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1969  Wayne Lynch Double Ender  7 ft 9" 

MANUFACTURER: John Arnold Surfboards, 142 Gawler Place Adelaide South Australia
SHAPER:  Wayne Lynch (?)
DESIGN: Double Ender: Wayne Lynch Involvment.
DESIGNER: Wayne Lynch
Foam blank with red Glue-line stringer, Volan glassed with oval knee-patch.
Post production leg-rope plug r/h added in 1987.
Length :
inches L2:
Width :
Wide Point :
Nose :
Tail :
Thickness :
 2.75 (est.)
Pod :
Nose Lift :
Tail Lift :
Weight :
Volume :
Other :


Nose: round 
Tail:  round 
Deck:   rolled 
Bottom:  flat? 
Rails: 50/50 tending down in the tail 

FIN: 10" (est.) GreenoughStage III, orange laminated.
Deck: Large Wayne Lynch Involvment/J.A. Surfboards red/yellow at front sweet spot, above. 
Decal image right, courtesy of
Deck: Wayne Lynch   7' 9"   1007 - pencil on blank. 
Deck: clear 

Catalogue #00004450  Puchased/donated 17/11/1988.
Australian National Maritime Museum 2 Murray Street Darling Harbor, Sydney NSW 2001, Australia
See Notes on ANMM.
Exhibited : Surf ! Enviroment Politics and Life 1960 - 1985.
La Perouse Museum, The Cable Station, Botany Bay National Park, Sydney.
12 December 1997 - 13 June 1998.
Curator : Stephen Thompson/NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Photographs by Bob Gumley.
Dimensions, with difficulty by Geoff Cater - with no tape measure, I measured in multiples of a available notebook, and later re-calulated these figures into feet and inches.
This method was unsuitable to calculate any but the basic length and width.

John Arnold Surfboards
John Arnold Surfboards started in South Australia in the late 1950s and, principally through licensing OíNeill Wetsuits (USA), was a major company in the 1960s surf industry.
An advertisment for John Arnold Surfboards, late 1969 lists the shapers as Wayne Lynch, Wayne Dale and Sig Kwiatkowski.
I assume Dale and Kwiatkowski were responsible for the production boards.
An J.A. advertisment late 1970 notes the 'designers' as Wayne Lynch and Wayne Dale and they are available in "All states of Australia -  East and West coast USA - England - France".
Export models were often fitted with fin boxes to faciliate freighting, first with Waveset (one USA circa 1969 example noted, August 2008) and later Simplex fins and boxes.
A Klemm-Bell Sufboards, Torquay, advertisment for mid-late 1971 offers "Wayne Lynch Hand Shapes and
Presumably by now the contact with John Arnold Surfboards had ceased.

Wayne Lynch
Said to have single handedly revolutionised backhand surfing, Wayne Lynch won the European Title in 1968, the Australian Junior Menís Title 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970, and the Bells Beach Junior Title 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969.
After an outstanding competitive record as a junior, began shaping circa 1967, see below.
He starred in Paul Witzigís films Evolution 1968 (Wayne Lynch rides at least seven different boards in this film, shot in about12 months; illustrating the rapid design changes in this period) and Sea of Joy 1971.

An excellent example of this design in near original condition (except for the leg rope plug, still waxed) by one of Australiaís most famous surfers.
Note that "Invovlment" is spelt  incorrectly on the decal and in advertising copy, it should be Involvement.
The template image is not square due to obsuring objects on display.
Template image is poor and there is no image of the markings.

Other John Arnold Surfboards
Recorded pencil markings indicate the progressive reduction in length of 16'' from 1968 to 1970:
Wayne Lynch   7' 9"   1007 (this board)
WAYNE LYNCH 7'1"   1603 David Grimshaw

6' 4"  WAYNE LYNCH  2416 

Carter: Surf Beaches (1968), Cover photograph of Wayne Lynch and Keith Paull (going right).
Paull was the 1968 Australian champion, Lynch the Junior champion.
Young: Natís Nat (1998) page 177, and following.
Walding: Surf-o-rama (2008) pages 42 to 45.

Advertisement: Surf International 1969 Vol 2 #6.

Film :
Evolution 1968 Paul Witzig
Sea of Joy 1971. Paul Witzig
On Any Morning  1974  David Sumpter, 
Fall Line 1979  Nat Young, 
CONDITION: 9, shame about the plug.

Early Wayne Lynch shaped board, circa 1967.
Possibly the first.
Jimi Hendrix influenced art work by Simon Buttershaw.
7 ft x 23 inches @ 12 inches
Nose 17 inches. Tail 17 3/4 inches
Features : Full Vee bottom, deepest at tail. Chamfered diamond tail.
Note : Small square tail is obsured by grass.
Fin appears to be in a box (unusual for the period), or reset, or non-original.
Image cropped and digitally manipulated from
Australian Long Boarding Number 19 January/February 200? page 59
Photograph by Bob Smith
Scanned photograph is a rare early shot of Wayne Lynch, circa 1965
Probably Barrie Sutherland
from Pollard, Jack (ed.) :Ampolís Sporting Recordspage 607.
Needs to be bigger.-ed.
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Geoff Cater (1998-2018) : Wayne Lynch Involvment, 7ft 9'' 1968.