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the catalogue #26 
1967- 1968  Gordon and Smith,  Vee Bottom   7 ft 7"
MANUFACTURER: Gordon and Smith Surfboards  Captain Cook Rd Caringbah
SHAPER: Floyd Smith (Mick Mock, October 2005)
DESIGN: Vee Bottom Stubby
DESIGNER: Midget Farrelly/Bob McTavish
Stringerless foam blank with volan glass, knee  patch, wide resin pinlines.
Wide Point: 
-ve 5
Nose : 
17 1/2
Weight :
Nose: round
Tail: square
Deck: flat
Bottom: flat, round, deep vee tail
Rails: thin/round
Rocker: distinct
11 1/2" x 11" base 16'' span @ 9 1/2''. 
Hy-Performance, Mike Hyson
Gordon and Smith Surfboards USA, 1967 
Thanks to Paul D. Gross
Gordon and Smith multi colour paisley at pod.
Image left
 Gordon and Smith/Sydney Australia
small red/black rectangle at nose.
Image below.
Deck: 9180 -  pencil on tail
Deck: Clear, square volan knee patch
Bottom: Clear with parrallel black and yellow 1/2" pinlines at rail lap
# 26 G and S Paisley 67
Purchased 1985 with snapped fin. 
Non - Volan repairs.
Fin repacement by Jackson Surfboards, 1995.
Template reconstructed from remnant fin base.by Geoff Cater.
Template confirmed by Paul D. Gross via email as Mike Hyson Hy-Performance for Gordon and Smith Surfboards USA, 1967 
Thanks to Paul D. Gross
Offered for sale at Mick Mock's Sydney Surf Auction, Mona Vale, October 2005.
Catalogue # 252   : 7'7'' c.68 Vee bottom, clear with thick pinlines black/yellow on bottom 8/10.
Purchased by Ken Scotton ,who wrote in November 2005...
"Hi Geoff
I recently purchased the G&S vee bottom stubbie shown in your register as #26, evidently latest history update ( Mick Mock) is that the board was shaped by Floyd Smith during a visit to Australia.
I hope you might consider updating the history on the board.

I also have a Shane mal which is number 160, much the same as #159 in the catalogue but with the original reverse dorsal fibreglass fin, I bought it from the original owner in 1978 for $50.
Would you like to add this board to the register or is it too similar ?

Keep up the good work on the site, I am a great fan of vintage surfboards and the history that surrounds them."
Shapers details for #26 (previously 'Unknown') have been updated.

In May 2008, Ian Nicol noted in an email:
"I saw a v-bottom Gordon and Smith board in your catalogue (#26). 
I had one which I purchased from Steve Ash while at Noosa in about 1968 (Feb) which he had bought from Keyo (Surfboards, Brookvale). 
It was roughly 7 1/2 feet and went very well in the 6' surf at National Park at the time (and uncrowded maybe 10 surfers max). 
I cannot remember what happened to it."
Given the board was purchased second hand in February 1968, Ian's recollection is confirmation that boards of this design and dimensions were common in Sydney before the end of 1967.
Many thanks to Ian for his contribution.
For an extended history of the development of vee bottom boards see:
history: a period of transition 1967-1968
Between February  and November 1967 intensive competition between Sydney manufacturers and their stable of surfer/shapers (primarily Midget Farrelly (Surfboards), Palm Beach and Bob McTavish at Keyo Surfboards, Brookvale) saw length reduce from 9 ft to 7ft. inches
Reduction in length was a major step forwards in performance with a tighter turning arc.
This saw a concentration on the tail area to improve turning....
- the widepoint was moved back, and in some cases emphasised.
- deep vee panels in the bottom
- wide planning tail, in many cases with a chamfered tail to adjust water flow.
- Greenough style flex fins were standard and fin placement was advanced towards the back foot
The nose was now only two steps away (not four), and nose riding was not overlooked...
- the nose retained a wide round profile, and sometimes featured a concave
Volume lost by length reduction was offset by increasing width and the deep vee tail and many top surfers continued to kneel paddle, although average surfers could only paddle these boards prone.
- the use of deck patches is common
- many boards continued with a stringerless blank. 
Rocker was slightly increased, with a bit more nose lift.
Rails retained the standard 50/50 egg thin rail.
Standard Greenough style fins got finer and longer, in experimentation with extreme flex. Some fins snapped above the base, many show warp or twist.
Colour was mostly clear, with decor restricted to decals, volan overlaps and patches.
Resin pinlines or pannels were rare, Pigment/tint rarer.
Usually only one decal, placed on the deck, at either sweet spot.- note this example has unusual decal placement.
Decals were larger, more colourful and psychedelic/art deco in design, for example the G$S deck decal.
Sub 8 ft probably indicates a latter example of this design
Other Vee Bottoms :
#115  1967   Wallace,  Vee Bottom 7 ft 8"
#168 1967   George Rice, Vee bottom 9ft 
#3   1968   WM, V-bottom 8 ft 3"
Other Gordon and Smith Surfboards :
#109 Gordon and Smith, Noserider 9 ft 7" 1965
#157 Gordon and Smith Bobby Brown model. Shaped by Floyd Smith. 9 ft 3'' 1966
#72 Gordon and Smith, 7 ft shaped by Peter Townend  1976
#73 Gordon and Smith, Lazor Zap 6 ft 1981
Film :
1. Eric Blum The Fantastic Plastic Machine 1969
Footage of Windansea Contest October 1967, Palm Beach.
2. Andy McAlpine : Children of the Sun, 1968
Various locations, Manly and NZ with Bob McTavish and Wayne Parkes.
3. Paul Witzig :  Hot Generation  1968 
Footage at Lahina Harbour and  Honolua Bay Maui. 
4. Greg MacGillivray, and Greg Freeman :  Waves Of Change 1969
American interpretation of the Vee bottom design.
Books :
1. Carter, Jeff :  Surf Beaches of Australia’s East Coast, 1968
2. Brian St. Piere : The Fantastic Voyage, 1969
3. Warshaw, Matt :  Surfriders – In Search of the Perfect Wave, 1997 
Page 73 - Revolution
4. Nat's Nat, pages162 to166.
Magazines :
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CONDITION: 8 - non original fin

Gordon and Smith Vee Bottom
Kiama Surfrider Foundation Single Fin Contest,  Werri Beach, 2001
Photo/Charles McCammon


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