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  Surfresearch regularly contributes content to the highly recommended

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Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center,
incorporating Malcom Gault-Williams' Legendary Surfers

All this listing, checking and linking is a pain.
Sites are constantly added to the net at an increasing rate, sites are changing their address, addresses are changing into other sites and sites are disappearing completely.
Many sites who's primary function is to list other sites are full of holes (not found at this address or a variation of).
I will now (March 15, 2000) only add sites to this page if they have particular relevance to Pods for Primates or are in some way outstanding/highly unusual.
If you find something that is really important to you, then either save it digitally or print it out.
There is no guarantee that it will be there the next time you look for it.

Above categories are based on the relevance to Pods for Primates, some sites have multiple entries. Accessories companies' sites are not generally listed unless they contain some design/historical/cultural content. There are likewise no weather/cam sites, these can be accessed via the Surfing Links list or the Enthusiasts (by region) list, both below.You could also try 
History and Culture

Film/Video Note: Film posters are listed under Surf Art.


          A Complete Guide to Surf Related Articles: Surfboards, Fins, Leashes, Traction Pads, Surfboard Racks, Surf Photography and more
Hornet Watersports design and manufacture aquatic sporting products such as SUP and Dragon Boat paddles.

Surfboard Fins by Figgy Fins, -USA.
Torquay Fin Company, - Torquay, Vic, Australia

Surf Art/Photography

Technical Reports/Commentary

Weather and Cams (sorry, lied about weather listings. These are here for my personal use)

Surf Links Sites

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Magazines and Journals

 Manufacturers and Retailer
                    Note: 1.Check List Web Sites and Enthusiast/Club Sites for further manufacturer listings.
                   2.Modern marketing, international brand liscencing and the development of contract glassing has seen the bluring of the distinction between factory outlets and retail shops. Shops have always acted as agents (stock and custom) for specific brands, but now many carry in-house brands.
Awaiting Classification
M C D - More Core Division
Boarding America, gateway to surfing and bodyboarding
 ShorelifeSurfCo Website
Extreme Surfboard
Flint Surfboards, quality designer and producer of custom surfboards
Duke Longboard's Homepage
Boards by fat cat
Surfboard bamboo?
Greg Sauritch Surfboards: A History
da Donkey Surfboards Main Menu

Bulkley Surfboards
Furcat Custom Next Generation Surfboards
Garibaldi Point Surfboards
BAT Surf Designs
 P r o c t o r S u r f b o a r d s
Kazuma Surfboards
Choka Surfboards.
inTERNATIONAL water:surfshop:surfboards
OceanGear Surf Shop
Creation Surfboards
Leucadia Surfboards
 The Beach Scene Shop
 Dean Cleary Surfboards
Craig Hollingsworth Surfboards
Perfect Wave Surf Shop
blacker surfboards and fins
Ott Surfboards
Roland Surfboards
Paul Kotzebue Surfboards/Longboards

Geraghty Surfboard

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