (ACP)
Sydney, Australia.
Everybody's: The New Wave Set.

True Detective
October, 1965
Surfboard Champ Blasted To Death
- How Californian detectives unravelled a baffling homicide mystery.

AWW October 1965

September 1965
Ceco Publishing. USA

Surfing Issue: pages 4-7 focused on Huntington Beach 

The Beach Girls
Issue #1 (1965)

Sports Illustrated
July 18, 1966.
Garry Valk Sports Illustrated, 1966.
Cover photo of Phil Edwards by Lynn Pelham.
Article by Bob Ottum to coincide with the release of Phil Edward's autobiography.

Illustrated London News
26 February  1966
Cover story: Australian Acheivement : Special 25-page report

Archie: The Best of Stan Goldberg
IDW Publishing, 2014.

Surfing cover, originally circa 1966?

Noted by

Noted by Joe Tabler, The Surf Blurb,
June 23, 2014

World Surfing Championships

Squire: the new magazine for modern men
Volume 1 Number 6, 1966?
Sydney, N.S.W. : D.B. Publications, 1964-[19--?]
Sydney, N.S.W. : Gordon & Gotch (A'sia)
Cover: Jarmila - Gatefold?

Life Australia
March 20, 1967.
Time Life, Melbourne.
Photographs of Sunset Beach.
Surfers include Eddie Aikau, Jock Sutherland, Jose Angel, Ben Apia, Felipe Pomar.

Don James and Peter Dixon : Sunset Beach, 1966.

United States Surfboard Championships
Friday, Saturday and Sunday-Sept. 22, 23 and 24, 1967
Huntington Beach, California
City of Huntington Beach, 1967

Official Program
Twenty Five Cents

Cover: Mike Doyle and Linda Merrill of San Clemente, 1965 Tandem Champions.
Back Cover: Robert August, Joey Cabell, ?, Mike Doyle.

Cronulla Surf Scene
Volume 1 Number 1 October, 1967.
Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club.
This cover was used for all issues of Volume 1.

See Source Documents:
1968 W.G. Marshall : The Cronulla SLSC Story, Part 2.

Includes a report on Duke Kahanamoku's visit to Cronulla Beach in 1915.

Boat Building with Hartley
Second edtion, 1967.
Includes plans for surf boards, surf skis, canoes.

Volume 42, Number 3.
The Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia, September 1967.
Literary and travel magazine for the sophisticate traveler.
Caskie Stinnett, Editor.

The Many Splendors of Surfing.

Walkabout Magazine
December 1967  Volume 33 Number 12
Australian National Travel Association
18 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
Interview with Midget Farrelly by Ian Moffit : 
Further and further into the wave.
Pages 41 - 43
Interview covers style, competition, locations, family, religion.
Colour photographs : 
1. Midget Farrelly portrait by Lance Nelson, page 41.
2. Boardriders at Coogee by David Beal, page 40.
3. Surfboat (page 42),
4. life saving reel (page 42) 
5. Manly Beach with Coolites, Surfoplanes and Zippy boards (pages 42 - 43) all by Leo Duyckers.
Black and white photograph : Two boardriders at Queenscliff by David Beal, page 41.

Chance International Magazine
Volume 1, Number 2, December 1967.
Chance International Pty. Ltd. a subsidiary of G.P.A. Pty. Ltd.
Printed at The Griffin Press, Adelaide.
Distributed by Chance International Pty. Ltd.. Sydney and Melbourne.
In U.K. by Transworld Publishers Ltd., London N.W.10.
Managing Director and Publisher: Garth Powell
Powell also published John Witzig's Surf International from December
1967 to circa 1970.

Sun, Surf, Sex

Articles include: Brothels of New Orleans, page 11; Psychedelic posters,
page 22; LSD, page 25.
Surfers—Paradise or Hell, page 40
Newcastle Surfing Championships, page 73.

Thirty four issues of the Australian edition of Chance international were published between 1969 and 1971.


Men Only
City Magazines Ltd, New York.
December 1967

Page 10 Article, with colour photographs:
Where the sun goes there they go.
Surfing in California.

Page 3: Contents

Do You Surf? See page 10.

Queensland Annual
Courier Mail, Brisbane,1968.
Surfboard Riding is Australia's Fastest-growing Sport,
 with photographs by A. ???
National Park, Noosa

True Police Cases
February, 1968.
Fawcett, USA.
Lurid Bondage cover, Fatal Surfing Party-Sadist Slaying, Murder Behind The Berlin Wall.

Life Australia
Time Life, Melbourne.
1 April 1968

For the text and photographs see

Van Dyke: The Peril of Surf.

Systeme D
Number, 1 May 1968.
French magazine with surfing cover and article
Un Surf Pour Debutant (Surfing for the Beginner).

EB: Everybody's Magazine
12th June, 1968

Australian Consolidated Press (ACP)
Sydney, Australia.

Surfboard Champ's 1968 Color Souvenir

Boys Life
July 1968

Boy Scouts of America, New Brunswick, NJ, 1968.

Teen-Age Love
July 1968, Number 59
Charlton Comics
Surf's Up!
Don't miss ... "whitewater kisses."

Popular Science Magazine 
August 1969 Volume 195 Number 2 
Eric Blum, as told to Al Lees  :
Far-Out flexible Surfboard - the wave of the future?  pages 92 - 95.
Text based largely on Eric and Lowell Blum's film The Fantastic Plastic Machine, 1968. 
Five black and white photographs of George Greenough surfing. 
Two fin photographs, one portrait and board, one early still from Greenough's movie footage and one photograph showing shoulder mounted camera. Also...
Surf Cats Launch New Rage in Sailboat Racing - Rick Cobb
Cover (top left) and pages 48 - 49.
Seven colour photographs of Hobie Cats.

Parade Magazine
Number 230, January 1970.
32 Walsh Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
Box 1292K GPO Melbourne, 3001.
Telephone 30 0241.
How Surfing Came to Australia
- Two page article about Duke Kahanamoku’s 1915 Sydney visit.

Royal Purple
Vol. IV 4 No. 1
1 January 1970.
A Publication of Cypress Junior College, Cypress, California.
Chris Hedlund, Jim Johnson, and John Rothi: The True Creativity in Surfing

Sports Car World Australia
February 1970

Illustrated London News
25 April 1970

Cover story: Australia 1770-1970
George Rice Surfboard

Walt Disney's Magazine. Volume III Number 4.
Walt Disney Productions, Poughkeepsie, NY, 1958.
Annette Funicello and David Stollery cover, Hawaiian story on page 40 with pictures, including one of surfer riding a wave.

Curtis Publishing. Philadelphia
Surfing in California

Parade Magazine
Number 242, January,1971.
32 Walsh Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
Box 1292K GPO Melbourne, 3001.
Telephone 30 0241.
"Surfing's Origins", pages 32 and 33.
A selection of early photographs reproduced from: 
Margan and Finney: An Pictorial History of Surfing.
The cover is accredited on the contents page:
"Our Cover Boy
The young man trimming along a shorebreak on the cover of this month's Parade is "Butch" Cooney. 
The painting was done by Parade cover artist Tom Bishop from an action picture taken by Sydney photographer Jack Eden at the Newcastle, NSW, surfing championships. 
It appears in A Pictorial History of Surfing. 
See Page 32."

Modern World Magazine
June 1971 Vol 1 # 5
Editor: Dick Levine
 8 page article on surfboard design history. In conjunction with a 'Design Contest' sponsored by Shane Surfboards,
Possibly ghost written by Shane Steadman and/or Terry Fitzgerald. 
Cover features two Shane Surfboards models and a very young Simon Anderson.
For extracts click cover or  Source Documents
Surfboard Design.

Dolly Magazine
Number 16
Sydney, February 1972.
Colour two page article with colour photographs from (The) Morning of the Earth, about to be released.

Chris Brock, Angourie.                            Baddy Treloar?                       Terry Fitzgerald (flopped)?

Simon Anderson?

Club Magazine
Sungravure Pty Ltd, Sydney,1973.
First Edition.
Geoff Luton: Surfing article and photographs.

Awake - The Watchtower Society
22nd July 1973
Page 16: Surfing - Why It's Booming Popularity

New South Wales Tourist Brochure
Department of Tourism, Sydney
Number 50M 3.73, (1973)
Cover: A crowded wave probably shot in the mid-1960s, with a prone board rider inside four
surfers on Malibu boards.

The Stubbies 1981 Surf Contest Program, Gold Coast.
Official contest program, B&W photographs, 34 pages.
Includes profiles on
Mark Richards (winner), Michael Petersen, Rabbit, Peter Harris.

Sail Magazine
July 1981
Boardboat basics - from standing up to taking off.
Rare cover shot of a sailboard (boardboat) surfing a wave, probably in Hawaii.

People (With Pix) Magazine
June 22 1982
Article: Bali- Where every surfer wants to be.

Histoire du Far West
Cover Article: Les Indians du Pacific.

Pursuit Number 2
Education Department of Victoria
Cover credited as Simon Anderson, but more likely Bobby Owens.
Article: Surfing at Bells Beach.

Dingo Magazine
1983 (August?)  No 1 
Stereo Publishing, Triple M Tower, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction 
Mark Warren and David Stewart : Over the Edge
 pages  40 - 47
Extreme sports colour photographs with captions.
Mark Paul and sailboard jump by Peter Crawford, page 40.
Pre Pipe Paddle-out,  by Bill McCausland, page 41.
George Greenough sailboard mast fish-eye, page 42
Paddle-out by Peter Crawford, page 43.
Keone Downing Pipeline free-fall by Peter Crawford, page 45.
Three other non-surfing photographs.

Playboy (Australia)
1984 May 
Nick Carroll: Surfing's New Order
pages  102-10?
Article by Nick on "new" stars including Rabbit, PT, Ian Cairns and his brother Tom's recent contest success.
Photographs by Peter Simons.

Page 103

Rabbit Batholomew
Coke Surfabout Sydney, 1984.

Beaurepaires Surfing Contest Program, Cronulla, 1984
Official 36 page contest program.
B&W photographs
and colour centre-spread photograph of Jim Banks.
Includes profiles on Rabbit, Tom Curren, MR, & Occy.

The Living Australia Magazine
1987 December-January   No 4
Bay Books 61-69 Anzac Pde, Kennsington 2033 NSW 
 Nick Carroll : Foaming Fashions
 pages  8 - 11
Basic anaylsis of surfcraft alternatives, circa 1987 - Bodyboards, Thrusters, Modern Malibus, Wave Skis and Sailboards.
Eight illustrative colour photographs by Peter Crawford.
Cover : Simon Law by Dave Kelly.

Mad Magazine
1995 February
No 333

Bronzed Aussie Simmering Summer Spectacular

Two Hundred Years - A week by week historical count down to Australia's Bicentennial
Bay Books 61-69 Anzac Pde, Kennsington 2033 NSW 
1988 Issue  No 47 
Will Fisher : Riding the Waves
 pages  1124 - 1127
See #166

Collectables Trader
November 2006.

The New Yorker
4th August, 2014.
Cover: Venus on the Beach by Roz Chast

Vanity Fair
March 4, 2021.
Donald Liebenson: The Real-Life Gidget Looks Back From 80: “I Lived It All”

Kathy "G
idget" Kohner and Friends
Malibu Pit,  1959.
Life Magazine


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This is a parody of an Old Master Q (Lao Fu Zi) comic featuring Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi

Original comic:

Original Vintage (1968) Published Comic Strip Art - "The Captain and the Kids" - (Signed and Dated) - Surfing, Surfer, Surfboard.

This is Original Vintage Published Comic Strip Art from (1968) "The Captain and the Kids" by Artist (Rudolph Dirks).

It is (Signed and Dated) "R. Dirks", "6-2" by the Artist and was (Published) by "United Feature Syndicate, Inc.". 

It is a Complete Sheet with 9 individual Panels. It features some Very Cool Vintage Surfer, Surfing and Surfboard scenes!

A pattern of islands / Arthur Grimble Grimble, Arthur Francis Sir, 1888-1956
"A Pattern of Islands" is the funny, charming and self-deprecating adventure story of a young man in the Pacific. Beyond the hilarious and frightening adventure stories, "A Pattern of Islands" is also a true testament to the life of these Pacific islanders. Grimble collected stories from the last generation who could remember the full glory of the old pagan ways. Like discovering a treasure chest of fables, which were once true, it is full of stories of magic, dances and legends, rituals, spells and a way of life that have now disappeared from this world except within the covers of this book.

Life rafts and surf boats. (Patented by Alfred Vincent Newton.) being Patent Number: 2273 published: 04 September 1865
London Eyre and Spottiswood published at the Great Seal Patent Office c (1865)

West Coast publishing 1928,Verso, LA,CA (1928)

In Aloha Land: Intimate Notes on Hawaii [article in Sunset, August 1916].
Mayhew, Katherine P.
Published by Woodhead, Field & Company., San Francisco., 1916