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Barry Taylor #
Mal  Veigel    XPRESSOBERON@aol.com wrote on 20.07.2001:

Many thanks for your interest and information.
I have readjusted the date for #159 to 1973 and added your (slightly edited) comments
with a credit.
Follow Up

Fluid Foil Surfboards
I was wondering if you could tell me a little about my board. It is a Fluid
Foils with a box fin and is channelled. I would like to know about its
history, age etc.  (Images supplied)

David DiRado

Fluid Foils was a decal/label used by Shane Surfboards about 1977-8 for Channel Beetail (triple flyer pin or round tail) models by Jim Pollard. This was after Col Smith (Newcastle) won a Pipeline Masters riding one.
The design was also manufactured at the same time by Free Flight Surfboards Ballina
by Phil Myers. These were decaled as Col Smith Channel Design - see Catalogue  :
1979 #64, from #64 comments... Jim Pollard/Col Smith (Newcastle)'s Channel bottom design.
 Jim Pollard was originally inspired by an article, ''Groove Ridge Theory'' by Jim
Richardson and Art Shafer (both USA), circa 1975 and possibly printed in Surfer or
Surfing magazine. It detailed experiments using flexible polyurethane rubber ridges
stuck to the bottom. It concluded that it improved lift and increased directional stability
arcoss a range of designs and lengths. In 1976 -1977 at Noosa Queensland, Jim
Pollard had developed a conventional pintail with six(some eight) channels nose to
tail, running parrallel to the rails and exiting at matching flyers. This model test ridden
by Peter Cornish, Steven Butterworth and Col Smith, all Newcastle surfers.  By 1979
the design was modified to straight channels (parrallel to stringer) in the rear 2/3rd,
still exiting at the flyers. This design had international exposure with  successful
contest results by Col Smith (Newcastle), notably a win in the Pipeline Masters in
1979? It was manufactuered in Australia by both Shane Surfboards, Brookvale (Jim
Pollard Fluid Foils) and Free Flight Surfboards, Ballina (Col Smith Channel
 From the 1978 Channels were common features on a variety of designs, for example
the small flutes on some Mark Richards Twin fins -see #40, and Laurie/Phil Byrne's
Clinker Botton Twin fin, circa 1981. Present on many Single,Twin and Thruster  fin
boards of the period, they also appeared on kneeboards (-see #58) and sailboards.
 The Channels became more subtle features through the 1980's, virtually
disappearing from design by 1990.
 Note 1. Channels could be seen as a specific application of concave theory.
 Note 2. Design precedent : Greg Noll Surfboards 'da Cat' model 1967, see
 Schiffer, Nancy N;   :  Surfing
 Schiffer Publishing Ltd.  4880 Lower Valley Road Atglen PA 19310  1998  page 67
Your Board
Probably a later period 1979-1980 board from Shane Surfboards, Brookvale. Four
channels are unusual, they started at eight and became less radical over time. Could be
shaped by anyone working at Shane's at the time - if shaped by Jm Pollard more likely
to have a decal saying such somewhere on the board - clean around stringer/tail and
have a good look for pencil marks, they may be even under some spray colour.
Some dimensons may have been of interest, also fin  template photo. You could clean
the wax off next time you take deck photos.

Hope this has been of some assistance,

Paipo # 204
Dear Geoff The photo at bottom of page of a bellyboard rider is me, Leigh Tingle.  Taken at Haliewa
  Oahu January 1964 using the existing balsa fibreglass bellyboard made by Scott Dillon, Noel Ward
  and Gordon Woods in February 1958.  It is now 43 years old and still going strong. If I remember
  correctly it was from the Surfabout magazine. A replica has just been finsihed by my son Sam for a
  school Tutot\r Task. Regards Leigh Tingle
Dear Leigh,
Many thanks for your information, I have been hopefully awaiting further contact from you
about your board. I have constantly have had email problems and had lost your address.

I have added your credited comments to the photo on #113, and at #204 where the
photo is used again.
Have made sure i have your address and will be in contact.
Geoff Cater

Positive Comment
05 Aug 2001
rjbegley@acm.org wrote:
Congratulations! The surfboard site is absolutely amazing! Its breadth and detail show an incredible investment of time and energy to the benefit of the surfing community.
 Many thanks,
Thank you for your email, positive comments are always welcome.

Peter Cornish
Hi Geoff,I hope you can help me or steer me in the right direction. I now have 2 boards shaped by
  Peter Cornish, ( I am starting a bit of a collection of old boards) and I am wanting to know more about him and possibly date the boards. One board is a 6'6" pintail and has no brand but just a small sticker that says "shaped by Peter Cornish" with a bird logo at either end. I believe it is a mid to late 60's board. The other board is a 6'6" as well and is a swallow tail single fin. It is a Barry Bennett board also shaped by Peter. Any info you could give me would help. You can contact me on
  bret_c@hardcore.com.au which is my work email. thanks
Bret Connolly
Peter Cornish (off the top of my head)...
-Newcastle surfer, goofy foot
-started surfing 1962 on a 4 ft 6'' surf-o-plane Merewether
-some early contest successes in 1968-9
-probably shaped for Newcastle manufacturers before moving to Sydney circa 1969
-shaped for Keyo Surfboards (featured in advertising) Brookvale 1969
-shaped primarily for Shane Surfboards, Mitchell Road Brookvale,
and others (was not aware, but not suprised, PC at Barry Bennett Surfboards as noted
-Moved to Cresent Head with Shane Surfboards (featured in advertising) circa
-Shaper at Sea Jewel Surfboards Kempsey NSW 1977.
-Jim Pollard/Col Smith (New) Channel Bottom #64: In 1976 -1977 at Noosa
Queensland, Jim Pollard had developed a conventional pintail with six(some eight)
channels nose to tail, running parrallel to the rails and exiting at matching flyers. This
model was test ridden by Peter Cornish, Steven Butterworth and Col Smith, all
Newcastle surfers.
-Continued shaping at Cresent Head - Kempsey area 1979 to ? under several labels,
including Peter Cornish Surfboards
-Not related to Warren Cornish, Bondi - Cornish Surfboards Byron Bay

Sorry - half of the above is wrong  : There are two (2) Peter Cornish's ...
    According to Surfing World magazine Vol 12 No. 2, page 11 circa 1969 ...
One was working for Shane Surfboards and the other was in Newcastle shaping as
Peter Cornish Surfboards. I am unable to say who did what, it is possible that your
boards are from two different shapers!

The Boards (Photographs would help)
1. 6' 6" pintail : could be as early as 1969, but as late as 1980. Consider...
Width - the  wider the earlier
Thickness - the thicker the earlier
Fin Box - later than 1973
Glass - Volan rail overlaps, before 1973
Decor - resin tints/pigments before 1972  -  spray colour after 1972.  Does decor look like custom order
or stock board?
Leg rope plug - if factory fitted then after 1975/6
Clean wax and look for markings
small sticker that says "shaped by Peter Cornish" with a bird logo at either end : this could be best clue if you could find a board or magazine advertisement that uses the same logo
2. 6'6" as well and is a swallow tail single fin : could be as early as 1972, but as late as 1980. Consider...
Decal - if not standard Bennet Diamond could assist to date board
Flyers - usually with swallow tail
Width - the  wider the earlier
Thickness - the thicker the earlier
Fin Box - later than 1973
Glass - Volan rail overlaps, before 1973
Decor - resin tints/pigments before 1972  -  spray colour after 1972.
Does decor look like custom order or stock board?
Leg rope plug - if factory fitted then after 1975/6
Clean wax and look for markings

See if you can make any sense of this, hope it has been some help.
Geoff Cater

Blake Paddleboard
bruce.v.cowie@mainroads.qld.gov.au wrote:
 I found your 'Pods for Primates' on the internet and was telling a friend who is an old surfer. He is interested in the plans for the 1940 Blake Hollow Paddle Board but we can not read the dimensions or text  and he is thinking of making one.
 If you have the original articale on how to make it  could you please send it to us by either email as per above or fax 07 55838339 Atten: Bruce Cowie or mail to PO Box 50 Currumbin QLD 4223 .
 I am not a surfer myself but found your Pods for Primates great reading .
Bruce, Yes and no.
1. I do not have an original article.
2. Copies of the original article are rare and highly sought by surf collectors.
3. The web page copy was sent to me by an associate, scanned at at size so that
dimensions could not be read.
4. I believe the article also has some instruction text and photographs.
5. Coincidentally, I have just arranged to acquire my own copy from the US, this usuallly takes about four to six weeks, depending on mail. Please note this email and contact me in about  early October and I may have further information. I am consistantly having email problems and I am in the middle of changing severs, so I may not be able to access this in the future.
Thank you for your complimentary words,

New Zealand Surfboard Auction
"Geoff Smith (WP)" wrote:
Hi Geoff,
I recently came across a site that you may be interested in.  It is at www.highvoltage.co.nz , and is a collection of historical boards - mainly some famous NZ shapers, but some Aussies - mainly 60's & 70's boards with planshape photos of approx. 150 boards - length & year of manufacture, in .PDF printable format (although it did take forever to print the 40 odd pages - even on our high speed networked HP4V laser).
I didn't read all the blurb, but I gather the whole collection is up for sale by tender.
Stay in trim,
Geoff Smith - DV8's
PS Still enjoy looking through your collection!!! - have you manged to
  recover all your files yet???
Hi Geoff,
Thanks for the pointer, you were right -  the whole collection is up for sale by tender/auction. A few very interesting boards, illustrating how much Australian trends influenced New Zealand. It sure took quite a while to check them all out.
Please check Board # 159 on my page, photos from the last Old Mal Rally, Windang.
Would you have any idea who owns the board, I would like to get some more details about it.
All the files have been either retrieved or re-writen, extra boards added and the whole thing reformatted about 4 weeks ago on a new server.
Thanks again for the note,Geoff. 

Daved Marsh's Waterlog
Geoff Cater wrote:
Daved Marsh The Waterlog
I was deeply petrubed to find recently that your extensive bibliographical resource is not currently
available on-line. Please accept my sympathy for your technical difficulies and I look foreward to the
new edition.
You may/may not find of the following suggestions of some use...
1. Extensive publishing details more most standard works can be found at abebooks, on-line second hand book index.
(Links may not work, let me know if further details required) - they didn't.
Search independently for surfing - surf - surfboard - beach in Keywords.
From these lists search Author, if multiple tiles are available then often there are various publishers,
editions, and hard/soft covers listed, eg Mark Warren's Atlas of Australian Surfing has three editions, the lastest a glove-box size.
2. Some, mostly Australian, books are listed at www.surfresearch.com.au
  Link : References Link: Books
  Please use anything from here that will help you get back on-line.
  Note that each book page has a link to The Waterlog, please let me know when you
  are back and I
  will adjust the links.
  There are also some information on magazines (link in References).
  Good luck and hope to hear from you soon,
  Geoff Cater

  Sympathy and Understanding : I have been struggling with technical disasters
  myself, multiple
  crashes in January 2001 meant the loss of a total rework of the site (6 months work)
  and mulptiple
  loss of Bookmarks, Addressbooks and email files. I was able to download the original
  work from
  the sever and after changing severs,  the reformated version was uploaded, another
  six months later
  in July. It was only then, when checking my uploads, that I realised the
  non-appearrance of The
  Message 2 : The links do not work in first email, if this is not right let me know and I will
  try again.
Hey Geoff,

The revamp is going pretty well, thanks for the kind offer of help, there're
quite a few books that you cite, that I haven't. I'll probably leave it like that (no sense
re-inventing the wheel, as they say), so I can point people to your site, which I've enjoyed

often. Great work, really clean layout, which I'm always appreciative of...

As I'm working on the links page of my site, I'm wondering if there's a logo/image
you'd like me to use for the link to you. I've designed my page as to display small
banner-format images of the various logos, with text desription underneath.
Shall I use the 'boards`primates.jpg' that's on your pages? And do you prefer
or pods for primates? I love that phrase, but it seems to apply more to the boards
rather than the whole site, so I'm not sure...

Other questions: Have you done much research into the surf fiction side? There's a few
Australian titles I've heard about, but not seen. "Hot Sands" by Bruce Beaver is one.
Also, I've come across an Australian edition of one of the (U.S.) "Operation Hang 10"
series, and am wondering if they all were released there. A secret agent series, 9 titles
written by Patrick Morgan.

That's about it for now, I have the articles section redone, and most of the books
section, and
am adding a separate "Surfploitation" section (formerly Surf Sleaze) as well as galleries
of covers,
comics, and advertisements...Phew! I'll let you know when it's all loaded up.
Daved Marsh 

New Oceanic Surfboards
Hi Geoff,

I was at the STOMP pointscore yeasterday and one of the guys had just got
hold of an old mal.  It looks to me to be '65-'66 vintage, although a little
difficult to tell becasue the fin appears to have been re-foiled to
something you are more likely to see on a '67-'68 'end of the era' type

The brand is (Custom board by) New Oceanic.  On the stringer at the tail is
pencilled 996 (so presumably they made a few boards), Gill (purchaser /
shaper?) and 9'3".  It also has a Waverley Beach permit sticker (sorry can't
remember the year) on the nose.

Have you come across this manufacturer in your research???

Regards, Geoff Smith
I have no knowledge of this label.
Permit date would be a good indication of manufacture date.
I have added this to the shapers/manufacturers list on the web page so something may turn up in the future.
Also, have added Bill Morris's G&S Bobby Brown model to the catalogue #157, but have a few missing details, mostly about the fin.
Also, also, I came across a 1974 -1978 ? Skipp single fin, spray foil deck in very battered condition with shapers label "Kevin Parkinson". From memory someone in the DV8's had an interest in Kevin's boards but I was not sure if this one qualifies.

"J. Ruffels"  <ruffels@pacific.net.au> wrote:
Dear Geoff,
Enjoyed your Web site, Thanks. I should like to make contact with Alison Lee
who emailed you about her father, ERNEST SMITHERS ,the inventor of the
Surfoplane(#146).Could you please send her my email address? I am a Bondi
local historian. I have spoken to Neil MacDonald whose father Stan, resigned
from his position as Chief Beach Inspector at Bondi in September 1933, to
take up the Surfoplane and deck-chair franchise at the North groyne on Bondi
Beach.Excluding time at the war, Stan was hiring out surfoplanes, etc (and
spraying on coconut oil for suntans-1937)for
well on 50 years.His wife still attends their kiosk, and was there today.
I would love to look at the scrapbook Alison mentioned.

John , sorry for this long delay.
Alison Lee's email is alisonjlee@optusnet.com.au - attempted three times to insert as link, obviously unsuccessfully.
Your's is #1 in a large pile of surf email to tbe attempted this weekend,
Alison changed her address in Jan 2002,
and I will add your request to my reply to her notification email - about #17.
I haved added a paragraph about Stan to #146 (edited and credited) which will be uploaded soon.
Please report any problems or diffficulties.
Thank you for your interest,  Geoff.

jarmanplatt@tac.com.au 10.29.02

Apologies for the delay but masive technical problems have meant I've been off line for two months. I did get your previous email just before the crash but was able to respond.
Will send move information this weekend - however now have scanner problems (a major tool) so will be a bit limited.

jarmanplatt wrote:

Geoff         I've tried e-mailing you some imfo about the King step tail . I received your e-mail with the photo attached. I understand you must be busy and may have not had a chance to reply, or possibly the e-mail did not arrive at your end. Please let me know and I will send the e-mai l to you. David.

beachbum@netspace.net.au     11.07.02
I have been off line for a couple of months  and  now snowed under with outstanding email.
I think the answer is Hoole- McCoy Videos,
Try 02 6684 7304. This is an old number from my files and may not be current. If it connects it may give a mobile number which is more direct.
I'm sure this is in current release, alternatively try a large surfshop (usually longboard  focused) and if they don't have it they can probably order it.
I regulary get requests about videos and need to follow some of this up for myself.
If  I turn up  anything I will let you know.

Ed wrote:

Hi Geoff, Can you advise me where I might be able to hold of a copy of the 1982 Storm Riders   Hoole / McCoy Video? Kind Regards,Ed ScheepmakerDirectorBeach Bums Pty Ltd

stephenptaranto@hotmail.com   11.10.02
Thank you for your email, which is slightly daunting.
1. Currently I have constant technical, work and other problems.
2. I'm 3 months behind in emails (now working backwards).
3. Although the period is of great interest to me, at present I'm firmly stuck in 1915 and trying to find out everything I can about Duke Kahanamoku in Australia.
4. despite 1, 2 and 3 above I am always keen for interesting contributions.
5. Please check the page that details the catalogue spcifications and details the current fomatting.
It is fairly complex and time consuming . Have a look and get back to me with any problems.
Find the page via...
Appendix - Correspondence - Contributions -  Catalogue specifications
Or  you can get there by  Catalogue - Catalogue Menu - Catalogue specifications. The page  file name is...
Obscurity : In the  1990's a retail sailboard shop at La Perouse Sydney used the brand Sea Level , and I think made sailboards.

Stephen P. Taranto wrote

Dear Geoff,     This site is very impressive and the most comprehensive site of it's kind that I have come across. Hours of enjoyment and nostalgia! It is also an excellent reference source for future development. "....in order to move forward, you must occasionally look back......", don't know exactly who said that, but I think it is quite true.     In the early 80's I worked for surfboard manufacturer, "Sea Level", Brighton, Victoria.     The owner, Rod Stock, was a civil engineer and thus a bit of a technocrat. He did a great deal of experimental/development work with surfboard shapes. From the very early 70's to the present. Example ,he used to have a CAD CAM fin foiling machine in the mid 80's.  We spent a lot of time maintaining the rage against the "thruster". Twin fins,  wide based (keel) fin twinnies, four fins, twin fins with stabiliser fin, single fins etc., various channel bottoms     I actually still have a just a few of the boards that we made 20 years ago and I also have quite a few photographs of others. I am sure he has quite a few photographs too. I might be able to encourage him to make some of those available also.     If you are interested, I would love to add them to your catalogue, with a bit of background information.     What resolution do the pics need to be scanned at? I will try to follow your format and send one or two that I have on hand. e you later Stephen TarantoPeth, W.A. since 2000
Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.grisoft.com).
Version: 6.0.408 / Virus Database: 230 - Release Date: 24/10/2002

Hi just letting you know the latest update,

Renowned in the surfing industry for producing the hugely successful POD
handboard, POD Design has unveiled its hottest new product - the POD surfing

Designed for surfers, body boarders to body surfers and, of course, POD
handboard enthusiasts, the POD fins are set to take wave-riding to new heights
around the globe.

Pod fins are manufactured in Australia using the "new pod method of
construction" Consisting of different natural buoyant rubber compounds laminated
together. A unique feature of each fin is the splay rails, which 'fan' the water
outwards, making it easier to kick. These rails, combined with the symmetric
blade on the front of each fin, provide excellent balance, directed thrust,
greater speed and a more powerful kick. The cutting-edge shape of each fin also
helps wearers to refine their wave-holding technique and stability in the water.

The gills in the POD fins were designed to ensure rapid water and sand release
from the foot pocket. The pocket itself has been carefully engineered for a soft
and comfortable fit, while consistent sizing means surfers can now find the
perfect fins for their feet.

"Anthony and I didn't just design the POD fin to look good - the working
fundamentals are there as well," says Vassallo. "Each fin has a unique design
from the centre and is actually intended to become an extension of the foot when
you're in the water. The aim is for wearers to benefit from the extra speed and
performance, but be hardly aware that they're wearing fins at all."

The POD fins are available in dark blue with a distinctive yellow foot pocket.
>From all good surf shops at a RRP of $90.

For more information please go to www.podfins.com.au

Thank you

Shane Vassallo
3. Hi Geoff,

Thank you for updating you web site, there seems to be an error the link "url"
the address should be http://www.podhandboards.com/



Pod Design Pty. Ltd.
Ph: +61 2 96611996
Fax: +61 2 96611997
Mobile: +61 2 0412 89 2000

briddick@myconnection.com.au   11.13.02
Hi Geoff First time I've been to your site. I like it. I held that Barry Taylor in my own hands at that second hand shop in Nowra. It was April 2000. I was on my way home from a disastrous trip to Victoria. I spent my last $30 on a "South of the Border" twinnie when the lady in the second hand shop in Nowra said...."oh and I have another board under the house which you might like". She brought it back and my face must have told a story. She offered it to me for $65 before I actually saw it and then another woman walks into the shop and says to her...."Ring my husband..he'll tell you what it's worth". Suddenly it was no longer for sale. Bit of a bummer. I collect boards to ride and the twinnie is a shocker. Currently riding a "Ziegler 6'7" single fin which is producing the goods for me on head high days around Ulludulla. Only had it for a month and I'm looking forward to taking it out in something a little more serious. I wonder how much that lady ended up getting for the Barry Taylor?? CheersBrendan
The short story...
Before April 2000 I sold some second hand furnitre and goods to the shop owner, some of which she took .
The large items were to be collected at at later date, but were not.
When the boards arrived at the shop I got the same story about having the board valued etc etc and never a actual price.
This happened several times.
Finally I insisted  the oustanding furniture had to be moved, and offered to deliver it to the shop.
On delivery when asked what I wanted as payment, I took the board.
How much did the lady get for the board?  Possibly $0.00.
How much did I pay for the board? $40.00 truck hire, $10.00 petrol, 3 hours huffing and puffing, and a heap of hassle.

FOLLOW UP 11.25.02

Hi Geoff Great story..... I love it when boards are aquired in such an unusual manner. If I may tell you just one quick one. My wife and I were looking at property on the south coast mid 2001. We did a drive by at this house in Manyana that was for sale but not occupied. After looking around the front and then the back we decided that we didn't want the house but sitting in the driveway was an imaculate teardrop, 7' long, purple and yellow, shaped by a guy called Dennis Reeves. I had to use all my willpower and self discipline not to put the board under my arm right there and then. I rang the real estate agent, told him I didn't want the house but I wanted the board. He gave me the guys number, I left a message and heard nothing. About 6 weeks later I get a call from the guy (whose name was Cresswell), returning my call. I was blown out. Told him I wanted the board and he told me a long story of how he got the board when he got back from Vietnam in the late 60's, rode Green Island on it regularly etc. I'm thinking this guys gonna want some good money for it. At the end of the story he said I could have it. "Surely I've got to give you something" I said and he's like "no no I would like to see it get used etc." I eventually said look I've got to give you something and in the end he buckled and let me buy him a case of Tooheys Red. I bolted down the coast from Sydney that weekend. I get to the house and there's no Cresswell and no board. He shows up about 3 hours after our agreed time with a mate and I couldn't believe it, these 50 something guys were still in their army greens. Cresswell then broke down in tears about being busted DUI in Nowra the night before. Icouldn't believe it. All I wanted was the board for the bargain price of a case of beer. We finally did the exchange after a few 'Nam stories and I was relieved that the whole thing was over. As I walked backwards to the Kombi he was still talking. I guess persistance finally paid off. Final price on the board: $30 for a case of beer, a tank of petrol for the return trip from Syd-Manyana and one of my precious Sunday afternoons spent waiting around for the beloved Cresswell. Cheers Brendan. Footnote: The teardrop goes great at Sandmines in 1 to 2 foot. Happy Surfing!!

gary.lugg@rmit.edu.au   11.18.02
Thank you for your complimentary email.
The purpose of the site is, I guess, an "historical archive".
The boards are not for sale.
The first enrty, Duke Kahanamoku's 1914 Freshwater board, for example, is insured for $1,000,000.00.
The Catalogue is largely based on my own collection, supplemented by others that are on pulic display, from boards I see at Old Mal Contests, auctions, other local collectors and submitted examples from contributors.
A more expanded rationale is online at Appendix - About This Page.
The file is http://www.surfresearch/a_this_page.html
Please forward any further questions.

Gary Lugg wrote:

quick  note as I have just  discovered your  web site - which  is  wonderful -
what is it's  purpose though - as a  historical archive or  are the  boards on  the web for sale ?
some of the  references to book  videos films etc  is wonderful

Gary Lugg
Manager, Client Relations
Property Services
RMIT University
Phone: 9925 1775
Fax:      9925 3474
E-Mail:  gary.lugg@rmit.edu.au

triumph@zip.com.au   11.20.02
Sorry, I don't think I would be interested .
I would hope I have or have access to  most of this material that is relevant to my research.
I have specific need for some very early Tracks magazines circa 1970 to about 1977, that I am missing, but I would have to check on the issue numbers.
If you have any of this era please let me know.
Generally  magazines are sold as individual copies and price varies greatly on condition and content, which means you have to know what your've got if you want to maximize their value.
Could suggest ads in ...
Trading Post (print and/or online)
For Sale  columns at surf web pages eg www.realsurf.com.au
maybe Tracks mag itself.
As a last resort the dreaded ebay.com.au

Bob Vinnicombe wrote:

I have a lot of modern surfing mags for sale, including "Tracks" & "Wavas". Any interest?

Blair Cording wrote:

Over the last couple of months I have started collecting older boards to both ride and restore and was wandering if there may be any that you may be interested in adding to your page.

The following is a list of a few

7ft 70's McCoy single fin. Has McCoy Decal spray by Shane Egan. Shaped by McCoy

9ft 60's Gordon Woods.

5'8 McGrigor twin fin shaped by Barry King

6ft early 80's McGrigor thruster also shaped by Barry King

5'8 Geoff Darby twin fin

5'5 Sky twin fin shaped by Rodney Dahlberg

5'8 Sky twin fin shaped by Greg M

7ft Geoff Wakefield single fin

7'2? Shane Custom single fin shaped by Vaughn Riley

5'10? Arc surfboard early eighties????? Laser Zap rip off in many of its features especially in the tail and its width. I have no other info on this ugly board.

5'9? Bangalou surf company  thruster, all box fins, shaped by Frank Latta

5'10 Brothers Nielsen twin fin shaped by Nev

 early eighties? 5'11 Energy pro edge thruster shaped by Simon Anderson

5'11 tradewinds single fin. Not sure if shaped by McCabe

I can send photos of most but still have to scan and take of others. If interested please let me know or if you have any more info on any of these boards would be greatly appreciated.

Also thanks heaps for your site as it is a blessing when researching some of the boards I buy


Thank you for your email.
1. I can send photos of most but still have to scan and take of others.
Please check out ...
surfresearch/appendix/correspondence/contributons/catalogue specifications
surfresearch/catalogue/cataloge menu/catalogue specifications. Same Page.
File name should be  http://www.surfresearch/00000000s.html
Please report any difficulties.

2. If interested please let me know
I am snowed under with  web and  work am I am trying to limit  my committments.
Any processing  that you can do, see above , will be most helpful.
In order of preference....

9ft 60's Gordon Woods.
A major manufacturer, under repesented in the catalogue.

5'8 McGrigor twin fin shaped by Barry King
This could be either a 1971-2 design or the later MR design of 1976.
The 1971-2 model is much rarer (many less made). Check catalogue entries ...
1970 # 71 Walsh, Twin fin I  5 ft 4"
1972# 106 Pat Morgan Twin fin I 6 ft 7''
and look for similarities. One sign is the rail overlaps used up to about 1974.
Also check, not very clear imge  of McGrigor ad 1971 at bottom of # 209.

early eighties? 5'11 Energy pro edge thruster shaped by Simon Anderson

7ft Geoff Wakefield single fin
Wakefield were originally a Sydney - western suburbs company, often with lots of colour compared to other builders..
Could be interested in this board, I have some Wakefield advertising of the period.

or if you have any more info on any of these boards would be greatly appreciated.
A few quick comments...
7'2? Shane Custom single fin shaped by Vaughn Riley
More details please and date, possibly from 1976.

7ft 70's McCoy single fin. Has McCoy Decal spray by Shane Egan. Shaped by McCoy
Compare and contrast  1976 McCoy rounded pin # 25.
Is spray signed?

5'10 Brothers Nielsen twin fin shaped by Nev
Early Nev shape before started own company in 1980, I think there a few of these around.

5'10? Arc surfboard early eighties????? Laser Zap rip off in many of its features especially in the tail and its width. I have no other info on this ugly board.
No record of Arc Surfboards, any address details on the decal?
Shows the design was more widespread than just the McCoy models. See 1981 Gordon and Smith # 73
Also shows how designs can be reproduced (at least a close approximation) after a quick look or from photographs
Absolutely obscure observation : Ugly is  a judgement often made by surfers about patricular boards - one Californian manufactuer (Con Surfboards) marketed and decaled one 1960's model as "The Ugly".

5'5 Sky twin fin shaped by Rodney Dahlberg     and       5'8 Sky twin fin shaped by Greg M
Both 1979, MR design.
Greg M is Greg Melhuish
Early Dahlberg shape, pre - sorry can't remember current label.
Interest  would most be in condition, colour and features like rail channels.

5'11 tradewinds single fin. Not sure if shaped by McCabe
I only have a listing for Peter McCabe as Tradewinds shaper, from 1978
Not all boards were/are signed by their shaper.
Unfortunately, in many cases today, the 'signatures' on boards are forgeries.

5'9? Bangalou surf company  thruster, all box fins, shaped by Frank Latta
Bangalow Surf Company ?
all box fins - probably early model, particually if the side boxes were large enough to take Twin fins.
Frank Latta, originally a Cronulla surfer, has probably shaped (continuously) longer and for more Australian boardmakers than anyone else.
He probably started shaping by the mid sixties and is currently shaping for Skipp surfboards in Wollongong.
It would probably be possible to have a collection of boards that covered about every Australian design between 1966 and 2002, all shaped by Frank Latta.

Hope this has been of some help,

iskate@cci.net.au  11.10.02
Great site, I have the book“ DesmondMuirhead Surfing Hawaii” if you would like the cover scanned. I actually have a really large collection of surf memorabilia including records with some really great covers. There is still a few books that I havn’t got yet but it’s the excitement tracking them down and finally getting them. Can’t get “You should have been here an hour ago“, Phil Edwards If you know of anyone with a spare please let me know.
Regards Daniel


Lorraine & Daniel Bond

161 Tuggerah Pde

Long Jetty 2261

Fax 0243338485

PH 0243323357
B PH 0243323370


delavega@lava.net  11.21.02
I hope this finds you well.
My name is Tim DeLaVega and I'm putting together the "Surfing Collectibles
Guide" Series of booklets for collectors and historians.

Presently we are working on putting together the next issue which is called
"200 Years of Surfing literature", publication set for early January.
Your site was mentioned so I'd thought I'd drop a line and see if you'd like
to join T.E.A.M. Surf Guide "Together Everyone Achieves More". I'm working
with Daved Marsh, as his bibliography was our starting point.

As I self publish these so their is no money, but I'll send you a batch of
issues as well as you'll get lots of credit in the issue. It's more about
doing something worth while for surfing as a TEAM...

If your interested I'll send over the TEAM letter and you can decide best
how you can assist.

Nice site, keep up the good work, really a classic and informative site...
Aloha ke Akua, Tim

Tim DeLaVega Photo/Design
P.O. Box 760
Hanapepe, HI 96716
PHONE: 808-335-2704
FAX:   808-335-5469

Hi,I'm writing from Ariel Booksellers, a large independent bookstore in Sydney. We are trying to source the book Surfmovies by Albie Thoms ISBN 0958742030. Our previous supplier was Phil Jarratt in Noosa, but I believe he has moved overseas. If you have any other leads, or if we can buy the book through your website, I would really appreciate your reply.Thanks a lot,TamsinforAriel Booksellers
42 Oxford Street
Paddington NSW 2021 T 61 2 9332 4581  F 61 2 9360 9398

arielbks@bigpond.net.au    11.21.02

Les Cook wrote:

   Hi GeoffI am at present having my Woosley spoon being restored and as part of the process the decal has had to be reproduced.
  This I have done using a computer Auto Cad programme.The name of the shaper was not complete so I used your reference to  Rod Tevs and apon having the decal checked by an old friend in Aus he told me the shaper was in fact  a Rod Teys.

Can you please confirm this. I have attached a copy of the dcal as it was, You may have a image in your records that may be better as I feel parts of ima are not clear enough to copy from,particularly the lower RH portion.
Thanks Les.
Sorry for the delay but I am very busy at present.
Just a short note...
1. I am confident your friend is right, the name is probably Teys.
This is probably a spelling error or an error where/when ever I sourced this - I have no idea where my original
note is, probably from a decal.
2. At present cannot open your images, but having other problems so I will re-check these.
3. I may have a decal photograph (the source?), but  after a quick look I can't find it either. Will also re-check.
4. I would be interested in your methods and results with decal replication.
I did try do do some of this myself and although the images looked OK on the computer, and OK in a normal
print out, the problem was getting the printer to print onto rice paper.
The one or two reasonable decals I printed (only black), I laminated under fibreglass as tests and the ink quickly
faded when exposed to sunlight.
6. I am also interested in the Spoon.
Hope this is a useful start,
I was wondering if you had received my previous email with the decal images attached and had comment.
Sorry for the delay.
I did recieve the emails and the images OK but have not yet checked them out fully.
If you have no heard from me in another 4 weeks, please email again just to keep me on my toes.
Hi Geoff,
  Great website, thought it might help if I could suggest other brands not yet mentioned.
  At the end of the 60's and probably to '72 there was a Surfboard manufacturer on Taren Point Road, Taren Point NSW 2229 called
  Baron Surfboards maybe Frank Latta was one of the shapers.
  Regards, Leigh
Leighricho@aol.com wrote:
Thank you for your complementary email and information.
I have added your contribution to the page with  a credit, to be uploaded about the end of this month.
The Manufacturers' index was done early for the site and was initially compliled from listings in TRACKS
magazine in 1976 through to 1979. Earlier manufacturers have been added as examples have come to notice.
I do have some memory of Baron Surfboards and have updated the entry to read...
Baron Surfboards
1968 Taren Point Road, Taren Point NSW
Baron Sufboards were probably an off-shoot of Peter Clarke Surfboards, manufactued at the same location.
This may have been for business reasons or adoption of a more contemporary name in line with the industry
practice of more colourful and decorative decals in the late 1960's. The decal script was Old English, as
previously used by Shane Surfboards, and the use of a Iron Cross graphic was common on many boards.
Frank Latta, possible shaper, and any other Peter Clarke Surfboards' employee of the period.
See entry for Peter Clarke Surfboards.
There was also  Baron Kneeboards, which may/may not be conected to the original company.
Email contribution 4 Jan 03
At the end of the 60's and probably to '72 there was a Surfboard manufacturer on Taren Point Road,
Taren Point NSW 2229 called Baron Surfboards maybe Frank Latta was one of the shapers.
Thanks to Leigh
Hi Geoff, Iam trying to track down a guy I used to surf with in the early 70's in Auckland New Zealand. I used Google & it threw
  this site up & he was interviewed in on of the Tracks Mags. Do you know what happened to him?---Glyn Acraman
Sorry, I have no details on Donald Paarman.
I assume he is related to Johnathon Paarman, a South African surfer of some note.
I think he won the Gunston contest (South Africa's first pro-contest) several times and placed highly in a
Hawaiian contest, in the early 1970's.
A few suggestions...
1. If either are still in the surfboard industry, search google for...
S.A. board manufacturers or S.A. surf check sites. Often these type of sites have extensive links or message
Or check S.A. links at Global Oceanic Surf Links
2. There is a general surf discussion site at alt.surfing (sorry do not have a link to this -more googling) where
similar requests to yours are occassionally listed.
4. Other message boards are/were at...
WaveCast's World Forum of Surfing: emailed messages on any surf related topic, mostly obscure.
Surfing Forum on Beach-Net -- Discuss surfing, surfboards, surfing equipment, surfing accessories, message
board. Mostly obscure.
5. A letter/email to a S.A. surfing magazine (more google)
6.Last resort would be acessing a S.A. phone book.
Good luck in your search, Geoff.
Hi... Here's something I thought you might find interesting... I make contemporary hollow wooden
  surfboards.... http://www.hollowsurfboards.com/   ... I'm still getting a few bugs out... I'd be interested in your comments and
  suggestions... Paul Jensen
Thank your for email - a link has been added to my web links page. 
I had a quick look but currently I am six months behind in email (now working backwards) and it is not possible
to prepare a detailed reply at present. 

kauai halewia wrote: > hi > my name's ziv lahat and i'm from Israel. > I'm really interest about your company,can you send > me some informations like catalogs and stickers. > Thanks Very Much > Ziv Lahat > One Love >  My adress's: Ziv Lahat 5,Hatanahim street  46447 Herzliya  Israel
My web site is not a commerical company.
I do not sell surfboards or surf related items.
I have no catalogues/brochures/stickers/other.

I'm interested in obtaining readable (offsets and drawings) for the "Tom Blake 1940 hollowpaddle board for a youth community   construction project.I'd appreciate any assistance you cold provide. Please respond to this  rangering@msn.com . Thanks,John   A. Gillikin
I only have scans of printed diagrams from books - the best one on the web site at . 
History -History Appendix - Source Documents - Tom Blake Paddle board 
The source (Pop Mechanics?) is noted. 
I am attempting to source more detailed and clearer plans but yet with little success. 
Please note that I am in Australia - this material should be much more widely available in the USA - I am
assuming that is your location. 
If other avenues prove unsuccessful , get back to me as I will be starting intensive work on this period (1928 -
1945) in the next six months. 

Hello Geoff, My name is Jeff Hayes and I really enjoy your website and all the neat information contained in   it,especially the photographs of all the old classic boards out there.I am a 31 year old from Newcastle and i have   been riding and collecting old Surfboards since I was 14 and I started surfing when I was 10 after a family   holiday to Greenmount. Geoff the reason I am writting to you is because I would like to give you pictures and details   of my boards but I dont think I have the right equipment to do the job, or the expertise for that matter. Do you ever   pass through the Hunter Region in your travels?If so I would be very happy for you to photograph my collection for   your site. My collection consists of the following 1,   5'6" Mark Richards twinn fin Kneeboard .2,  6'4" Sam Egan   early diamond tail single fin Shortboard.(no legrope plug).3,  6'8" Bill Wallace early mal,no 307 on the large balsa   stringer.(I believe this mal was built for a child or a women due to its unusual short length).4,  6'9" Egan mid 70's   pintail 3 stringer single fin.5,  6'11"G & S diamond tail Tracker.6,  7'7" Bennett Tracker with removable wave set   fin and square legrope plug..7,  7'10" G & S stringerless pintail mal.8,  8'9" Bill Wallace old pig mal.9,  9'2" Gorden   Woods old mal.10,  9'4" Keen Davis old mal with 1966/7 permit sticker.11,  9'5" Gorden Woods stringerless thin rail   mal.12,  9'6" Gorden Woods 3 stringer mal with wood tail block.13'  9'8" Gorden Woods single stringer with wood   nose & tail blocks. If you are interested in viewing my boards you can contact me at the following email   address.tanya_jeff@kooee.com.au Also I am keen to find a stage 4 Greenough fin for one of my boards and was   hoping to find someone who may perhaps make replicas for it.Any info would be cool. Best of luck with the website   Geoff and I cant wait to see it updated soon.
Regards Jeff Hayes.
I have your email but it will be several weeks before I can have a good look at it. 

Hi,    I have owned this board since 1988 & have tried to look after it , it is a Scott dillon   Pintail, rather large fin with the old hole driiled in (pre legrope plug) a leg rope plug has been   installed at some stage. Under the fin is written on the blank.."614" ...7'8"...BI. Any information   on this board would be greatfully appreciated, if you would like more photos of it or anything   else I could supply, I would be only too happy to.                                                    Regards,   Dave Bowtell
Please indicate location. - If you are near or passing Coffs Habour NSW take the board to Scott Dillon at his
Surf Museum. 
He will tell your more than I could. 
1. Length and constuction indicate  circa 1968-9. 
2. Unfortunatety the image does no show the tail - I assume it is either... 
a. Square (a Tracker) - see Catalogue - 1968 Keyo # 69 and 1969 Wallace # 108 
b. Pintail - see Catalogue - 1968 George Rice # 37 
c. Rountail - see Catalogue - 1969 Scott Dillon # 171 
Please confirm. 
Also see Catalogue - Catalogue Menu Options - Manufactures/Shapers Index - G - Scroll  to and select Gordon Woods. 
The image at the bottom of the page details common tail designs of summer 1969. 
3. The markings are not very helpful, at the moment. Besides the length (is it correct?), I can't identify the
shaper's initals (BI.) with any known shaper and without this the serial number is not important. 
4. The fin I assume is fixed - not in a fin box. 
5. The board looks in excellent condition, pity about the leg rope plug - do not attempt removal, see # 37 above.
Does the red on the rails continue on to the bottom? 
6. Please check ... Appendix - Corresponence - scroll to and select Contriutions/Catalogue Specifications 
or..........................Appendix - Design and Decor - Catalogue Specifications 
for general information on dimensions, photographs and decor. 
Navagation note : It would take me for ever to insert lnks to these pages, and then I would probably get them wrong. 
Please report any navagation difficulties. 
I hope this has been of some assistance, 

Dear Geoff,            I'm trying to find information on Carroll Surfboards of Brookvale, NSW. My father, Trevor Manning, passed away in 1993. As   far as I know, this was his surfboard business around 1969. There was a full-page ad on the back of a Tracks magazine with a   photo of him, his dog and his short board titled something like 'Go Smaller Surfing this Year with a Carroll Surfboard' taken at   Freshwater Beach. I'm sorry that I don't have any other details. His family aren't forthcoming to say the least. 'Hoping that you   may be able to help. Any details would be appreciated. Dad was 22 in '69
Sorry but I will not be of much help. 
My listing for Carroll surfboards comes from my only reference - an advertisement in Surfing World circa 1969. 
From memory, the ad featured a board and a lady. 
I have added Trevor's details to my listing, with a credit. 
If you seriously want a copy of the ad let me know and I will make an attempt to find it. 
I hope this has been of some assistance, 

Geoff, You have a graphic for Surfing Wild Australia next to: 

  Channon, Bruce and McLeod, Hugh :  
   1986  Surfing the Chain of Fire

Paul Scott
The graphic for Surfing Wild Australia that you refer to went in the last update. 
I can't remember where it came from (probably contributed) and I was never happy with the size or quality. 
I have recently acquired another copy of the book, this one with a dust jacket, which is different to the previous
This is currently online. 
I assume the first cover is a overseas or later edition. 
Please forward any further comments, 

Hi there Surf Research,My name is Ty, son of Terry Klemm.I was just looking up history over the net about Klemm-Bell surfboards   and came accross your site.I looked up Klemm Bell at http://www.surfresearch.com.au/mk.html and noticed a small error.You   have my dads' name as Terry Klem. Do you think either you or one of your sites administratorscould change or fix the error to the   correct way, Terry Klemm, yeah 2 m's in Klemm.If you require any more information about my Dad, I could find it out for you and   email it.You are running a fantastic site, keep up the good work.RegardsTy Klemmwombat@sub.net.au
Thanks for pointing out the spelling error - the offending adminstrator has had their position terminated. 
As I am NSW based, I am familiar with Victorian boards only by magazine coverage - in the case of
Klemm-Bell only a few ads. 
Any information that can be added to the page is welcome. 
Check out some of the pages of the major manufacturers... 
Catalogue - Catalogue Menu Options - Manufacturers/Shapers Index - select by alphabet and select decal
eg  Barry Bennett, Gordon Woods, Keyo, Shane for examples of relevant information, such as starting -closing
dates, addresses, shapers etc. 
PS The line about sacking was a joke - there ain't nobody here punching the keys but me.

dear sir discovering t Stephane DAOU
he surf with free ride, i'm endless searching this moviedo you sell it ?please advise regards
1. I don't sell any surf related products.
2. Please indicate your location - video formats vary world wide and the wrong format will not play in your machine.
3. Hoole McCoy (Australia) 02 6684 7304 should have the item in stock as PAL format.
4. email again if this has not helped.
email comments and questions 2003
catalogue history references appendix