pods for primates: a catalogue of surfboards in australia since 1900
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1915 Solid wood Alaia
Church Window, Gothic

1935 Tom Blake Hollow Paddle Board
Australian Racing 16, Cigar Box, Kook Box

1935 Redwood - Balsa Laminate Surfboard 11 ft
Swastika Model

1935 Redwood - Pine Chambered Surfboard
Wakiki Model

1935 Redwood - Pine Mitred and Laminated Prone Board
Toboggan Model

1935 Redwood or Pine Juvenile Board

1953 Styrofoam Surfboard

1935 Solarbo Balsa Boards
English prone boards

1954 Fibreglassed  Balsawood Surfboard
Design by Matt Kivlin

1956 Fibreglassed Malibu

1964 How Surboards are Made
Greg McDonagh

1965 Phil Edwards' Hobie Noserider

1970 Bob Cooper on Surfboard Magic
Subjectivity in surfboard design

1972 Solid Wood Board
Reproduction by Snow McAlister

1973 Duncan and Malcom Cambell's Bonzer

1974 Stinger by Ben Apia

1976 TinklerTail

1976 Terry Fitzgerald and Rod Ball Ski Tail

1976 Nat's Backhand Board

1976 Bob McTavish : Classic (Shortboard) Design

1976 Bob McTavish : Spoon Construction

1977 Fluted Diamond Tail Kneeboard

1978 Bob McTavish : Asymmetric Design

1981 Simon Anderson : Thruster

1981 Peter Townend : Bi-fin

1981 Terry Fiztgerald : Drifta III

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home catalogue history references appendix

Geoff Cater (1999-2013)  : History : Source Documents : Plans and Specifications.