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1962 The Atlantics: Bombora-single(instumental) and album.

1963 Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs - the King of Surf City, Kings Cross

1964 The Delltones: Hangin' Five - single, in the style of  The Surfaris Surfer Joe.

Byrell, John: Bandstand- and all that.
Kangaroo Press Ltd
3 Whitehall Road, Kenthurst, NSW, Australia PO Box 6125, Dural Delivery Centre, NSW 2158, 1995.

Page 74

The Manly Surfie Songwriter-Cop

'Surf City', the tune, remained the international surfie anthem until the Delltones (Ian 'Pee Wee' Wilson, Noel Weiderberg, Warren Lucas and Brian Perkins) and a detective-sergeant from the Manly police force called Bernard 'Ben' Acton gave Australia its own with 'Hangin' Five (Upon the Malibu)'.
Every beardless youth tried emulating Pee Wee's basso 'Mal-ah-BOOOO' sound.
The song's composer, Det Sgt Acton, had - when he composed the tune - two things going against him.
At 28 he was definitely already over-the-hill for the scene.
And on top of that he was a cop-bull, walloper, pig.

But Ben Acton didn't see it that way.
'I wrote "Hangin' Five" because I wanted people - even those who'd never been on a surfboard - to get some idea of just how it feels to catch a big 'un and ride it in,' he explained.
'I really dug the surfie scene.
Us blokes used to drive across to the eastern suburbs to the dances at Maroubra and Bronte.
They were the first clubs to get the surf dances going.
'After I wrote "Hangin' Five" I got to know the Dellies and Col Joye and Little Pattie and a whole lot of names when I used to visit Festival Records for recording sessions.'
'Hangin' Five' took out the 1964 Best Australian Record award and Det Sgt Acton was flown down to Melbourne for the awards night.

Everything was rolling like a Maroubra surf for Det Sgt Acton of Manly when all of a sudden the ripe stuff hit the fan.
'I got a report in from police headquarters which stated that I couldn't have two incomes.
I was more or less asked to make up my mind whether I wanted to be a surfie-songwriter or a cop.
I gave away the composing.'
Coincidentally, Ben Acton belonged to Freshwater SLSC which also had as a junior member another Bernard-'Midget' Farrelly. Acton, who won the 'Freshie' board titles in 1960 and '61, became a kind of 'big brother' mentor to Midge.
'Midget was only about 14 when I got to know him, and was always going to be a terrific surfer,' said Ben Acton.
'But he seemed to hold back a bit from some of the bigger waves.
I had a bit of a go at him about it. I think I may have helped him along a bit faster towards becoming the great boardrider he was.
'Anyway, the stomp was the great big dance around the beaches and later on we started having some good regular dances over our way.
One of the best stomp shows around was the Canopus Room at Manly.'

1965 Little Pattie : Stompin' at Maroubra -single
He's My Long Haired Stompy-Wompy Real Gone Surfer Boy -single

1965 Digger Revell : My Little Rocker's Turned Surfie -single

1965 (Sir) Robert Helpman :      xxx        -single, Australia's premier ballet dancer, subsequently coreographer and knighted 

1968 Tamun Shud : Evolution -soundtract album

1970 Tamun Shud/Tully : Sea of Joy - soundtract album

1973 Skyhooks -singer Shirlrey Straun(sp?), surfer. 

1975 Midnight Oil - singer Peter Garrett, bodysurfer
                             -Wedding Cake Isle -single (instrumental), Wedding Cake Island is off Coogee Beach, Sydney and stops most swells from hitting the beach. 

1977 Mental As Anything - strong surf culture influence, particually in the art of lead guitarist, Reg Mombassa. See Mambo.
                                        -Blacktown to Bondi - album track, (Blacktown is an inland Sydney suburb, Bondi a beach)
                                        - Surf and Mull and Sex and Fun - album track
Single cover for
Let's Go to Paradise b/w
My Hands are Tied 1986
Cover design : Reg Mombassa
Single cover for 
Date with Destiny b/w
Surf & Mull & Sex & Fun 1984
Single cover for Sloppy Croc
b/w Sloppier Croc 1986
from the soundtrack to
Crocodile Dundee
Single cover for 
Rock and Roll Music b/w
Apocalyso (recorded live at World Expo '88) 1988
from the soundtrack to
Young Einstein

1979 Australian Crawl - Sons of Beaches - album
                                   - Daughters of the Northern Coast - album track
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Jeans -diposals shops,boardshorts, tee shirts (logos), sneakers, thongs,duffle coats, plaid shirts-tucked in, Canadian Jackets, Pea Jackets,, Hawaiian shirts,high topped boardshorts- Platts, White Stag Paisley wetsuit,1967 Flower power, hats, Asian -cotton pants/Indian shirts,Ugg boots -Shane, cordoroy -pants/shorts, Cool -black  versus Rad multi-colour wetsuits,Crystal Cylinders, Kream, Billabong/Quicksilver, 1980's rad/colour, Beach Comber Bill's - wedge thongs,

Horse and cart, train,boat-Duke Kahanamoku, truck-surfboats, surf clubs, first cars, bread vans , boat to Hawaii, Malibu - demise of LSClubs, cars, bikes, Storaboard - Manly Ferry, VW Bug & Kombi, Holden station wagon/Sandman, Shaggin Wagon-panelvan, Spray Art, Back window - Chrysler Drifta  ?, MR Porche, 4 wheeldrive - Subaru, Utes, Hatch backs - demise of roof rack, Vans - sailboarders, International travel -plane, Oil crisis,

Beach report 1912, Maxwell - promenade, Surf club buildings,
1960 Christians exalted not to litter
Sandming 1960's
Nuclear power 1970's - Ian Cohen versus the US Navy
Sewage outfall protests 1980'sm

Tony Edwards : Captain Goodvibes - The Whole Earth Pigalogue,
Tracks Publishing circa 1975
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