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1970  John Arnold - Wayne Lynch International Involvment Model  6 ft 4" 
MANUFACTURER: John Arnold Surfboards, 142 Gawler Place Adelaide South Australia 
SHAPER:  Wayne Lynch (?) 
DESIGN: Wayne Lynch Involvment Model
DESIGNER: Wayne Lynch
Foam blank with red Glue-line stringer, volan glassed with tint/pigment and 2/3 deck patch.
Slotted wedge adjustable fin box and companion fin.
feet 4 inches  
21 ¼
Wide Point:
 +ve 5
Nose : 
Tail :
 15 1/2
3 1/4
Nose: round 
Tail:  round 
Deck:   rolled 
Bottom:  slight roll 
Rails: 50/50 tending down in the tail 
8 1/2" x 6''b x 9 1/2'' span 
Black, molded "glass filled nylon".
Rear post-production legrope hole.
Finbox : 12'' @ 5 1/2''
Slotted wedge adjustable.
Image below.
When new, the system used several plastic locking clips that filled the exposed section, see below.
The fin and box probably manufactured by Simplex Fins, South Australia.
Advertising image and text below.
Probably copied from a Waveset (USA) design circa 1968.
The design was short lived and was replaced with the universally adopted Bahne box.

Deck:John Arnold Surf Machines, Adelaide South Australia 
- Wayne Lynch International Involvment (sic)
Black at sweet spot. Badly delaminated, image right.
An alternative legible decal image is below.
'Made in Australia' in black map, on tail.
Image below.
Deck: 6' 4"  WAYNE LYNCH  2416 - pencil near tail.
Deck: laminated red with darker 2/3rd volan deck patch
Bottom: clear with 1 1/2'' red laminated rail overlap and black 'pinlines'.
Purchased on ebay.com, the item was located in the Bronx, New York City, USA.
The item was despatched to Peter Hitchen at Martha's Vinyard, Mass.
Peter brought the item with him on a return visit to Australia to visit family and friends on the occassion of his 50th birthday, December 2006.
Many thanks to Calliope (the Bronx) and three gold stars to Peter.

John Arnold Surfboards
John Arnold Surfboards started in South Australia in the late 1950s and, principally through licensing OíNeill Wetsuits (USA) and Golden Breed clothing (USA), was a major company in the 1960s Australian surf industry.
An advertisment for John Arnold Surfboards, late 1969 lists the shapers as Wayne Lynch, Wayne Dale and Sig Kwiatkowski. 
See below.
I assume Dale or Kwiatkowski were responsible for the majority of the Involvment production boards as Wayne Lynch had a number of interstate competitive committments and was also travelling the world with film producer, Paul Witzig. 
An J.A. advertisment late 1970 notes the 'designers' as Wayne Lynch and Wayne Dale and they are available in "All states of Australia -  East and West coast USA - England - France". (reference?)
A Klemm-Bell Sufboards, Torquay, advertisment for mid-late 1971 offers "Wayne Lynch Hand Shapes and
Designs". (reference?)
Presumably at this time the contract with John Arnold Surfboards had ceased. 
Wayne Lynch subsequently shaped boards for Rip Curl Surfboards, Torquay.(reference?)

Wayne Lynch
Said to have single handedly revolutionised backhand surfing, Wayne Lynch won the 
Bells Beach Junior Title 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969.
Australian Junior Menís Title 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970.
European Title in 1968.
After an outstanding competitive record as a junior, he began shaping circa 1967, see below.
He starred in Paul Witzigís films Evolution (1968) and Sea of Joy (1971). 
In Evolution (shot over a period of 12-18 months), Lynch rides at least seven different boards, illustrating the rapid design changes in this period.

Note that "Invovlment" is spelt incorrectly - should be Involvement.
Other John Arnold Surfboards
#103 1969 Wayne Lynch Involvment 7ft 9''
Carter (1968)Cover photograph with Keith Paull (going right).
Paull was the 1968 Australian champion, Wayne Lynch the Junior champion.
Natís Nat (1998) page 177, and following.
Magazine Ad : Surf International Magazine1969 Vol 2 #6 
Evolution (1968) Paul Witzig
Sea of Joy (1971) Paul Witzig
On Any Morning  (1974)  David Sumpter
Fall Line (1979)  Nat Young


Centre decal image courtesy of stanleys surfcrazy logo library
Image left.
Finish coating John Arnold Surf Machines - Wayne Lynch International Involvment Model, Adelaide South Australia, circa 1969.
"Finish coat.
But it's inside that counts. And it counts, when groovy guys like Wayne Lynch, Wayne Dale and Sig Kwiatkowski get together with the J.A. team. Time you started counting...into the 4th dimension with a Wayne Lynch 'involvment' model or a J.A. surf machine.
Ask at your local surf shop or contact
John Arnold's Surf Shop
142 Gawler Place, Adelaide, 5000 Phone 23 5505"

Image and text from
Surf International Magazine
Volume 2 Number 6, circa 1969. Page 2.

Image right.
Simplex I Fin system.
"No bolts, keys or any hardware.
So simple, the fin can be changed in seconds.
The precision box allows 
six positions over a five inch adjustment span.
Three fin shapes in glass filled nylon, 
colours green, blue, red, yellow, white and black.
SIMPLEX Fin Systems
142 Gawler Place, Adelaide, 5000 Phone 23 5505"
Surf International Magazine
Volume 3 Number 3, circa 1970. Page 2.

Image right:
Adjustable fin and fin box with fore and rear locking clips.
Burfrord Surfboards, South Australia, circa 1969.
Contributed, with thanks by Mike Brown, Adelaide, January 2007.
Mike noted
The Burford fin box and fin has no stampings.
I reckon Don had these made up.
My Arnold/Lynch boards which have the same setup are identical, but some fins have 'Made in Australia', others haven't.

#00000531 Wayne Lynch's first shape.Image awaiting copyright premission: Bob Smith
Image above : Early Wayne Lynch shaped board, (possibly the first) circa 1967. 
Jimi Hendrix influenced art work by Simon Buttershaw.
7 ft x 23 inches @ -ve12 inches
Nose 17 inches. Tail 17 3/4 inches
Features : Full Vee bottom, deepest at tail. Chamfered diamond tail.
Note : Small square tail is obsured by grass.
Fin appears to be in a box (unusual for the period), or reset, or non-original.
Image cropped and digitally manipulated from
Australian Long Boarding Magazine Number 19 January/February 200? page 59 
Photograph by Bob Smith
Image left :
Autographed copy of Wayne Lynch's only international magazine cover photograph, 2005.
Surfing Magazine
Volume 16 Number 12 December 1980
Photograph by Aaron Chang.




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