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history : duke at cronulla 
cronulla slsc, circa 1960 : duke kahanamoku, 1915

One of the first famous international visitors to the Club (Cronulla) was Duke Kahanamoku, the world famous exponent of surfboard riding and at present a prominant civic dignitary of Honolulu.

Exacting preparations for his 1915 visit were undertaken by the club in an effort to make him feel at home. (1.)
The Duke and his party were welcomed to the district by the club on leaving the steam train at Sutherland.
Through the generosity of club members, F. Stroud,J. Hallet, J. Munro, L. Giddings, N Bouffier and J. Hill Sr. making their cars available the visitors were transported to Audley via Waterfall and Lady Carrington Drive.

After lunch at Audley, the party joined the ferry to Cronulla, hence to the beach for surfing.

Tea was arranged in the Park Pavillion after which the party returned to Sutherland for the farewell ceremony.
The Duke brought with him a surfboard (one of at least three made in Australia) which he presented to the Surf Bathing Association of NSW. (2.)

While there were already surfboard exponents on our own and other metroplitan beaches, Duke Kahanamoku first focused public attention on surfboard riding in NSW. (3.)

The visit of this famous surfer also had effect on the local talent.
The Duke's board (the one noted above) later became the property of noted club member, Ron "Prawn" Bowden, who sold it  to Fred Locke, who in turn signed it over to the inimitable Jack McTigue. (4.)

Jack, chivalrous character that he was, gave it to a certain beautiful surf siren but alas she married another (ungrateful hussey, recalls Jack).

Duke Kahanamoku, board and Cronulla SLSC members
Cronulla NSW  6th February 1915
Image cropped from Warshaw : Surfriderspage 16 
Notes :
1. Indicates the importance of the visit to club members.
2. Confirms the existence of more than one Duke Kahanamoku board in 1915
3. Indicates Sydney "surfboard exponents"  existed before 1915.
4. Duke Kahanamoku's Cronulla board was subsequently ridden by at least three other riders.
This uncredited commentary  is copied from a framed article and photograph (see version above)

displayed at Cronulla Surf Design Surf Shop, Cronulla Street Mall, Cronulla NSW. circa 2000

The article is probably taken from a Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club history, printed circa 1960 for the club's 50th anniversary (started 1909).
Similar publications, jointly published/funded with the ASLA, are known for  Manly (Harris), Freshwater (Myers), Deewhy (Thomas) clubs and the Illwawarra branch (Middleton).
It is less probably from retrospective article in a small print run Club magazine or newsletter.

The detail and familiarity of the author with the participants indicate the text was probably transcribed within 50 years of the events, Duke Kahanamoku entered public office in 1934, and left in 1960, he suffered  heart problems in 1956 and 1962 and died in 1968.
Hence the document is dated circa 1960.

Duke visits Cronulla,6 February 1915 - Map
Train  from Central station, 
Sydney to Sutherland
Official welcome and departure, 
Club Members' Cars, Sutherland to Audley via Waterfall  Lunch, Audley
Ferry, Audley to Cronulla  Surfing demonstration followed by tea at the Pavillion,Cronulla. Return by ferry.
Map by surfresearch.com.au, 2002

Sutherland station, circa 1900
Hiferty page 35

audley boatshed 1900's
Audley Boatshead and Weir, circa 1900.
Hiferty : page35
Duke Kahanamoku, Cronulla Beach February 6th 1915.
i. Warshaw, page 30 (credited as Freshwater, 1914)
ii. Kampion, page 40.(Freshwater, inferred)
iii. Thoms, page 22.

Cronulla beach circa 1905.
Longhurst, page 17

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